Alliance wars overkill

I thought this type of thing was supposed to be fixed in the last update. It won’t let me post a pic but our alliance has 24 players with the lowest player a level 15 th game put us up against a team wit 26 players wit only 2 players above level 12. Our alliance score is 49 k and there’s is 8k why did this happen. There are 2 players on the battlefield for them

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Alliance names? (yours and the other)

We are the misfit mutineers and they are esercito de silente

I’m sorry our alliance strength is 31k not 49


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I’ve checked and yes, Esercito di Silente has only 3 members at or above level 12 (possibly only 2 at the time of matchmaking).
@Petri @mhalttu looks like the players below level 12 are not excluded from the matchmaking calculation, or something else is not working properly. Players below level 12 should be excluded because they are not allowed to participate in war.


Sham pvp for the win.

You don’t even get credit for the heroes chest when you defeat them in Alliance Wars.

So lazy, it could be EA.

Even if the top 30 heroes of the Escerito are calculated, how the hell could they match their opponents Team power? The living defence Team does not have a 4* while the other alliance fileds only 4* and 5* as far as I see.

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Exactly my point it makes no sense whatsoever why this is happening this. Was the same way in the last war also. When the war timer started we only had 2 opponents in it to with a field of 29. They pulled thier teams and we won by default this is no fun and I’m going to start losing players if this isn’t fixed

Thanks for the report! Due to technical reasons, Alliance Wars matchmaking doesn’t currently take into consideration the players who are under level 12 when making sure there isn’t a considerable difference in the player counts between the Alliances. However, the system does consider the strength of their teams as zero, which should make the wars relatively balanced even if there can be bigger differences between the actual member counts.

I hope this helps to clarify the situation! :slight_smile:

This confuses me even more … matchmaking has the following steps, as I read it from your post:

  1. Compare number of alliance members
  2. LvL 12 and below = 0 Team Power
  3. Compare the reamining Team Power of the 30 best Heroes of each Player

For the example above it compares the Team power of 2 members against 24 members, that never would be a comparable number?! Maybe you can explain what went wrong above, so we can take a look at our Matches/mis-matches to help you.

@Petri okay, so the problem was not because of players below level 12, but there’s still a bug. There’s no way the alliances above (The Misfits Mutiny vs. Esercito si Silente) would have heroes of similar strength after zero’ing the players below level 12. One alliance would be left with 24 members, the other with 2 or 3 not strong members.

That is exactly what happened I let my players pound them anyway just for entertainment value and so they wouldnt lose heart but it was so unfair that it wasn’t fun anymore here is a screenshot of the final score just so you all can see

this should go in the record books as the highest war scores ever lol

We would rather lose by 2 points than fight a war like this again please if you can try to fix the bug asap thanks for your speedy replay and acknowledgement of the problem

Hi everyone. I just figured that we are back to the old matching system. WHY???

IT always gave us and gives us again oppoennts that are so much stronger that we do not even have to start war. We will lose by at least 2000k, no chance!

We faced this for weeks and then you fexed it just before the whole team quit! And only after two wars you go back???

I can’t believe this!

Friendly but extremely upset greetings from a disappointed long term heavy spending player.

alliances we are going to strike
bored of the errors of the game
bored of the bad matches
bored that nobody does nothing
we’re going strike
if your alliance was bad breakdown

retired all your heroes of war defense equipment
will not be played is the only way to press to give a solution,
we want best prizes, assembly materials and matches just no more errors

Read the forums, this has been discussed here:

Thanks a lot. I was so upset about this change that I forgot to use my brains :frowning:

I complained about our match up last war but we ended up losing by only 1000 points, not the massacre I was expecting. This war seems more fairly matched and im looking forward to a fun, challenging battle.

It did it to us again guys this is getting ridiculous this is the 3rd time in a row come on now

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