Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)


My main problem with aw is that it is super sensitive for player count.

Suppose one player alliance with top notch 5 star team. Vs 30 player alliance with top notch 5 stars.

In this extreme case the 30p team will get 2000 points for each kill getting a theoretical max score of 6flags * 30players * 2000 points = 360.000 points.

The one player alliance can only score around 66 points per attack, giving him a theoretical max score of around 396.

Obviously this is much exaggerated but even a one player difference already results in a 7% ofsett in scoring potential for the bigger team (30 vs 29 players).

At the moment there is no correction in points for player count in relation to scoring potential. For a fair match the scoring potential should be at least equal.


Currently there is some sort of numbers matching going on - I think it’s plus or minus 3 or 4 players or no match. This still breaks down with two or three against just one though.


Is possible to make different tiers of war while keeping the actual Matchmaking system based on player’s n° and team power? Maybe adding the option near the Opt Out button.
For Beginners the MM should only count the power of the best 5 for each player.

to give a full war experience even to low level or casual alliances. (and stop complains)

Tier Rules:
by changing the kind of war you want to play your war defensive will be removed and you will have to set it again, following the tier’s level cap. The tier prevent heroes and troops over the stated star level to be setted in attacking and defending teams.

Tiers levels:

  • Beginners:
    • You will only get matched with alliances who have selected Beginners tier
    • Your heroes will be able to attack again in the same war
    • <= 2 :star: Heroes
    • = 1 :star: Troops
  • Rare:
    • You will only get matched with alliances who have selected Rare tier
    • <= 3 :star: Heroes
    • <= 2 :star: Troops
  • Epic
    • You will only get matched with alliances who have selected Epic tier
    • <= 4 :star: Heroes
    • <= 3 :star: Troops
  • Legendary
    • You will only get matched with alliances who have selected Legendary tier
    • <= 5 :star: Heroes
    • <= 4 :star: Troops


Hello. This is 7 wars we lose because our opponents are much stronger so we boycott our first war. We made an effort and we fought to help the developers to collect good data. But it’s good, nothing changes and wars are no longer fun. However thanks to them for the anti war button. Best regards


Hii there,
You’r right wars are unfair. In the last war we will be 21 memebrs against 25. Obviously it’s a mismatch. In my alliance after a point we started seen wars as a good way to practice. If we win, that’s great. If not, well no big deal. Rewards anyway are not that rewarding. Enjoy the game!


Please, don’t change anything! We win every war. What we need is war points like trophy or titan points :smirk::+1:


21 vs 25 should never happen because the max gap they have coded is 3. but even 3 is a lot often times, although we won wars 27 vs 29 already but with 100% participation


No we need the personal opt out button as soon as possible!


No, you should leave your alliance and search for one who is not taking part in alliance wars. If people would opt out in my alliance I would opt out them of the alliance.


Still can happen if some players decide not to set a team :wink:


I submitted two support requests regarding the problems with Alliance Wars - and they directed me here. So…here goes.

July 15, 2018:

I submitted the request below back in June. I received one response, but it was not terribly helpful - and the war algorithm is most definitely still NOT working!

In our most recent war, the opposing team had a score listed of 86,578 - while our team’s score was only 65,260! That’s a different of over 21,000 points!

I checked the top 11 players on each team, and their is a significant difference. Their top 11 players were ALL over 3,300 points, with 7 of the 11 being over 3,400 points. For our top 11 players the breakdown was: 2 over 3,400 points, 2 over 3,200 points, 2 over 3,100 points, and 4 over 3,000 points.

What is the point of taking part in a “war” where we have no chance of winning (or even coming close)? Are you trying to make up and coming players tire of the game? Making your “war” feature so one-sided as to be pointless in not helping anyone.

June 14, 2018

There has been a lot of “talk” about making the Alliance Wars feature more balanced - but our Team has seen very little evidence of that! In our last several wars the opposing team was over 10,000 points higher than we were. That does NOT make it fun at all. I don’t know 2hat algorithm you are using, but it needs to be improved if you want newer players on Teams to continue playing the game.


Yeah, ours this time around is 39k vs 50.5k.

Our last wars we have consistently had 10k lower score than our enemies, but have scraped wins due to activity/participation. Lower points per flag, but more hits over all. I don’t think that will be the case this time.

A few of them have set dummy defenses, the leader and some others with 3k+ raid teams have set significantly weaker war teams (one guy has all level 1s) which is some kind of strategy of point redistribution but… I dunno, I don’t like cheese. I’m guessing it has worked for them before but hard to judge if it’s working now.


We voted in our alliance to fight the wars. If an individual opts out it has to be with a reason (health, family issue, vacation, etc.). Otherwise it’s considered being inactive. I agree that you should join a non-war fighting alliance, otherwise you’re just letting your current alliance down.

I always use the analogy of a softball game. If a player says I’ll only play the Wed. games but not Sat. and no away games… sorry, you can’t be part of our team.


Well also a 30 vs 1 can happen like this. But thats nothing to blame developers for


Can we get the thing that happens in raids where damage increases so this doesn’t happen…


I really dislike that there is a timer in war battles. There should only be an inactivity timer. I agree with the idea of including an attack buff as time winds down.


It doesn’t really matter much on how they match cause the prizes given out are not worth it. We can spend a ton of time building enough hero’s to use all 6 energy effectively but why when the prizes are junk to begin with. If not for wars many of us would not have maxed so many hero’s. Now with the prizes it gives it’s not worth wasting the time nor the funds to make a full team of 30. Even then you would need at least 20 5* once you get up in competition. The higher alliance are all using the best 5* for their defense. So upgrading a bunch of 4* only do good on a clean up cause a 4* team cannot take out a full 5* much. Plus that 5* team will have enemy aid too. It just makes no sense other than something to get us to spend more time and money for. Knowing what I know now about war we are all feeling a bit violated with a super stingy award system in wars. Those of you who skip out are not missing out on anything with wars. In fact just saving yourself time, money and the aggravation of it all. We need chapter 2 so bad. After playing for 16 months now this is becoming very boring and making many regret we have put so much into this game.


Matchmaking still crap.

And yes… You’re going to get stomped by any Russians that come down the road. The Devs aren’t going to risk getting Finlandized again.

It didn’t work out so well the last time the Fins angered Russia.


I did leave my alliance to great regret of me and the other alliance members. When the personal opt out would have been implemnted than i could have stayed. Just not participating in war was no option for me or the other alliance members who did like war. With the personal opt out my hero’s would not be counted for matchmaking so the alliance should not be hurt by me not playing war.


I opt out because of health issues but the downside off joining an none war playing alliance they almost always play much lower titans wich is not much fun if you are used to 9* plus.