Alliance wars questions...(Potential answers)

Just read the new AW post and it looks very very cool, however, questions will be dropping in now I’m sure. So, right at the top of my head I wonder:

    • How are they planning on handling alliances that aren’t full or whose not all members are active ?
    • What is the criteria to matching up alliances in order to keep it “fair” and evenly matched?
    • I see some arrows on the ground on one of the images, but I don’t see any battle items to use. Can you use battle items ?
    • Can someone actually explain the board ? Does each member setup their own defense/offense ?
    • Do Leader and Elder roles play any specific role or are all members considered the same ?

It has been stated elsewhere the defense team gets a revenge bar which when full launches an arrow attack on the attackers


Each member sets up their own defense team. No battle items can be used, just like raids (I believe). They (the devs or the system) match up the alliances for the battles, so they have to have a formula of some sort to have a balanced match-up.


Yes, I’m curious about that “formula”, I wonder what the actual criteria is because it hasn’t been working all that well in Raids. I mean that trophy count isn’t actually indicative of people’s experience levels or their actual roster strength. Thus cup dropping, though, the new Raid tier system might address some of that…

I agree, and the thing about it is that the raid system is based off of cup count. I don’t believe the Wars can be based on that because each player uses 30 heroes each, and the system does know what heroes we all have. So there has to be another way they have figured out to match alliances up. I don’t know, maybe it’s based on alliance scores, but those are misleading as well, from cup-dropping. Hmm…

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I’m wondering how much cup-dropping is gong on with the new raid tier changes. But the matching question is a good one, as we’ve not seen anything about it in beta (nor could we, since the alliances there are ad hoc).

It would be great if SG would explain he scoring in detail.

Stupid question - why wouldn’t they just go after titan score vs. cups or both?

Can you sandbag titan score? Sure, but that’s really not in the best interest of the alliance to do so.

Well, I can tell you that personally I’ve had to fine tune my cup dropping. I dropped over 1,000 cups the very first night the new version went out. Everyone was so eager to get the new loot. But since, I’ve had to up my defense as to deter the casual raider and and really make them work a little more for my cups. I can see that the new raid tiers will force people to do more raiding, thus use up more flasks. I’m on my second chest today and it’s a bit more challenging staying in the cup range I want to be…


The cups count is half of an alliance’s score (I think), so if even 5 of the higher ranked members are low on cups from cup-dropping, it can lower the total score by the thousands.

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I know - I am saying just use titan score and NOT use cups/combined score.

Cups and titan score are two different scores that are not tied into each other, each one can add or subtract to your overall alliance score (i.e. it’s not a 50/50 split).

@D.D @sleeperZ96BT @Kerridoc

Thinking outloud

I feel like the new raid system will force most players to stay closer to their actual skill/strength level. We don’t want to drop too low knowing that there’s better look in higher tiers…Having said that, I think going forward the cups might be worth keeping as a factor. But also, as some of you mentioned, add the titan score into the mix as well as their potential hero strength. The game knows what heroes (and what levels) we have, so where we might have a relatively low cup count, we might be strong in titan scores and have a roster of elite heroes, thus pushing us up the latter and matching us up more accurately. Hey, if you don’t use, or know how to use those strong heroes, that’s on us…


@wormwood - I think there is some truth to that, the wrinkle being that over time people will figure out what the ‘value’ raid tier is to get ascension items/tokens/etc. is and likely concentrate there.

I fight hard as heck to stay in diamond now, but (hypothetically) if the only difference is an extra crafting item roll or two with the ascension item being just an RNG roll, then why try so hard? SO much more competition in Diamond then platinum and it’s way harder for me.


Exactly…I’m not even trying to move up to Diamond, I’m perfectly happy at Platinum, I just don’t have to “power” to stay at that tier. I got an Orb and a Dart yesterday, not too shabby… (Now if they can throw about 10 compasses, I’ll be happy HA !)

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You got that from the platinum raid chest loot in the new version? That’s awesome if so!

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I did, and a 1* trainer all in the same chest…OOOH great, I just jinxed it. I’ll be getting crap from now on…:rofl:

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if they’re at all smart about it , they will not use cups or titan score or anything like that, but instead a total hero power summed up of each player in the alliance’s top 30 heroes (if you don’t have 30 then all of them). and matchup alliances based on that.


In my 3 platinum chests I didn’t get any worthwhile ascension items and a trainer in only 2 of the 3.


I believe the new raid tiers states: the possible loot gained from hero chests improves on the advanced levels.
To me, this means the loot that is included as a possibility to get is better the higher tier you are in, and the chance to get better loot is based on that. No where does it say “those hard to find ascension mats are given in diamond tier” any more than it says “1 feather guaranteed from a titan”.
It’s still just a chance for better loot, same as it was before the update where we still had a chance for a 3* or 4* asc. item. And in my opinion, if I can improve my odds for better loot, I’m all for it. :grinning:


Another question trying to understand the AW rules
If I want to use 3 War Energy flags in a single AW , do I need to have 3 separate attack teams, comprising 18 distinct heroes?

Yes, 15 heroes - 5 per flag.

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