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Yeah, one of the many reasons I gave up to larger alliances. In my last one, I remember just like now. We had a new girl in the alliance, who barely could use 3 flags at wars. As leader I demanded the weakest opponent to be left for her, before and after reset. Yeah, right… Always one member or other were faster, rushed for the weakest one. I had enough working with many members. One doesn’t attack the titan, other let 3 flags at war, other doesn’t read the chat and others don’t read the chat and don’t care about the alliance decisions related to war or titan. Hard, very hard to find a complete team of serious and active players.

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I’m glad it’s working most of the times in our alliance. And our weaker players might be weak, but they’re also loud :slight_smile: and heard. If someone says, he’d like a special target, most of our stronger players actively help to enforce it with reminders in the chat. I like that alliance a lot. But sometimes we also have problems with unreliable people. Just one rule: opted in for war - all possible flags must be used or a good explanation must be given. Dunno why some people don’t even manage the latter one, no one ever verifies if it was the truth or not. But those people unfortunately have to go…

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We have almost blue tanks and faced an ally with green ones.

I went mono for my 2nd 3 flags, since my better reds were already used during the 1st 3 attacks.

Worked quite good…

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This war is the 3rd for current warchest. And one of my opponents looks like this:

Should I expect 4500+ for my 5th war? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yesterday we had a really lucky victory :slight_smile: We started good, as usual: put out the weaker opponents, wait for respawn of them, reset. Reset was done very early, so all of those would have respawned 'till the end. In the afternoon, some decided to reset the board again (only 3 or 4 4k+ were still standing), but some flags were…wasted then. Would have been better with less flags used. I was afraid, this wouldn’t be enough for a victory and waiting would have been better. Our opponent struggled with our lower teams, strange to see, but got many points against our higher teams in the middle of the war…

But our opponents had some really bad luck or some really bad heroes in the end, so they were down to 0 flags with 132 points ahead, we had 9 flags left whereof 7 would be used. 2 from my husband, 3 from my alt (no deep bench), still 43 points behind…and one of our better players had 2 flags left: first try - 40 points. Uhh. But the second smashed that opponent, brought 58 points and so we won with 55 points ahead :slight_smile:

Chest full, nice loot, good war, good sunday :smiley: oh did I mention that the opponent was ~100 points stronger in defense, as usual?

One lesson learned: try to convince your team mates NOT to reset a second time if it’s not really necessary :smiley:

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Forgot to post… 2 wars to go.


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I haven’t read up yet(coffee is brewing)

But i know in top 100, war defense has boiled down to 2 debates:

Yellow tanks or purple tanks
Rainbow or non rainbow

Anyone have thoughts on either of those?

I’ll start reading up now and probly have 10 responses to the posts in this thread

Wars are the best part of the game

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This looks fun, I’ll try to do a play by play and analysis of our next war

Cool thread @Scarecrow

Fun read for sure


This time we’re screwed :rofl: It is the first time since I play when all my opponents are monsters. I and my teammate, we play for 13 months and have lvl 54, both of us. But he is 4100 TP, as my alt account. And look at what opponents we have… With those levels, they are here since the beginning and I bet they have very strong attacks. They are much more powerful than us, but we have the same warscore because they use the same strategy I use; their alliance is made yesterday. We are coming after 3 victories, so this is it. It seems I can be defeated in wars nevertheless. Well, one defeat a year… no biggie :slight_smile:


They’ve probly played since roughly september 2017 which is when i started and am same level

I slacked some for awhile due to other distractions so give or take for sure

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Good luck with them! Everyone finds his master - and if it’s only once a year :smiley:


Yeah… But I don’t think even the luck will save me this time :rofl:

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This is our matchup which is a first and i think will be good

Opponents whole team is from same country so will be interesting to see coordination of attacks i think

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Your alliance is multinational?

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Us, europe, austrailia, canada, think even some other countries/continents

Used to have some africans but the mobile data was too expensive there for them to play regularly

Well, if some day I’ll get bored playing alone, I know who to ask for free spots (or slots? have no idea how to say in english)

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Spots or slots works

And yea man the more the merrier

We just wanna kick a**, have fun, and bs

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We are facing an Egyptian alliance this time, they have 18 members, we have still only 16 opted in for war. I guess the miminum TP of them will be around 3,2 k, a bit much for our 2,x members, but still doable.

Biggest problem might be to tell “I wanna kill that…that one with these 3 curls on the right side”, but some have readable names - same problem with Russian or other kyrillic alphabet using alliances :smiley:


They probly only have 16 opted in as well

Never faced an egyptian alliance, you have my curiosity

Use the grid system
If u dont have it, get at me in Line

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