Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

We just lost our third war in a row, by just shy of 1000 points. Our war score went up, what the fuk would be getting a higher score for losing, especially by that much?

In my alliance we play with alliances have heroes and experience more than us!?
So that is not fear !!
And I don’t know how you are calculated war score I think we have score more than what we really have heroes and troops ?!!

You can back to war logs and see what we faced in last tow wars ?

Our brother in alliance feeling bad they were finishing war flags and lost in crazy scoor ?!!

I will say, they have us dialed in. We tied the last war and won this one by 6 points.


Did they figure out some new alliance war matching cheat?

Straight after they won, 11 of their members left. Something like that doesn`t happen because they were fed up of the alliance, there need to be a reason behind that.

Its been my experience when facing a certain nationality they always do really well even when initially their teams don’t look as strong.

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Perhaps they let their folks out to merc after a tough war? (we let folks out on certain level titans)…

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Really? Because in last Wednesday’s war, the alliance we were fighting lost, and 10 people left it after the war was over. Sometimes, alliances lose members, and if you’re going to leave, right after a war is a great time to do it.

When a group of friends and I split from a previous alliance to form a new one, we all left right after a war.

So accusing other players of cheating based merely on the fact that several of them left an alliance seems really unwarranted.


It`s not one fact. I asked as I heard from few people about something like that and now it happened to my alliance.

One of the guys says something like that:

Is it possible at all?

Take a look at the competing teams roster…joined guild xxx days ago. Often you find half the members joined recently ( leaders included). I know some people Merc but it kinda says it all doesn’t it? Kinda an unfair way to get loot but don’t deny it doesn’t happen. Maybe SG could impose a one week hold on titan and AW to easily stop this. This game is a long journey and 1 week is nothing to make things fair for all just saying.

Possible? Sure. It would be a lot of effort to get very little back.

I wouldn’t say it’s a lot of effort, what is the problem to leave one alliance and join the other one?

They would need to move certain players to keep the scores down. AW has awful loot so what is the point?

Hi, I’m wondering, how matchmaking for alliance wars really fair, and yes, I know your alliance will win some and lose some, BUT how does you alliance have a fair chance when you’re outmatched !! At least 3/4 of my fighters are under 3300 in power and we’re going against opponents where over 3/4 of their members are 3400 + in power…how are we expected to win, and yes I know strategy counts for something, but I don’t think those odds are even

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The alliance we faced in the last war were all people having joined 22 days ago. From how they acted in the war, we became suspicious that they’d finish one war chest, then change alliance, repeat. I’m not sure how much sense this strategy would make, if it were a strategy. You probably fill your war chest faster, but you should miss on better titan loot instead. And at least my last war chest wasn’t worth the effort…

The last 3 wars we are being matched with teams where members are ALL level 50+… Our team has basically 30 and below… How is this even friggin fair? The past 2 we we’re slaughtered even with strong war teams . And I’m talking almost 2k… And now the matching is the same thing!!! Fix your game!!!

We are about to have our butts handed to us. They have 6 teams over 3900 compared to our 3. They have 9 teams under 3500 compared to our 16. We have no chance.

You shouldn’t even try then, you’ve already lost.


Oh no, we’ll go down swinging and use all flags. I’m just saying there is nothing fair about the matchuo.

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