Alliance wars problem

The loot from the alliance wars is terrible. From what I have seen you get exactly the same thing that you can get playing province 5.

You should be given the option of not partaking in these alliance wars instead of being forced into it.
I will stop playing this game if things don’t start to improve.
I never get good hero’s from summons.
I never get ascention items. I have 10 hero’s that need them.
I never get anything from the titans.
What’s the point in playing. It’s all take this game and gives nothing. To me anyway.

I dunno. Someone posted that they got a Damascus blade. Several of our players have reported other similar goodies.

I think it’s like Titans. Some get great stuff, others not so much.

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I got trap tools, others got daily and epic tokens, I’m not 100% but I believe I got a chainmail shirt. None of these are farmable except the chainmail which isn’t farmable in province 5.

Alliance Wars cost nothing other than a few minutes so why not partake? It can’t hurt you and only benefits you. It doesn’t even take energy that you can spend elsewhere


Chainmail shirts are province 12 onwards. I’ve heard more bad loots than good.

This is the 1 I was referring to.
Considering that these are the top alliances as well and the loot is poor so how bad will it be for those alliances down below 2k.

We don’t know if war loot is tied to alliance scores or not. I am assuming that there are two loot tiers. One for winning and one for losing. There may be possibly better loot for top hitter aka titan loot. This to me makes the most sense based on the rest of the game. Of course we need more data to know and we’ll all know what happens when one assumes


I was top for our Alliance and my loot tier was the same - Victory tier. Does not seem to be any special classification for top player.

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Not one person in our alliance got anything non farmable after we won, a couple of us got flasks but nothing more, and from what we shared our MVP seemed to get the worst haul of all. But, it took a couple of seconds to set up a team during the prep phase, and then a few short battles each during the war. Maybe 10-15 minutes playing time in total over 2 days, using flags that we couldn’t use elsewhere as pointed out above, and we had a lot of fun.

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It seems likely that, as with other rewards, war loot is largely random. So of course mostly you will collect trash, but from time to time you will get something cool.

If this is somehow shocking or disappointing then E&P probably isn’t the game for you.

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