Alliance Wars Still Unfair - Suggestions

  1. Lose the revenge attack. This is supposed to be pvp not pvp and computer.

2.Once you take out the other teams hero they can’t be used in the next battles.

When you attack on the first round of six, your five heroes can’t be used again until the next war. But the other team keeps all their heroes till the end. My next war starts in ten minutes. They have three 5* at level 3 ascension and two 4* maxed. Once I use my top heroes in the first round I have to use partially leveled 4* and 5* heroes in the next, then 3* maxed heroes, then whatever I have left. There is no way to beat this team past the first round or two. Which means there is no point continuing. But if the heroes I defeat (Say Joon) Don’t get to come back for the next five rounds, then I might have a chance. Their defeated heroes should be replaced by another hero.

  1. Use the colored tiles to give mana to both teams at the same time.

If I send three blue tiles towards them, their hero (Say Grimm) and my hero (Grimm) both get mana from those tiles. In my last war they had Little John SLOW MANA, He hit my heroes on the second round of tiles. How? He has SLOW MANA! I’ve been up against a team with three heroes with slow mana and got my butt kicked because they were firing all five heroes before I could get more than two shots. Then comes the stupid arrows.

  1. Lose the revenge attack.

I see a lot of other posts here about being out matched. I don’t care about that. I have beaten 5* heroes with 4* heroes. But when you have the other teams heroes (all five) shoot your heroes twice plus two revenge attacks and you only get one shot from each of yours… you’re dead.

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