Alliance Wars - Statistics

I’m gunna complain, because I wanna.

Alliance Wars are a hot mess. The healing buff is stupid and my goodness, was it poorly thought-out to begin with and it really is no wonder people hate it.

I have a solution. It’s one of the very few solutions that SHOULDN’T take a lot of effort.

Make alliance statistics available!!! Seriously! It is a stupid, but simple thing to make AW more fun.

Win / Loss / High Score

Highest point total / Wins / Losses / Calculated Impact

What do I mean by calculated impact? Simple. Be transparent about what the “system” uses to rank your total team power! Right now, you show the highest hero, highest titan damage, highest combo, etc… why not the Calculated score that the game uses to rank your 30 heroes for the purposes of Alliance War matchmaking?

It is such a simple thing that would mean so much. I’ll suffer through the dang wars if I have something to show for it.

That would be a nice feature built into the game. I know SG is planning on implementing an ELO system, but have no idea what is taking so long. Many players / alliances have made their own data collection and analysis sheets, but it is kind of a hassle.

Thanks for the reply. For something so elementary to be so glaringly overlooked makes the whole feature feel even less thought-out and thrown-together.

on a similar note… Why include Raid Wins and Not Raid Losses? Special snowflakes can’t handle bad ratios? lol

Laughed until I almost cried :joy:

On another note, I’ve seen your suggestion about the war stats a few times on the forum. Doesn’t make any sense why they didn’t add those stats so hopefully we’ll see that in an upcoming release. I know I would be overjoyed to stop keeping track!

Add ELO matchups and we’ll see those multi-alliance clans find ways to game the system.

Even worse, if they start putting rewards based on ELO. Just like raids, only the rich and powerful are gonna get the good loot.

I definitely don’t want to have a tiered loot system. Just plain ol’ statistics. report on what is done, nothing else.

Personally, I LOVE that even a piddly-little team on an alliance with 10 points (who is legitimately trying) can get the same loot as a 400 point behemoth.

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Expand the Top Attackers statistics to show the number of points given up by them.
For example an attacker scores 125 points but loses 150 points that’s a 25 point deficit that is or isn’t made up by another member of the alliance. I believe top attackers should have a positive ratio in points won and points lost.

What is your opinion?

And defence stats. Attacked how many times for how many deaths and points given up

I think it’s worth bringing this up again.

It’s a QOL adjustment. Give me my alliance W/L score, averages, add flag usage percentages for the alliance as a whole.

I would also like to see % of alliance war heroes killed divided by the available alliance war heroes available to kill.

For example: If I go 4-6 but I kill 28/30 heroes, that it a much nicer number than the simple 66% would indicate.

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