Alliance Wars Opt Out

I really do not enjoy alliance wars but I like hitting the titan. Most alliances require you do both. I think individual players should be able to opt out of wars and their alliance shouldn’t be penalized. For instance if 5 members of an alliance have opted out, the alliance should war with another alliance with the same number of players. They shouldn’t be set to do battle with a team that has a full roster or one with more than 1 or 2 players

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This has been requested by multiple players since alliance wars began. The devs have announced they are working on a solution to this for an upcoming release.

Here’s one thread it’s been discussed in:

Since it’s a long thread, here is the latest input from the devs on what they believe their next move will be on this request:

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I recently started an Alliance and I opted out of wars for my alliance. I clearly put it in the description/banner. BUT if at some point my team would like to join wars I will opt in. I still don’t like wars. I actually got kicked out of my lat 2 alliances over wars…lol. It’s something extra for me as a single mom with a full time job that I don’t enjoy and would rather be doing something else. I love the game and enjoy hitting the titan. Alliance wars I just don’t care about.

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