Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)


Do you account for how leveled the heros are or just the hero?


I would very much like to know this too. Many in my alliance are cranking out heroes with TC20s, and I wondered how they (and any lucky pulls) that aren’t leveled up are affecting the top 30. I have one completely un-leveled 5* myself, (Magni) and he is still at 1-1 (based on power rating) ahead of some of my maxed 3*. Just based on power rating on the heroes, I would have to level up at least 5 more heroes to boot him out of my “top 30”.

But if a 5* is just rated as equal to any other 5* irrespective of leveling status and practical power (as in some 5* are better than others, by what margin can be argued) that would go a ways to explain the horrendous matching we’ve been facing.


Can you or someone else clarify how the individual opt out will affect matchmaking?
As I understand it the opted out teams will not be considered in the matchmaking.
I guess that means it will work like if the the alliance is not full, so an alliance with one member opting out will likely be matched with another 29 members alliance of similar strength.
The question is, if it is exactly the same mechanics as if the members opting out was not in the alliance before matchmaking or is it different in any way?


Yes, it is just like the opted out player was not in the alliance.


Still looks unbalanced to me…
Us 26 people - 115k alli score.
Them 29 people - 223k alli score
And if i look theough their team… no hope.

Currently we have won 1 out of last 20 odd wars due to unbalancing. I would understand 50% of the time to be the ‘smaller’ team… but not 99% of the time.


Actually, when I check the last 5 wars, we won 3 and lost 2, all were quite close. For us the match making works great :+1:t2:


We are constantly outmatched. Have no hope of ever filling the war chest


Our alliance - 96K
Their alliance 108.5k

Matchmaking still a miserable failure. But you put in more treats for your Russian friends so it’s all good right?


Whoops 123k. Mistyped


I dont know but when wars started we had no balancing issues… won some, lost some… but most were closely fought… and more importantly fun… and then they started ‘fixing’ the balancing. Amd since then… no fun. At least opt out is now an option…


Alliance scores don’t tell much and 10% is not a great gap.


Sure i understand that… but surely based on averages, half the time our alli score should be more than opponent, and on initial inspection looking at the opponent team, we should ‘look’ slightly stronger? That is NEVER the case with us…



The War start is not correct as discussed.

The War timer starts and a match is already made.

As discussed the Prep phase would fall away and the War start clock would start.

Members can still come and go.

Once the clock reaches 0 matching is made and members locked in.

This is not the case.


Yes we got the worst match that I have been involved in since I started playing


We discussed many options internally and here. The overall consensus was to leave the 24 hour preparation phase after the opposing team has been selected. What we do plan to add in v16 is another timer that counts down to the start of the matchmaking.


Matchmaking takes 3 hours. When the prep phase starts match making is already completed. So is there now a 3 hour gap between prep phase and the countdown timer ending where the matching locks players out who drop from the alliance to merc or whatever and are not counted in the initial matching?

I’ve seen several alliances try to manipulate matching doing this.


Ahhh okay that would be perfect.



So which version will you get around to fixing matchmaking?


We’re gonna get rolled. We’re at about 125k, we’re facing (yet another) Russian alliance at 139k! And they have they 30 to 29 member point advantage. If we’re within 1500 it’ll be a miracle.


The visible war flags are great. Thank you :heart_eyes::+1:
But… is it possible to make them visible all the time? At the moment we have to click on the teams to see them, but I think it would be much better to see them all the time :see_no_evil: