Alliance wars report


Wish there was a way to see what heros the enemy used to attack in wars. This way I can see how I stand against different heros.


I’d extend this proposal a bit (I believe this has already been stated in other threads):
Ability to see a team that attacked your defense in both AW and raids instead of an enemy defense team.


That’s what I’d like to see. I want to know the exact team and lineup used to hit me. This way if the same hero(s) are being used then that tells me I have a weak point in my defense and can adjust it accordingly. I’ve watched 4k power players hit 1700 power players in wars. I’m sure they aren’t using their 4k power team. It would just be nice to know the stats of these attacks.


It will let you know nothing.
Infact it is all about the attacker’s board.
If its good one then he can beat ya easy even if there are no weak points on your def team!


This has been discussed many times. :slight_smile: So far I’m not convinced that it is all about a board. I’m pretty sure that success depends on a team you chose for attack (of course if you have a diversity of heroes in your roster).


You may have the roster of Zero or Anchor, then you get one of my boards and then you will die, before your heros even trigger their skilles.

If the board is sucks there is no power on earth to help you.


Well, there are boards when you are helpless, but they are not so often to blame them as culprits of all failures. May be 1 out of 10 or even 20.


Not if you were me.
Then its all about boards.
2 of 10 is my mistakes
The rest are the boards, I know what I am facing daily.


Then you can call Guinness to be in the Book of World Records.


Call em for me and I will share the reward 50/50% with ya :wink:


I need some evidence to do that. Share your raid videos.


As soon I get a flag I will recored it