Alliance wars still unfair

I don’t think the new alliance wars match ups is fair at all. In fact it has made it far worse than it was before.
At the moment they are matched by each players strongest hero. This means that if I have a fully ascended 5 star hero and the rest 3 star hero’s I could be paired with someone with all fully ascended hero’s just because we both have a the same strongest hero. This clearly isn’t fair.
The strongest team in my alliance is 3400 and our weakest is 2850 yet the alliance that we have been pitted against has weakest team is 3300 and strongest is 3600. They have 27 members with teams over 3300. My alliance has 3.

Wouldn’t it be more prudent to go by every players team power or possible strongest team power. That way we know that we are against a team that has the same power as yourself. That would also bring player tactics and team tactics into play as well which will bring people together within the alliances and alliance chat would also be used far more.

At the moment the matchmaking is looking at 30 strongest heroes of every member, so not just the strongest.

That being said, I agree with you, we are getting our ■■■ handed to us 100% in our current war. :confused:


I’m sure if you read it carefully it says that it is based on each members strongest hero which is 30. The problem as I described still counts although admittedly its unlikely that every member would have just 1 strong hero. It was just easier to discribe like that. Lol.
The war that I’m currently in is by far out powered out classed my alliance in every possible way. The reason is because the opponent we have has all fully ascended fully levelled 4 and 5 star hero’s in every members teams where in my alliance we are only at 3rd ascention for 24 of us. We have 2 with all fully ascended and levelled hero’s and the rest have 1 or 2 fully ascended and levelled hero’s.
Thanks for your reply.


I’m not sure that we are understanding each other. The matchmaking is not looking at a single strongest hero of everyone(that’s what you are suggesting right?).
It is looking at the 30 strongest heroes of everyone, so on a full alliance it compares 30x30 = 900 heroes.

So if you had one full team of 5* and rest 3*, you should get theoretically matched with people with same kind of roster.

And once again, I think this new systems sucks.


Yes, this is not a good tweak! I’m not a happy camper.


I am not happy about alliance war. The matchmaking of opponent team is totally unfair


According to the release notes announcement, the matchmaking is based on these two points:
Power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
Player count of the alliance
As mentioned previously, a more advanced team with more 5* heroes, could be matched against someone with fewer 5* heroes. Our war matchup has the same problem. We are put up against a team that has far more power on each team than we do. We have several new players at are around level 10. They don’t even have enough strong players to remove a single player on the the weaker teams we are facing. The way you describe the matchmaking would be much more fair. Take the average score of the top 30 heroes on each player for the whole alliance. And then match that against another team whose average is around the same.


In my opinion the problem with the current (new) matchmaking system is this: if you’re lucky you get ascension materials when you need them so you can level up 4* heroes. Apparently the players in my alliance are not that lucky as we are levelling up our third hero of the same colour because we are stuck on the hero that is in our defense team.
This leads to the situation where I can produce 3 teams in the 2200 - 2400 range. Those are pretty useless when you are attacking an 3400 team. They get one-shotted, and if not, the arrows will finish them.
What this system basically does is punish players that are unlucky and reward players that are lucky on getting ascension materials.

I do not understand why there is no war-score. Give alliances point for every war fought, wars won, total sweeps, enemies killed and the number of points with which you won the war.
Then order all alliances by this score and match-making gives every alliance an opponent in the same range of war scores.

If you do well in wars, you get tougher opponents.

Bonus to this system, you can add the war-score to the alliance score making that more interesting.


Stated Here:

That it is indeed 30 heroes from each player, not only the strongest one. :slight_smile:

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I thing the matching system is OK teoretically but in my opinion is full of bugs. Not even the number of players in alliance is the same, like they say, I think the sum of the 30 heroes is also full of bugs… They have big problems developing this war matching System. We feel like we are in beta here devs.


This is only the first War we have fought since the update, so I feel as if any conclusion might be a bit premature. Based on our first new match-up though…yeah, we aren’t terribly outmatched, but there definitely is a noticeable gap in terms of the depth of their roster vs. our own.

Our final 2 matches under the old matchmaking system were very similar in that we’ve been fighting alliances with scores 10K higher than our own. So, in spite of the update, not really much has changed.


I do not agree that this is OK theoretically. Your 5 strongest heroes are used once for an attack and (on average) six times when defending. They should therefore put more emphasis on that 5 strongest heroes as they are used (again, on average) seven times if they want this system to do match making acceptable.

But still, I think simply introducing a war-score would be WAY better.


The thing is… Guineverre and say… Elkanen… have the same power rating. They’re given the same value when doing matchups. Clearly one is waaaay more useful in alliance wars. Until they balance the heroes in value, or assign different value based on their usefulness in war, you’ll never get a completely balanced matchup.


I don’t know. You may be correct but if you are then they have made a massive error with my alliance and opponent. We are no way near in the same league as the alliance we have been pitted against.
I wish I could take a screen shot of the battlefield that showed everyones team powers.

The point I’m trying to make is.
My alliance only has 3 members with 1 team completely ascended and levelled. The rest are just waiting for the final ascention and below. The alliance we are facing has 27 members with a fully ascended and levelled hero’s in their team. We just don’t stand a chance against them at all. Their weakest team is the same team power as our 3rd strongest team. Their strongest team power we are 300 points down on.
I’m probably not doing a good job of explaining this buts the best I can do.


I think the alliance wars should be down to the leaders of an alliance. The leader could be given a list of all the alliances with the same alliance score. The leader could then go through the list and put in a challenge to the other alliance. It’s then down to the leader and Co leaders whether to accept or not.
It could be taken in turns. First time for instance we challenge and the next we are challenged. You can refuse up to 3 challenges but if you do then the next challenge you must battle whether you want to or not.
By doing it this way the whole alliance will feel involved. They will feel like they have a choice to decide whether to accept or not. I think that it would bring alliance members closer together because by doing the wars this way it would bring player tactics into play as well as alliance tactics which in return will bring alliance members closer together and the alliance chat will also come alive.
I honestly believe that this is the only fair way to continue with the alliance wars. Failing that, cancel them altogether.


If people really do want a balanced alliance war system there is only 1 viable option. You can try to match people with whatever system you want but it will never be fair with a game like this which has serious balance issues.

Give everyone access to any heroes they want for alliance wars, problem solved. SGs crappy matchup systems are all ■■■■ cause they didn’t create alliance wars to be fair and balanced and fun. They created it to make money first and foremost…that’s why The matchup systems will all suck.


HATE HATE HATE the new Alliance War roll out!!! I mean seriously WTH devs??? we are an alliance struggling with 6 and 7* Titans, with a team score of 75k… Half of our members have over 1k+ trophy/cup count, the rest under…just triple digits. They pair us with an alliance that has a score of 90k and currently battling 8* Titans!!! All but one team members is under 1k…half is close to, if not OVER 2k in cups! Check it out… We are The Exiled Knights… They are Murmur. NO WHERE NEAR FAIR!! So any momentum we can gain is freakin’ wiped out by the LUNACY of the revenge bar!! Take the revenge bar away if youre going to pit David against Goliath!! IM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!!


What a joke, opposite team 20k strength more, 25 players with 3000 strength Vs 10 players with 3k strength ( my ally) ,
And this is the score :frowning:



Take a deep breath. You have 18 more attacks than they do. That can be huge if you have a strategy.
A lot of folks in this thread are spending too much time looking at the top 4 or 5 players on the other side of the bridge. Or cups. Or Titans. NONE of that matters. What matters now is depth of your benches and how you choose to use them.
We are fighting a team right now that would have decimated us previously(Titan/Alliance/Cups/etc), but because we were matched against them now we KNOW we have more/better heros and can win in the second round if we play smart.

This is the best matchmaking system we have seen so far. Imho.
Good luck! Double the color against tanks you’ve got the bench to do it :wink:


I wish you were right about the additional 18 strikes we have against them. We have 26 vs their 25. 1 of our team members is MIA and didnt get the memo of needing 5 heroes in the defense (he had 4) and 2 players are under lvl 12 and cant participate. It still appears WAY one sided. Im done buying gem packages… I wont waste my money when it wont be any benefit to my Alliance. In the first roll out of the Alliance Wars… I felt we were fairly matched. We didnt win every war… So there for, we felt the rush and the sense of accomplishment when we did take a victory. Right now our AW score is 900 to their 2k… We have good warriors and the ones that have battled so far are hitting brick walls. I appreciated the strategy tips… Any further info would be welcomed.

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