Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

Thank you very much TGW! Yes, that will definitely help out strategy out. I was trying to take my strongest team against their strongest player and go down after that.

Thanks, I will wait for another few wars then.

yes, their highest player had multiple 5* players, which was difficult to get when my top team has only three 4* players. I guess I give it more time to lose before we get to win.

Sorry to hear that. I think the clue is the “we win most our wars”, the more you win the more you will be matched against stronger teams. We haven’t been able to climb much higher than a 70% win rate before getting crushed.

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I’m glad I could be of help. I usually try the same strategy, but sometimes the opponent has way too many strong teams and in those cases it’s better to just focus on the weaker ones. Usually I try to weaken some of the stronger teams with my strongest flags and let our lower level members finish them off. It means I don’t get as many points, but the goal is to win the war, there is no point in being 1st place in team score if your team loses.

I fully expect to lose our next war, almost all of our opponents’ teams are platinum tier. But that’s what happens when you win several times in a row. It’s okay, we’ll do our best, and if we lose this one, hopefully we’ll win the next one after that. Good luck in your next war! Hopefully your luck turns around this time.


Our wars are still a little our of whack as well, but I mostly chalk it up to the fact that we only have 4 wars under our belt.

Our opponents are getting stronger, many of them well over 1 year of play, and they have strong teams but the alliances don’t seem particularly organized. 27 vs 27, so fairly large alliances. 19 of the Top 20 teams on the leaderboard were from our alliance.

This isn’t a moan topic, just hoping someone can shed some light on how this matchup has happened!

Our opponents for this war, based on what they have in defence on the battlefield, completely annihilate us on the TP ratings.

Their Total TP score - 81,213
Our Total TP score - 75,139.

Their average TP - 3,868
Our average TP - 3,577

That’s almost 300TP we are giving away on each team on average.

Number of teams under 3.5K TP

Them - 0
Us - 7

Number of teams over 4K TP

Them - 7
Us - 3

Looking at troops as well ,they completely outclass us there with half a dozen players rocking multiple troops level 20 or above… We don’t have a single troop over level 14.

So, they seem to beat us quite significantly in every single category and I just can’t see how we got matched with them unless i’m missing something?

Most of their members have been in the alliance for at least 50 days so doesn’t seem like they’ve manipulated the win/loss ratio by all joining a ‘losing alliance’

@Kerridoc @Petri, any thoughts on some stat that i’m missing that could be responsible?

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Sounds a bit lopsided. I am guessing you have won a few in a row and when you do your matches get progressively harder in our experience

But it might be just unlucky. That happens too

Do your best and try some attacks you wouldn’t normally do, and see what happens

Good luck

War matching looks at the top 30 heroes on each team, which players cannot see.

Two questions:

  1. Are there the same number on each side?
  2. What are the War Scores of each alliance (shown under the ? Icon next to alliance score)?

Both alliances have 21 teams on the battlefield, our alliance has 23 members and theirs has 26.

Our war rating is 289,552
Theirs is 288,912

Even that seems odd as I honestly can’t think why our rating would be higher than theirs based on the team strengths and bench depth we’re seeing so far.

We’re only 4 hours in so far and they’re only 9 kills off of a 3rd reset

They’ve had 46 1 shot wipes suggesting they have pretty decent benches so far.

Both alliances are running a single colour tank.

I’ll update once the war ends as it may be that come phase 2 we find we have much stronger benches… Given the fact nearly everyone in their alliance has been there for over 100 days based on their roster i’m honestly not expecting that though.


So at least the matching algorithm was acting as expected. Now the question is whether the war score is a reasonable measure of war effectiveness.

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Hi… first sorry for my bad English… well this war we have vs an ally who is much stronger than us… they are 29/30 members, we are 24/30… but most strange thing is the war points before war… after the matchmaking they had exactly the same war point like us… 342k… when the war started they was immediately 357k war point… and for now they dont attack in war… i send u a screen of all…Is not the first time we had a stronger opponents, or opponents who in defence roster had not so strong heroes than they put in war … punteggio%20avversari


i hope i was

a little bit clear :slight_smile:

of course the victory came (team 2), I did not report, they had a significant advantage, it was not the first 15, but almost. I have learned a bit how a war calculator works, I think that the way of counting the strength of war, and thus the selection of divisions is broken. It allows manipulation and from now on we will win wars, we have already won 2. I would like to join the team creating this and other games to help her balance, I have a head on my neck;)

On the other hand, this may be the case, taking into account the fact of a very random fight, leaving the captain of the alliance, completing a well-coordinated team plus the experience gained from many wars, is to give victory.


The strength of war is the sum (forces of war) of single players, if after the beginning of the war a new player joins the alliance - the strength of the war alliance automatically increases. that there is a difference in the number of players in the alliance, it has nothing to do with the number of players who have indicated their willingness to participate in the war and only those players who marked their participation in the war count towards the military strength of the alliance.

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As I expected, we got completely annihilated and lost 3,850 to 4,935.

We used all flags, they left 15 on the board.

Even in phase 2, when I hoped that maybe the mismatch wasn’t that bad and we would find they had great first teams but no benches, that proved to be a false hope.

They were still one shotting our strongest teams even with players 6th flags and we only had 1 player in the top 10

Completely fail to understand how they can have a lower war score than us when they clearly had so much more powerful teams across the board judging on how many times they reset us even at the very end of the war.

Our opponent has an alliance score 10k higher than ours. Our war scores are identical. We were very well matched even though they had a very strong defense. We won by 300 points (all our flags used, they left 6).

Some of our members are still convinced the alliance score makes a difference. Hopefully they’ll see now that it’s the war score that gets matched!

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Now the matching is much more honest, I will say more, it is better for us. For the first time we were able to restart the opponent. Judge for yourself, I will do more discharges from fights only when we lose the war and paste you here. I believe that this will not happen.

The last couple of wars I’ve been in, pairs us with teams that we couldnt possibly beat.
This is a real morale killer.
Please look into this, much thanks!


More details would help


My advice to SG would be to take Alliance Wars offline until the kinks of unfairness are worked out.
Today’s War was inane (yes, I meant inane; that is not a typo).

even in Raids, there has never been an instance where the enemy team has used their skills after being hit by 3 sets of tiles. Never. But in AW today, it happened to me. Within 20 seconds I had made 3 sets of 3 tiles (which hit only 1 opposing hero) then WHAMMO - 3 of my opponents heroes generated their skill . (see ‘Conclusion’, and #4, below)

a much stronger team (all 5* all maxxed out w/almost 150 more power) with devastating heroes (damage, skills, hp and defense) gets wiped out by a much lesser powered team (4 and 5* w/only 2 actually maxxed out)? HOW is that even possible, especially with the automatically generated HP Boost???

those same teams, only this time the wiped-out team is on the offensive but loses for some otherworldly reason - with the other teams 2 WEAKEST heroes still standing??
This and #2 above = Not possible. Not even bad boards can account for that. Cheat/hack being used? Very possible, since there is 0 way that could have occurred under normal circumstances - including taking into account the extra automatic HP Boost.

This is the 2nd time we were pitted against an Alliance where it was either a gross mismatch or cheat codes (exploited by hackers, originally intended for use by DEVs to test their games) were being used.

I read many threads and comvined threads on the topic of AW’s, and saw that opposing Alliances are matched via the top 30 heroes of each player participating in the War. (6 flags per player per War = 6 hero teams per player. 6 hero teams of 5 heroes = 30 heroes).
If that is the case, then there is NO WAY that an Alliance with 2 players having 2 teams of less than 3k, 2 teams barely over 3k and only 1 superpowered fully maxxed out team, should be matched up vs. an Alliance with 4 players with 4 teams over 3200each with MOST heroes MAXXED out.
While I cannot see their other 5 teams, given the tiny bit of time vs each that it took to win vs our teams, and the fact that their defense teams were maxxed? That means their other teams were fully maxxed or dang close to it, too. Otherwise, why bother playing if you dont have heroes to continue improving upon? But…their TOP 30’s were 4 and 5* MAXXED. Had to be, because I knew what our other teams were. And ours, were not.
Why were we pitted against one another?
We should not have been. Not by a longshot. Algorithm rewrite is sorely needed. Make it make SENSE.
Too large of a gap=gross mismatches.

I see way too many people voicing problems regarding the matchmaking for it to be IGNORED or excused/blown off, if AW’s are to succeed and continue.

Some Alliances have seemingly impenetrable defenses, neverending HP, super-dee-super seemingly 98% full MP at the start of battle with always-full-0-need-for-regeneration during battle even if using heroes that do not have MP skill boosts etc. Even using heroes with ‘Fast’ MP generation+ a high-level MP (or HP) Bonused Troop , or MP/HP buff skills, cannot explain such impossible behavior. Raids vs. exact or similar opponents do not exhibit such behavior; it occurs only during Alliance Wars. Which begs the question: are players exploiting DEV Cheat Codes.
Mismatching continues, worse than before. CLOSE THE GAP if the top-30 Hero algorithm is to continue to be used.

Some serious rewriting of Alliance Wars and instilling security measures to prevent and block the use of ANY cheat codes or hacks IS warranted, and needs to occur asap.
Otherwise, this previously fun but main feature of the game will crash and burn while numerous players will continue to voice their rightful disappointment in the unfair mismatching and ABNORMALly INdestructable hero teams.

This has only been my opinion per my extensive experience in the world of gaming, both as player and otherwise.
Thank you. Sincerely,
(avid gamer since 1995,
worked for 2 major gaming companies,
and enjoys this game immensly)

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Click to view, but really nothing new so if not staff doing a troll check, spend your time on the cat topic 🐱 or eating a cookie 🍪, you like cookies right?

Niche situation

Lost two of our heavy hitters ( gaming addiction and spending addiction ) with awesome 5* defense teams. We also gained five low level teammates.

My alliance is getting slaughtered.


I do not need the war chest rewards ( no 5* heroes to level but that is my choice) but the five new players could use them.

So I am taking myself out of wars until I can field a good 5* defense team.

Cost benefits

It is too bad the Dev cycles to fix matchmaking are too costly for my niche situation.


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