Alliance wars really worth it?

Alliance Wars they did say it was such a big hype and in the end it to me it really wasn’t worth it a lot of my alliance Fighters didn’t like it either the time that takes to wait and then fighting when you can’t use the same people again and then we had all that time to do nothing because we couldn’t, we didn’t have any more Fighters and yeah we might have won the war but the loot really stunk it blew it was not even good

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  1. If you don’t like alliance wars then more power to you: don’t play. You’re entitled to your opinion and plenty of people agree with you.

  2. Plenty of people also disagree. I’m one. I think alliance wars are fun. I plan to keep playing.

  3. Punctuation is your friend, I promise.

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You don’t have to participate.

For loot? Probably not for me, much better keep mercing.

For the fun? It was fun and i probably keep doing only for that.


Yes I understand what you guys are saying EVERY one’s opinions are there own. Just like everyone else who express there thoughts. So it is cool with your opinions. And yes I know but when your typing in a hurry you kinda forget to use the right punctuation. :grinning:


I’m only level 19 in the game, so take this as you will…

  1. The war was a great way to learn to strategize my teams and see what happens with a bunch of different hero combos. I think this was part of the point. I only have three 4* heroes and 11-12 3* heroes. Everything else I had for the war was a 2*. So arranging my teams so that I actually made points and contributed to my teams final score was a major challenge, but not in a bad way.

  2. The loot was mediocre at best. Since I don’t have all the high level heroes to ascend just yet, anything I get that’s actually considered good just sits and collects dust anyway. But, even taking into account that I wasn’t high up in the scores for our war, the loot was about what I would expect to get from the map missions in province 8. It wasn’t anything to get excited about, and considering the time investment in the war I did expect something different.

  3. This is a big one for my alliance, at least. This war pointed out to us that we need to communicate a LOT during the war to coordinate hits, especially with me and the other lower ranked members. I can’t hope to go up against some of these opponents and win unless someone has knocked them down a bit before me. My alliance is also all over the globe and in a ton of time zones, so utilizing the chat was a major thing that needed to happen and my alliance just isn’t that chatty.

  4. The loot was hecking bad, guys. C’mon. We were tethered to this war for 48 hours and that’s all we get???

  5. It would be really fun to have a way to actually WATCH the individual battles going on. Like, popcorn worthy fun.

  6. The arrows can go burn and die. My strongest team was a good 200 points weaker than their weakest team. The arrows should have worked for me, but I never once saw the opponent get hit by freaking arrows.

  7. The loot, guys. Work on the loot.


Please could someone look unto alliance war scores as my guys are killing opponents and receiving no scores thankyou we are lazors swords.

It’s an open topic in bugs section…

I think the wars can be fun if they finally figure out how the matchmaking should be done. I’m at the point where I expect loot to be crap, so I often don’t even check what I got. That saves me the frustration :wink:

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I Like AW. But the loot for winners has to get better.

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