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We lost by 1500 points difference, what’s huge. They had 195 points more on avg TP, so it was likely to lose. Interesting side note: they had all blue tanks with some Grimm and Agwe in. That Agwe had 2 Kashhs as flanks, I think that was a bit problematic.
The worst defense was only 3376 in TP, but made so much trouble - we wasted 9 flags on him:
Anzogh 3/66, Horghall 3/19, Kiril 4/58, Seshat 3/41, Wu Kong 4/64

Fortunately they didn’t always onehit our weaker players, so there has been a slight chance to win, but it didn’t work.

Something went wrong in general, our leader and normally one of the top scorers got his worst result ever, I scored only 240 points (only 2 oneshots, on every other attempt my heroes were dead before they could hit and I mainly play with fast and average, maxed, emblemed heores?!), but was on 5th place of our alli - 16th overall…not normal. That was one of our worst wars. Still thinking about what we can learn from that. Maybe to focus on different enemies when one doesn’t work…
For myself I’ll analyze my enemies a bit more in detail and for the next wars I’ll take screenshots of my setups.

Next time we strike again, prepare, you enemies!

Uniform tank color still won’t work here, the only with sense would be blue, but then we’d have some Grimms as tanks as well. And some won’t have Guin anymore. Our range is just too wide spread from still 2587 to 4240. With yellow we’d have many Wu tanks, I think, uahhhhh :smiley:

I love aid field and I wish to be the only rule at war. For an experienced player like me, doesn’t mean anything. But for my opponents is nightmarish. That team below is my defense this war. They had to attack 3 times in a row to take me down (after second attack, Seshat, the one hero army, was still standing). And another 2 attacks to kill my Gravy and do some damage. And they are 4000+ and 4200+ players. Oh, well… It took me 5 minutes for 3 wins. And one of their tanks is Kunchen.

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Amazed with this war ongoing: I have been attacked 4 times and still alive. I feel like a powerhouse. Field aid is screwing so many attacks from both sides but we are stronger for now. They run red tank and we go yellow.

Done well in attack took down 2 full with paied TP but not the best formation.

Other flags were for ending guildmate’s jobs.

With field aid healing you can hardly go wrong with a healer heavy defence 3,1,1, You do sacrifice your tank but your opponent ghosting tiles is not a winning strategy and once the attack snipers are gone tiles will not take out your last wing healer. I just beat superior opposition with three flags remaining, the only thing I’m unhappy about is it pushing my war score up.

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… And waiting for Thursday to open a new warchest, like I always do, at every 17 days :slight_smile:

We also won with a good lead. But they were “only” 56 points stronger in average TP than we and they didn’t seem to have deep benches. Was an easy win then, but I think that’s encouraging the alliance, especially because almost all hate field aid :slight_smile:

I was very satisfied with my defense at the moment, put Triton in instead of Richard, that’s a bit more fun for field aid :stuck_out_tongue:

They had purple tanks, mostly Rigards. We, as usual, no uniform tank color.
Strategy on the weekend switched a bit thanks to return to standard time: we flip them now in the beginning and then once again somehow in the morning. Works out good, because saturday evening more people are online than sunday morning :slight_smile:


This war is upon a player with 4 accounts :smile: The first 3 will participate, of course. 4300+ is the main account and the other two close to 4200. This is the war for the warchest. And something tells me won’t be an easy one. I met such players before, strong, skilled, don’t like to rely on others but on themselves. Hell yeah, it’s like I met another version of me :joy: Though I have only 2 accounts, I can rely on my co-leader, anytime, any war.

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One man army. It will be more a bloody duel at dawn than a war. Enjoy!

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Wasn’t anything of that; no duel, just extermination :joy:


You have a very interesting alliance name considering that you only specialize in wars. :rofl:


You found me I guess :joy:

I see what I missed… Shh…


Ooh, was like trying to find Where’s Wally (where’s Waldo for Americans I think?)

Another win against a stronger alliance, that was a really good war. Not too easy, but also not too difficult. Flipped them twice, but needed many flags for the first one - less oneshots, many twoshots - I’m okay with that, if it’s not more.
I think they didn’t flip us. They were stronger (126 points average TP this time), but not so well coordinated. Their weakest tried a 4k of us in the end with 5-6 points each despite making a cleanup on another one (1 hero left, 36 points worth) and such things. They also had way more zeroes, we only had one. I think they tried coordinated tank color (blue), but one Gravy was in between :slight_smile: many Kirils, many Borils, some Fridas, one Ulmer…no Aegir, my luck :smiley:

So we won our last 2 field aid wars, very good for the troops morale :smiley:

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@Scarecrow, are you in game atm? I feel we may have gotten off on some unsteady ground and would love to chat!

If you’re willing, can I pop by your alliance for a couple mins? Just need the trophy count lowered a bit for me

Edit: alternative, my Line ID is Guvnor81 (heading for bed so pleasant dreams when y’all get there)


Hey, @Scarecrow, great thread, hasn’t been updated for a while, hope you’re not abandoning it. A little curiosity, if I may. You’ve been doing this 3 team, fill war chest / reset alliance strategy for a while, how does it affect the rest of your game play. How about titans? How high can you get with the titans in 18 - 20 days, with only three team members? With a 50k average / hit, using 6 titan flags on every titan, three teams will flush away 900k titan HP, which is what? A 4* titan maybe? Does opening the war chest every two and a half weeks compensate for higher titan’s loot or are these “war only” alliances and you go hunting bigger titans with other alliances between wars?

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Arrows today and green tanks.

Any suggestions?

I never fought a green tanks alliance. I’d love to though… red heroes have monstrous attack stats so red tiles cause a tremendous amount of damage. Whit this one, you’ll soon have a minion infestation problem… Golber’s skills would be invaluable here, but I doubt he would survive long enough… I’d go three reds two blue for this particular one.

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Usually, I don’t post my first 3 wars, because I have nothing to post. My opponents are 4200 - 4300 and I crush such opponents; I double the points they do, at least. At the current war we have russians, two 4200 and one 4300+. Same with us. This is not war for me, it’s extermination, so that’s why I post only the last week with the warchest, when I have some 4400+, therefore challenge.

About titans I explained many times before. At every 2 and a half weeks, we have the blue rare Unicorn (around my 3rd war, I let go first 4* titan and after that I beat all and the Unicorn spawns around last war). We finish it in 20 minutes with 2-3 flasks of account. I get every month 6 flasks of each type only from challenges, so I have a lots. Btw, the 3* and 4* titans are designed to drop rare AM often (to help the new players), so I have hundreds of those (gloves, compasses, orbs, etc). The 4* AM I get from regular chests, events, quests, warchests, etc. I never was short except the last 2 months on D blade. I levelled too many legendaries at maximum and now I’m short for Kingston and second Drake. But not this is the real reason; they come very unbalanced, because I have 13 tomes of tactics.

So yeah, this is why I do what I do. To have a rare titan and a warchest at the same time, at every 2 and a half weeks. The only way I can lose a war, is to happen like last time, with 70+ level players with impressive rosters. Though I would bet the next time I will meet such players, I will beat their butts :smile:


Do you ever record and share your war hits? You seem to be really good at what you do and I love watching good war hits/raids to learn from them, especially how a player thinks and figuring out why a certain move was made. It intrigues me a lot. :slight_smile:

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I do not. If I do a video, I do it to help people, like I do every month at events, recording the last stages finished with classic heroes. So far, I recorded one single battle (posted at videos thread), just because I liked the odds against me. When I saw the crappy board and being already with 500 less power, I pressed the button to record :smile:


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