Alliance Wars Statistic Tool

Greetings, just wanted to share a tool that I’ve been working and tweaking on for the last month or two for my own alliance to gather a better picture of how the war is playing out via statistics. For those of you who maybe OCD, are number crunchers, or just plain curious on how your adjustment between each war both as an individual and as a team is working towards or against your war performances, this tool may help, or at least serve as a starting point for you to come up with your own data warehouse/modeling tool.

Feel free to make copies of your own to work on. Instructions on how to read, edit, and populate are listed below. *Disclaimer: This is definitely not for everyone, due to the effort required to enter the stats. However with the formulas and automation I had come up with, I’d find myself only needing to spend 10-15 minutes per war to fill a new sheet, and that trade off is worth it for my number crunching satisfaction. YMMV.

Preface, the primary purpose of this tool (for myself at least):

  1. Gather long term statistics to gauge war behaviors and outcome based on our individual/team defense adjustments, be it individual war line ups, or unified tank colors.
  2. To log records on individual performances in both offense trends (i.e. how are you doing in terms of scoring long term), and defense trends (i.e. how many hits are you absorbing from the opponent). These two trends of course will inevitably have to do with your luck on both board luck and opponents encountered, but in the long run it should still provide usable data.
  3. To potentially further use the stats/logs to strategies your team’s attack timing and grouping as a whole, be it to plan resets, or to plan strong/weak player attacks sync-up / clean-ups.

That said, here is the spreadsheet/tool link and screen shots:

(Actual players names replaced out of respect)

Table A - Your team’s stats

Table B - Opponent team’s stats

Table C - Hit records

I had added comments in most of the cells explaining the point of the cells, and whether you’d need to manually enter which field, and which field are auto-generated based on formulas.

Table A and B
Fill out manually your members names, tanks (color cell manually), defense TP, points earned (based on “Top Attackers” breakdown), and maximum points allowed to lose per receiving hit (assessed manually) The rest of the columns will ALL be imported from table C and be calculated automatically. Table A and Table B’s member’s names must be sorted alphabetically for the import process to work properly (after you enter all players’s with the fields above, highlight rows 5:34 in entirety in table A, go to “Data”->“Sort range by column A, A-Z.” Do the same for table B with rows 41:70)

Column E “Hits used” will be highlighted progressively more red the more hits are left unused.

Received hits breakdown section will be ordered based on table C import, and highlight itself as an KO hit in red if the sum of previous hits are >= column G. I’ve included 17 received hits column, as that’s the max hits I’ve encounter someone sustaining in a war, feel free to add or remove these columns to your liking.

Given hits breakdown section will be ordered based on table C import, and also import the match-up’s team power, and the score accordingly. Column AR “hit sum” of each member will be highlighted if it’s a mismatch from column D “Points earned” to sanity check your potential data input error.

Table C
Fill out just column B C D based on war’s “Attack History” report. The rest will be calculated accordingly.

Note: Entering your hit records in Table C might LOOK tedious, but after you enter a name once in column B and D (“Hitter” and “Target”), google sheets will allow you to autocomplete thereafter as you type the first few letters, and make it super quick. That said, Column B and Column D must match the spelling in the names column of Table A and Table B for the charts to import correctly; don’t worry, there is conditional formatting that will highlight the name fields if the name is found, and leave white if not, so if you see a name you’d entered not highlighted, you will know you have a mistake in data input.

That’s about it, if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this tool, please feel free to chime in :smiley: and hope this could be remotely helpful to any OCD number crunchers out there!

ps. I wish SM can provide official data output like this, or at least for the fields that I had to input manually, in my humble opinion that will increase the quality of engagement and competitiveness of this game by a ton. It wont even take much of their resource to provide an api for a quick data export or simply a cached cvs file, both with an expiration. </wishful thinking>


Holy Calculations, Batman!

That’s a lot of footwork, but awesome charts!

I screenshot the end-of-war list and put it on a chart, I don’t think I could commit to this personally. More power to those who will take it!

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Amazing man, that’s a lot of work. I am to lazy to do this but hats down mate. Really I do see a lot of great things full spread sheet can give you.

This is for hard core statistics people in forum and game.

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That you would have the time and patience to put this all together, and then share it with the community - You Sir, Rock! :star_struck:.

Infinite thanks and gratitude :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Nice to see. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some similar stats to what I gather for ours. Though this does make me want to rejig my own spreadsheet. :laughing:

Very helpful spreadsheet. I guess the main issue is with other languages. For example, we had faced a Korean alliance and all their names look the same to me. The language difficulty will be hard to overcome. Anyway, an excellent spreadsheet! Very impressed!

panakun Ive been using this tool 4 a while now. Its great and gives a lot of insight! I’m in need of some help to make visible, the difference between a full one shot kill and a clean. Now i have to look it up manualy per hit of our own team and the one of our opponent. Could you please help me and thank you for all the work you have already done