Alliance wars Player amounts vs Ascension items?


Just curious how many people with the 30 heros we will need have enough items to ascend any of them? I’m trying to prepare for alliance wars and not sure I’ll have the 30 hero’s let alone the time and ability to get them leveled b4 release? Is it true we won’t be able to participate without them?


As long as you have some heros you can participate. You need 30 to use 6 teams of 5 on offense. Defense only needs 5 (offense and defense can use the same heros)
You can even use unlevelled 1* heros, of course they won’t fare well


@Thisguy - you need to remember that many players do not have 30 fully leveled heroes. And you can use heroes that are not fully leveled. So you will be able to participate.


So basically I’ll be able to play but am going to be nothing but target practice for those that have 30 good heros for about a couple of months OK got it.


not if the matchmaking is well done - you will be fighting alliances at your own level


i hope its matched even but,with how rare ascension items are and how strong my alliance is(kinda low on the totem at the moment) sounds like I’m going to be a sitting duck for awhile.


Ascension items are rare for everyone… :wink:


Thank you for the info and for the bit of hope I appreciate it.


Presumably alliances will be matched with alliances of similar strength, so it’s unlikely that the opposing teams will have 30 heroes, either. I’m in a top-10 alliance, and very few of us have 30 credible heroes. So just enjoy.

Rewards do not appear to be linked to you personal performance, only whether your alliance won or lost. There is no indication whether rewards depend on overall alliance strength or anything else—we don’t know.


Personally I think 30 might have been a little ambitious for the designers. The average player is no where near that, as you said your in one of the top and your guys are not with that many credible hero’s. I’m looking forward to this, there are just so many unknown variables, and with how slow the progression of this game is I’m worried I’ll let my alliance down.


Well depends how high are your standards for a credible hero. I’d say 3* do well enough, and you can get and ascend those pretty easily. After 2,5 months of play I have now 20 3* or 4* all of them pretty high level(without using money on anything). I don’t think 30 is that much of a stretch.


Also as the game progresses people will eventually have that many heroes, I think it’s great we are forced to think little bit creatively outside our best 5.


Maybe with an additional training center. But to the time and resources it takes to level a 4-5* I don’t think it makes sense to use those resources leveling lower hero’s.


Well, if you plan to participate in the Challenge Events (not the same as Alliance Wars), you need a team of leveled up 3* to compete in the beginner level, so I wouldn’t say it doesn’t make sense to level lower heros


Well being that the rewards in challenge events in beginner are only for the top 1000, and it usually goes to the same people everytime . kind of . don’t get me wrong there are 3 or 4 3s worth ascending but for the most part they are food for 4-5s


Suit yourself. :wink:
20 char.


Please no offense intended, example in a raid I put all my strongest 4s against a team of all 5s only managed to bring down 1 I have other 4s I haven’t been able to even get to leveling yet but I’m supposed to use use that time and resource leveling a 3 that’s going to be even less effective against that kind of firepower. Still doesn’t make sense. I could throw 100 3*s at a fully ascended Ares and Athena and barely make a dent.


Most likely if the matching works even somewhat you will not be facing 5 star teams. Not to mention there will be up to 30 defense teams of various strengths for you to choose from. Most allainces will have weaker players in them as well especially allainces at your allainces level.


But you hopyfully wont be facing only fully ascended Ares/Athena teams. There’s 30 defence teams to choose from. Unless you’re facin a top 100 alliance I suspect that you can make a dent on some of them with 3*.


My alliance is on the verge of top 100 not quite, if its anything like raiding these 5*teams are almost all I run into anymore.