Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

Use more flags then them…

All of my guys in my alliance is asking why are we being teamed up against other alliances that are stronger than everyone in our alliance? I don’t know what to tell them but I would come here and ask for help. My team is the strongest in our alliance and it is only 3622 and the war that is going on now there are two teams right than that and 4 teams over 3100. Other than my team the others are all under 3200 so can someone please tell how to get better aponants then trying to fight ones that no one can take out or even stand a chance against? PLEASE HELP US.

Yet another alliance war matching problem thread?

Check out some of the other threads already here about this very topic.

This only for developers to read, I don’t care for players to start attacking my post. I know every time I post anything negative or some kind of complaint about something this game I usually get people trying to ridicule me and my complaint. So just I’m only posting this in the hopes the developers read this and if players send me a message they are wasting their time because I’m not gona bother to read it. I and several people keep complaining that we keep getting matched with people that are significantly stronger than my alliance and it months of playing nothing seems to change. For example this current war the alliance we are going up against has 4 people over 3900 and 8 total over 3700 where as we have one person that over 3900 and no one over 3700. Sure we can beat some of these people by tag teaming them but it wastes two or 3 flags to kill one of them where as they only need one flag to kill one team at a time, hence they have the advantage. I hear some these alliances are tanking their previous war to get a bad war score so they can easily win the next and that’s how they are tricking the system to get matched with alliances like ours. I don’t know if that’s true but developers should look into this

I’m not sure how deliberately losing one war to win the next war would benefit an alliance.

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Why then post only for developers in a forum for players? Just wasting everyone’s time, including your own. If you want to message devs use the support channels.


This message is for my wife: Honey, take the ham out of the oven at 5pm. No later. Last time you took it out at 5:15pm and it burned the ham. If you’re a player reading this, don’t bother responding. This is between me and my wife. So if you respond, I’m not going to read it.

Matchmaking is fair.


That’s pretty late to take the ham out and expect your wife to cook a nice meal… are you being fair? Are you claiming to be the victim but actually trying to “ victimize” the wife?

Just replying to your post… join a new alliance. All other alliances get fair matchups except the one alliance your in.

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@Petri A small clarification if you please: My Alliance was discussing this today and we were wondering is this calculation based on the whole Alliance or just those members that choose to participate in the Alliance Wars?

Just those that participate.


I am calling the developers of the game:

please consider the players’ levels.

Our opponent did not use their 33 flags but still they win and the difference is 600 points.

So the developers should consider the levels of the players…

I’m not sure player levels is particularly meaningful. Team power levels is what matters.

The part of war that is under alliance control is:

  1. use all flags;
  2. war plan

Kick players who don’t use all flags if you are serious about war. Coordinate tanks. Develop a plan of attack. Teach your players.

No matchmaking algorithm will be perfect so sometimes you are going to get a bad matchup.


It is interesting for bench depth. Nothing more, I would say.

No you Don’t. It says right there in the war score details, “Adjusted based on the past performance of the alliance”. So NO, you don’t do matchmaking based on Heroes to heroes. You are adjusting it on some obscure “Performance” algorithm that’s none of your business.

We’ve lost 3 wars in a row now and you are continuing to match us with progressively stronger teams as though we won those wars.

It’s not up you as developers to make decisions about our “performance”. That’s up to us.

FIX THE MATCHMAKING. Heroes to heroes , troops to troops and NOTHING else.

We are a dedicated war alliance and all of us spend money on this game and you guys decided that because we are good at it that we get a penalty. That’s lame man…severely lame…

Our “performance” isn’t up to you. Fix it. The way you have this now we are at a point where no war will be remotely winnable down the line.

You guys need to accept the fact that your programming is flawed and listen to all these people telling you that matchmaking is broken. That means go back to the drawing board, listen to your customer base, write some new code and fix your mistake.


We have lost the last few wars and our match ups have been getting stronger and stronger and our global alliance ranking keeps rising, despite our losses.

SOMETHING is wrong. You NEED to look into this.

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If they did what you asked you’d be getting even harder matches. They’re currently giving you easier ones because you’re losing.

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It’s a really funny thing, but when someone makes a post in May of 2018, their ability to forward predict what additional changes will be made in the algorithms over the following year are fairly limited.

For example, the change that you’re discussing was implemented in September of 2018, a full 5 months after Petri wrote that.


Why does everyone complain about match up use the argument of the TP from the other alliance .

Do they all have mystic balls and are aware of the best 30 heroes of the other alliance ?

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