Alliance Wars - Statistics

I’m gunna complain, because I wanna.

Alliance Wars are a hot mess. The healing buff is stupid and my goodness, was it poorly thought-out to begin with and it really is no wonder people hate it.

I have a solution. It’s one of the very few solutions that SHOULDN’T take a lot of effort.

Make alliance statistics available!!! Seriously! It is a stupid, but simple thing to make AW more fun.

Win / Loss / High Score

Highest point total / Wins / Losses / Calculated Impact

What do I mean by calculated impact? Simple. Be transparent about what the “system” uses to rank your total team power! Right now, you show the highest hero, highest titan damage, highest combo, etc… why not the Calculated score that the game uses to rank your 30 heroes for the purposes of Alliance War matchmaking?

It is such a simple thing that would mean so much. I’ll suffer through the dang wars if I have something to show for it.

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