Alliance wars point system

Hi everybody,

i have some questions regarding the alliance’s wars point system. I lead an alliance of 92k and 29 members. Every time we face alliances that their strength is minimum 10k higher than ours. This is nothing to complain. The thing that hurts is that the points we gain when we defeat an opponent are far away in comparison to the opponent‘s. For example when the opponent defeats one of our member‘s team of 3.4k gets 62 points. If we defeat the opponent‘s team of 3.4 we get 50 points. This happens not only on one team but to the whole alliance.

As you can understand this seems unfair…

Maybe someone can explain what’s going on… we are trying hard to foil the war chest but with 1 point we have long way to go

I believe that each alliance gives up the same amount of points for a full clear. think it is 1500 spread between all members of the alliance based on HP. Having less members means each is worth more points.


If points depended on absolute team strength, rather than a set total being divided, an alliance could field 30 teams of 1* heroes worth almost nothing.

Then they would be unbeatable, because the teams would be so worthless that the enemy would win too few points.

So the total points being divided by relative team strength is a mechanism to make sure both teams can get the same total :slight_smile:

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