Alliance wars - Score point appearing out of thin air

Do someone know where this point came from?
I have seen wars ending with draw but, do you think this one is fair?

My defense team is weaker.
Both defense teams are evaluated as equal (1500 points).
We have same success in battles, however I am loosing with one point.

E&P please explain!

It’s because of rounding off error. EnP does not deal with decimals, so you just got plain unlucky, it could have easily gone the other way around. This happens mostly when one shot fails and the remaining points might end up being more than 1500. This is a very common thing in larger alliances because of more one shot fails. The reset points are usually way above 1500 in those cases.

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I can understand that, but I also understand that 1500 is maximum points you can get from killing off all enemies and resetting the board.
So if rounding off errors exist - there should be a counter error correction.

Or just let the error be?
This is another random feature - lose or win due to error :slight_smile:

So for bigger alliances the error always stays. But if you have a viable solution to mitigate this error you can start a ideas thread. :slight_smile:

No ideas work with E&P, probably this one is not very important for fixing anyway.

I got my answer.
Thanks for the replies @ThePirateKing


There are even bigger such errors. For example, my record in AW is still 9008. And we know 9000 is maximum.

You must be Goku :rofl:

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Actually I was wrong… The maximum score achievable should be more than 10.000. Depends of what teams you defeated more. If I have 2 players with 300 points worth each one and one with 900, I can reset, kill again the big one, waiting for respawning, kill again and right in the end killed more times than the others.

You are good with calculations. Tuesday, if you remind me, I will tell you how much worth a team with 5 feeders 1* and 1* troops. After that you should be able to calculate exactly, theoretically, what is the maximum of points achievable with the reset and respawning strategy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I once had this discussion with one of my ex alliance mates and just like you we determined that it is possible to score over 9000 by using the weak team kill and respawn strategy. :slight_smile:

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Good reference @Scarecrow
It should be possible - simply apply the ancient Rounding Off Error Technique :rofl:

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