Alliance wars score

Did SG gave some explanation about the alliance wars score ?
At the end of countdown, our score was 285881 and our enemies 286751. I suppose it was the ones used for the matchmaking. Just before the beginning of the war, our score was 275273 and our ennemies 287549.
Any idea ?

Did you add any new players to your alliance during the period? That would definitely cause a bump.

The War Score is composed of these elements:

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes the best troop of each element into account.
  • Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes previous wars into account.
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No our players were the same than for the previous war. What I don’t understand is how the score can change during the period between the matchmaking and the war. If the score is recalculated at each change in the heroes training it shoud increase a little but there we have a fall of 10608, which is not a little amount

My guess is the way previous War wins/losses work in the score is like titan score decay. If you had some older wins and more recent losses, the older wins might have been reduced or eliminated from your score by the time War started.

Good idea zephyr ! That could be the reason ! But a little strange that it’s done at the war beginning and not for the match making

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It would be helpful if we can see the alliance war score breakdown. It’s been more than ten times in a row that we are matched with opponents whose average war defense were around 100-200 higher than ours. We have lost nine times in a row and yet nothing change. Even their bench hero were more developed than us as they have played twice the length our member have played.

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