Alliance Wars or best matchmaking ever

Here you can see one ennemy with few trophies and big team…
So when the matchmaking between 2 alliances is done it’s not equal…
I don’t know if there is a solution for that, because we can’t do a matchmaking with teams strength ( all guys will put a low team ), and now with titans points and trophies didn’t work too.
Imagine 30 guys with a team strength at 3500 get only 250 trophies instead 2000 trophies normaly if they play the game, you can make the operation 2000-250=1750 trophies x 30 guys = 52500 alliances points missing for the matchmaking…

I don’t know… Maybe block trophies and can’t down more with defeating when we arrived at some levels?
Or it is just a “wars tactics” and it’s “normal”?

If there is an answer or anything to do, I’m interested to know that. Thanks

ps: Sorry for my english I tried to do the best.

War matching is now based on the titan score only, not the cup total. While it’s possible to deliberately drop that too, it’s a poor idea because titan loot is much better than the prizes from alliance wars.


Well our team just got war set up with team of eaqual score for titan…but combined score is 10k higher then ours…they are above our team…so its not the best match making again…

thansk for the answer, but still a problem, if they don’t fight titan the 2 days before war, it’s easy to lower the titans points.

Yes…it wi be a problem to match by some algorithm that will be fair to all teams…

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True, but deliberately lowering your titan score to win AW’s is just a stupid idea because titan loot is vastly superior to AW victory loot.

Give it time and more people will figure that out. Just as more people will figure out that putting up 1 hero defences is the best way to make your alliance lose the war.


so… lets go for the best tactic ever… just look at them ^^

the best way to get points ofc…

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