Alliance Wars Stalemate - suggestion

I ‘lost’ a war battle this weekend under the following circumstance:

Them: Kashrek 2nd from left

Me: Melendor far left and Ares centered

The end: 6 minutes of boredom until the timer ended it. No matter how many times I tried to time the Melendor debuff and Ares buff to maximize red tile damage it never worked. For 6 minutes.

It would be nice if they carried forth the raid ‘escalation’ of damage into the wars, even if it is just at the tail end.


Three separate times in the last half dozen or so field aid wars I’ve been incensed by a battle timing out. These battles usually are down to the enemy having one enemy left in the corner and the tiles just not dropping for me…but I’m in no way in danger of losing the battle. However, the battle goes on and eventually times out and I’m given the loss. If the darn color tiles I needed drop it would be a victory. Why make the war battles time out? Why not make it to go until I die or “run away”?

Ide suggest it is more to do with the match being based on skill/luck and somewhat speed. But yes, I agree it can be frustration putting all that effort into a match only to see that dreaded count down timer kick in! (panic mode engage)

This put a timer in place so you can’t battle forever, you’d be equally upset if someone in your alliance was battling and logged off mid battle to do real life things and then that enemy would be stuck in limbo unatttackable because your alliance mate was still battling

It’s easy to check for inactivity vs actively playing.

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