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I guess I just don’t care for trophy total to represent alliance leaderboard placement so heavily. Seems so “pre AW”

Certainly. And once AW matchmaking is in a satisfying shape, I’m sure SGG will give a new leaderboard priority. :slight_smile:

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that is my profile name but in The Guinea Pigs Alliance

I think we’re close to agreement unless my Monday density is raging higher than normal.

Would rather see alliance leaderboard be meaningful, so that wars could be better based from it

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There’s your answer. You are being matched with other winners. It makes me feel a bit bad for the alliances we have been beating because I know they’re on a losing streak but the matches have been fair so I don’t feel that bad.

yep 3 times in a row so i now have unchecked the war box

That will teach them a lesson


why should we keep losing and getting barely good loot it will never change in my eyes, i see from here on out being matched with alliances that overpower us, so not doing the wars at all

or until i have 5 5* heroes all maxed which is going to take awhile, lol

If you lose enough you’ll eventually win. You want max 5 stars? They are giving those mats in AW war chests but you won’t get them by not trying. The alliance I am in lost 15 in a row leading up to the new update. You can’t ever win if you quit.

15 in a row?!? Ouch! We’ve lost 3 in a row but spirits are higher than ever. They’ve been close losses. And last war we had 174/180 flags used. The one who didn’t use was kicked (but there were other reasons - this was a long while coming - we were very patient). Can’t wait for the next war.

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Alas! I’m not allowed to like this more than once :grin:

This is a common misunderstanding and seems to cause a lot grief and confusion. Thank- you for staying this so clearly. Now, for everyone to read it :rofl:


Here’s how I see things, and how our alliance works on building teams for AW - and please, this is merely a presumption on my part.

We started in July and today have a full roster of like-minded individuals who enjoy the game and work well together. Communication is strong in our alliance, be it on LINE or in-game, and we didn’t even ask for such to be a requirement.

During our early days, we had a few high level players who joined our alliance and provided us with tips and info on the dos and don’ts on every aspect of the game. Once established and info had been shared, these players left. (We’re an open alliance with no restrictions so people can come and go as they please; and if they like the atmosphere, stay till they find a better home.)

One of the first things shared was the necessity to build our teams from the bottom up, and not chase after 5*s just because they looked cooler and more powerful. The reason being: Challenge Events and the need for 6 separate teams in AW.

It is much quicker and cheaper to max a 3* hero than it is a 4/5*, and at a lower level of play, most players won’t have the mats to max a 5* until they’re in their late 30s or 40s even if one could afford every ‘epic cash for mats’ offered by SG.

I tend to spend cash from time to time, and have been playing since June. My AW roster comprises 2 full teams of 4s and close to 5 teams of 3 heroes, which I use for the Challenge Events and AW. I currently have 5 5* heroes which remain unlevelled on my roster. These 5* heroes remain at the bottom of my 30 hero AW roster, or do not even figure into the calculations for matchmaking. But if I started levelling these heroes, they would trump my 3* heroes and figure into the calculation of the whole.

I presume that in some low level/beginner alliances, 5* heroes are being levelled in greater numbers (albeit at a rather slow rate) at the cost of 3* heroes (Note: 3* heroes are not fodder till you have 6 teams of fully maxed 4* and 5*s). These alliances have semi-powerful 5s but probably, not enough depth. A levelled Tier 2 5 hero will have greater Hero Power, but in most cases, is weaker than a fully levelled 3* hero. The difference in Hero Power between a fully levelled 3* and a Tier 2 5* is around 80-150 Hero Power (rough estimate, not going to look atm). Such a large difference puts the semi-levelled 5* in the upper half of a player’s 30 hero AW roster, thus giving the alliance a much higher overall figure when matchmaking is done. When matched with an alliance that plays with depth rather than bling, you are most likely going to lose.

For those who feel that their matches have been unfair, check the roster of individual members in your alliance and reevaluate your strategies. Overall depth is greater than individual glory in AW.

Once again, this is merely a presumption on my part on what is happening in some alliances. Apologies if I may sound condescending, but it irks me when an alliance says they have 40-50+ unused flags.


That’s exactly where we’re at. A lot of us have two or three teams of four stars maxed, but some of us don’t have a full 30 maxed yet. We’re working on it. Several people also have 5s in progress and it was hurting the matchmaking.

We have 1 or 2 members who have really deep pockets so they’ve started levelling their 5s. We’re getting matched with slightly stronger teams now. Previous war, we went all out till the very last minute after trailing for most of the day, and won by 200+ points. Had 15 unused flags as we have a few low levels who just started and haven’t got the depth. I’m getting them to focus on their 3s as I want them to enjoy and experience the challenge events as much as AW.

Opposition had 62 unused flags, much to our joy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand… not sure if the issue is recent war results, or perhaps still any remaining match making shortcomings. But I wish you better war matches in the future, like we all deserve!

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So actually the power redistribution of particularly 4* and 5* heroes that happened with the 15.1 release should’ve largely addressed this issue. You should see your maxed 3* heroes with higher power now than your unleveled 5*, where previously they would be pretty close, while the maxed 3* where superior in most metrics of course.

Curious, did you have more wins than losses before the 15.1 release? If yes, perhaps this is why you’re getting more difficult matches now. If not, then perhaps there is still some problem with the match making that is negatively affecting your alliance.

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You dear sir are quite a number.

You conclude that the system is bad because you lost 3 times in a row.

Maybe the system was bad when you had winning streak because the matchmaking prefered your alliance ?

Of course you never lost a thought about the alliances you beat I suppose. :slight_smile:
Welcome in their shoes now.

Unchecking your war box after 3 losses shows how strong of will you are, how much interested you are in improving your skills, ( wars are “free” training lessons ) and how much you care about your alliance.

You seem to be able to see into the future and gained the knowledge that the war sitiuation of your alliance will never change ( what a suprise if they are all like you ) and convieniently overlook the fact that the war chest is another place where you can get ascencion mats ( see the thread war chest tracking ) to improve your capabilities.

I wish you the best of luck with other aspects of the game.

Have a nice day.



Losing 3 times in a row isn’t particularly fun, I get that.

But please do realize when you say “we have been winning almost every war until this new update” that there have been alliances who conversely have been losing every war, or almost every war, prior to the 15.1 update, because they kept getting matched with alliances considerably stronger than theirs. Imagine how they feel losing a lot more than 3 wars in a row.

So I think your record of wins prior to the 15.1 release probably has a lot to do with the stronger enemies you’ve faced since then, as a results of the war history being factored into the match making now. And while I completely respect your decision to opt out of the war, I would actually encourage you to hang in there a little longer, because I think that you will see the tide turn in your favor as your war history balances with a some losses that unfortunately you have to suffer through mostly as the result of your long winning streak before 15.1.

I think over time even if you don’t win every war, you will be better off getting the loot from the wars, particularly the new war chest which is reportedly giving out loot similar to an elemental chest, with many people getting 3* ascensions materials and some 4* also (see the war chest tracking thread). If you don’t take part in wars then of course you will have no chance of getting that extra loot at all.

And if in fact when the war history balances out, you are still getting bad matches, then I think that is something to bring to the attention of SG so that this can be looked into and possibly more tweaks can be made to the matching algorithm then.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion and advise, like I said I respect the decision you and your alliance make for yourselves.


You are a much better person than I am. Your post is very constructive and much more of use for the dear Sir than my writing.
Hat’s of to your patience and tolerance.

Best regards


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