Alliance wars new setup

My understanding of alliance wars is that it would match up the 5 highest heroes per member per team to make it fair yes? This team wipe our butts with 35K team diff

Then please explain how we continuing get matched with enemies much higher than us

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Are you comparing CUPS (what is shown) or top five heroes (not shown)?

Go see the alliance its full of strong teams! My point is and to what I read the rules as.m. to make it fair the game would compare top 5 heroes of each member of alliance and match them to another alliance.

Not happening. This new update is worse than before in my personal opinion and putting my team off the game to grow because they feel they cant do much!

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So tell me, how can you match my team up who have 1 and 2* to team that had only 2 behind 2000TP! … please explain that?

Ps: if you wish me to show top 5 heroes I shall for both sides. But that takes time thought game had that under control!

You have 1-2* in your top five team?

There is a strong correlation of cups and teamstrengh of the top 5 heroes :smiley:

Not if I drop cups… :wink:

Top 5 matchup is a way worse way than top 30.

When you start your game you build up 5 heroes to be competitive on the map.

Now it looks at these and matches you, you however have only these 5 heroes ascended and full , while the person you are matched to has 50 heroes all ascended … but the 5 top heroes are equal.

You simply cant match on only 5 heroes.

So Titan score can be manipulated, so can cups etc.

How can you match people?

Need to go think this through to come up mathmatically with something that works

So, if we assume that right team cup dropped to their level then mismatch is even stronger. :wink:

I’m not assuming anything about any specific team, but I’m going to be aware that it is POSSIBLE to do, whether intentionally or inadvertently, which is why I think Cups should be completely taken out of the equation. :wink:

I completely agree with this.

In another thread @Petri said that game compares 30 strongest heroes from each player to do a AW match.

Yes, but more recently, they were shifting to a “top five heroes” model, I believe weighted against the top thirty.

I’m leaving right now on a trip, but I’ll try to post the links while I’m on the road. :slight_smile:

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