Alliance Wars - Poor sportsmanship

It’s poor sportsmanship when an alliance resorts to using single hero def lineups. I know there be people who disagrees with me. I think Alliance Wars def lineups should be full five hero teams.


Easy kills why are you upset???


Easy kills… You don’t see what the other team trying to accomplish by doing this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds to me, you don’t understand how the scoring works, otherwise you will say they deserve to lose like they are


only 6 point!


It may not be poor sportsmanship… The alliance could actually be waiting for the opt out option for alliance wars.

Speaking honestly, so far the patches to the war experience only seem to be breaking more important aspects than they’re fixing presently. It’s hard to tell if they’ve had enough of it without asking.

In fact it could be good sportsmanship actually… Because at least you still get to score points. Apparently if you get matched against an inactive alliance you get something like 50% tier 1 titan rewards as default. This way your alliance will gets something lol

I am going to give up on explaining this, it’s been explained over and over, yet people don’t understand it. Please put one hero up against me if we face each other.


Those players may be protesting the war, who knows? But the reality is they shift the game to their fellow alliance mates who become BIG targets worth lots of points.

This is not a winning strategy for them…

(Click on the other teams with five-heroes and see what they are worth).


Everyone is being very polite about this. Allow me to be rude.

You are complaining about your opponents doing something that is hugely advantageous for your alliance. So either you have no clue how the scoring works (in which case you probably shouldn’t post about it) or you are seriously drunk, like me (in which case you probably shouldn’t post about it).

You know what? That wasn’t very rude at all. Huh!


Shocking revaluation… people responds on here thinking they have it all figured out and in reality really don’t have nothing figured out.

How’s making 6-10 points off of each one of these going to give us the upper hand? Really?!?

Imagine if the other alliance weren’t so disorganized and they all done this tactic. We wouldn’t be making diddly-squat from them, but they’d be making all kinds of points from us. It’s fair when you the ones doing it to others… Or not experiencing this yourselves, but two can play this and soon probably many more.

The Teams with one Hero gives you maybe less Points, but the Other teams should give you way more Points Than normal.

And when i Look at your Points after one hour, it cant be that Bad.


@Adeliona can you please show us the total score from the war? How many points each alliance made? So we can get to a conclusion if it’s lack of energy to play AW or some set up to take advantage of the situations

Based on the clues in the unhelpful responses above, I went searching and found what they are talking about in the releases notes for AW:

Defeating stronger heroes are worth more points than defeating the weaker ones. A fixed amount of points is distributed between the members of the alliances depending on the strength of each member. The total amount of points for each alliance is the same.


There, finally, is this discussion finally over?

Thank you craftsphere. :+1:

My alliance did that in our second war. We did it because we thought the opposing alliance would only be able to score so much. There was a big wrangle about it within my alliance but we (the leadership) were thinking of it as an experiment to be tried right near the introduction of Wars because 1) there’s no real benefit of winning a war so if we lost because of testing out the mechanic, oh well. 2) any alliance we may face is free to post any defense structure (or lack thereof) against us. 3) at the time many of us did resent Alliance Wars and the extra work, planning and convincing that it foists on to our shoulders twice a week and 4) work smarter not harder. A good general uses the landscape and rules of warfare to their advantage even if that entails standing the rules on their heads. I don’t speak for my entire alliance by any means. We have tried different approaches with each war. I suppose I would be a little miffed if my alliance had to face such a layout from our opponents but unless teams of five are made mandatory then it can happen. We would most certainly lose. Can’t win all the time.

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By the way, the alliance pictured isn’t mine. Guess we weren’t the only ones.

That’s surrendering in my view

Well, we can pick who we attack, so may be just don’t gank the homey that has One Lone Soul called out to play. I have not ran in to that move yet. I would prolly just ignore it and shoot for a fair fight.

I still dont see the problem, just choose to attack a different person in the alliance? Surely everyone didnt have out just one? I leave all mine up, only seems fair, but I am also not inclined to believe that everyone sports my sense of fair play. I am, after all, exceptionally cool. hairflip. Jkjk. Dont hate. Just trying to lighen things up here 8)