Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)


Last war I had an opponent with four healers and Elena as tank. Three flags, three wipes and I gave up shooting fish in a barrel. Both were alliances of one member and I’d completely crushed the other player already.


sigh of Course you got stuck on the Only subjective info I gave.
Sorry for being subjective.
All our latest opponents have had all players active in the war, so have we. But Why is the matching so wrong to start with? Opponents have had several def trams with power 3500 or more. Our strongest is about 3000. Several of their players is on lvl 35-45, our highest are at lvl 30. If alliance points have nothing to do with war matching why is it Always around 10k higher than ours? It could as well be WE that have 10k more…but it has not happened yet. And why do we meet THE SAME OPPONENT as we did 2 wars ago when there should be thousands to choose from. Nothing seems right in this and if Im wrong please explain EXACTLY how war matching i done. Thanks


2 days of war , this match up so close its unreal , never been more than a 200 point split , most of time about 50 between the alliances … gonna go to the last hr , i suspect we will lose if they use full depth as timers show they are more active than we are.


Well I guess that’s what we all want. Tight and exciting war games. Obviously hard for dev team to get i right through the whole line of alliances though


im hopefull the new ladder system will work , for some it may take time . Prior to the changes our outfit lost every single war after the first code tinkering… even when ranked 5500 we got matched with crystal pallace(2) then ranked 3.
since the change ,
lost one very close war , won a couple easily & prob will lose this by a whisker , or win by a whisker.
yes some will still lose but i suspect the frequency for many has already changed as the game levels people into closer matches


Let us give to Cesar what is Cesar. I expressed my dissatisfaction during the month of August 2018 regarding matchmaching. So today, I congratulate the devellopeurs for this new matchmaching. That does not mean that now we win all our wars. (2 won and 2 lost). But our opponents are equal in power, teams and depths. Which makes the wars fun and thrilling.


Yes. Question is why its so hard to find even matchmaking for everyone. Either you are way out wrong in it as in many cases, or its spot on as in your case. Sounds like sloppy coding to me.


Third time now that we’re facing a stronger opponent. I don’t know what changes are made, but I don’t like it. We won 13 wars in a row before it. To lose just because the enemy is stronger is a shame.


something wrong…

lose 1000+ points…


What about winning 13 wars in a row because the enemy is weaker. Is that also a shame? Or let me guess… Those matchups were fair, but you just had better strategy?


It’s the same, no matter if we are stronger or weaker, speak for yourself. We were mostley on the same level of our opponents and that changed. I just want to let SG know that the matching seems for us to not fit well after a lot of changes were made.

It’s not possible that every match-ups are on the exact same level, I know that. It’s just hard to lose 3x behind each other when every single member plays well and uses all 6 war flags.


The algorithm uses the data of previous wars. As your ally wins all the wars against similar Allys they now matches you against better ones, but if you keep losing you will get a worse one.


@KingArchur: You are wrong. We won 13 out of 15 wars before the change, but it was NOT because of uneven matching, it was because inactive players were NOT a part of the algoritm. So as we met evenly matched teams, they had x inactive players making us win easily. That was of Course not right either.
Now we meet just as active teams as our own, BUT 5 Times in a row after the last update, their stats in all aspects (alliance points, players levels, def team strength etc etc) have been much stronger than us. In what way is that hard to comprehend?
And @Bane I thought exactly the same, but after 5 matches which show NO decreasing in difference, I gave up that theory.


Here my post from 7 days above. :wink:

No the matchup takes into account top 30 heroes of each Player ( opted in for the war ) weigthing top 5 a little more.
Plus top troop of every color.
Number of opted in members.
Plus win/loss ratio. ( weighting unknown )

After producing an alliance strength number you will be matched with another alliance of a similar number.

I have fought wars with 6000 against 9000 team score and won.

So keep playing, improve your teams, learn as much as much as possible from the “free” training until the system has adjusted itself and your team finds ist place on the ladder.

Best of luck.



For a while there I was worried my strategy and assessment may be wrong but we beat them quite well. We were taking out their 4000 teams by coordinating our players with low teams. They were falling within three flags.

So, healers YES!

We also filled our war chest, and of the players reporting, we’ve already received 10 ascension items among us.

Opt out of the wars… I think NOT!


I’m sorry, I always getting so excited in wars. It’s a little embarrassing after my comment but we won :sweat_smile:


That’s awesome man, congrats! Thanks for having the courage to come back and post that.


On “paper” our opponent looked strong. Sometimes you really don’t know until it’s over. Our alliance always takes the attitude that we may be outgunned, but dammit we are not going to just hand them an easy victory.

It’s all hands on deck, with flags a flying :hugs:


So true @princess1 ! We’ve had many opponents that appear to outgun us. Then we get to the actual war and see common villagers everywhere (a cardinal sin in my war book!), or they go after a full team instead of cleaning up the partials for the kill bonuses. You just never know what will happen until you fight :grin:


This was a Russian team and I was surprised to see how uncoordinated they were. Normally the Russians have a very strong strategy. This one seemed to be all macho.

They obviously thought healers are for sissies and they used marginal teams and kept trying to attack our strongest teams, like they had something to prove.

Perhaps they should study their fellow countrymen for tips :joy::rofl::smiley: