Alliance wars matchmaking still awful

I know it’s not the only post on the topic, but hopefully enough posts will draw attention to how serious the issue is.

I’ve waited and bid my time trying to give the new matchmaking a chance, but the new system is incredibly unbalanced. The past 3 wars we’ve been up against alliances much stronger than us. Usually 15,000 or more difference in alliance score. I know it’s supposed to be based off roster power not alliance score, but clearly there’s a problem there. The last alliance we faced have 19 players with team powers over 3000. My alliance only has 6, only a few of which have between 2500 and 3000. We were incredibly overmatched. Same situation in the previous war. And judging by the damage they did throughout the war, they obviously had some depth to their roster as well. We were slaughtered, I’ve seen several posts way worse than ours also. This overwhelming failure in matchmaking is really taking the fun out of this game.

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