Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

Another thing we found unclear is the junior players who can’t war yet. Are they included in the team match ups?

Your opponent have terrible benches I think. Maybe they have one or two good teams and rest of the heroes are garbage. You have to wait till the end to see what’s happening. What bothers me is the number of the players in the alliance wich supposed to be even after update. Like this the matching of hero rooster is not accurate at all. How they match the power of 26 players with 30?!?.Anyway when you face this kind of defenses, (1000 power difference ) , I don’t know how much your better rooster help. I am really curios what’s happening in this war.


I know it’s a sample size of 1, but this is, by far, the most imbalanced match-up my alliance has faced.

27 members
Score: 54,803 (23,364 + 31,439)
Above 2000 cups: none
Above 1000 cups: 10

27 members
Score: 76,654 (40,594 + 36,060)
Above 2000 cups: 5
Above 1000 cups: 22

I’m having difficulty believing that the pairing was based on each player’s top 30 heroes because most of our alliance’s members are fairly new and haven’t built up depth.

Even supposing that the two alliances do have similar top 30 hero scores, there is a huge difference between top 5 hero scores. Why is that important? You only need your best 5 to defend, and these 5 participate in every battle. In a top 30 computation, the top 5 need to be weighted much more heavily than the other 25.


The alliance we got paid with looks incredible lol… As a casual alliance leader I think we’re going to lose.

But if it’s an average of top 30 heroes perhaps the benches are cold on the other side… Well have to wait and see lol. I’ve been holding onto a level 1 justice and a level 1 Elkanen for goofing around a year down the road but they’re in my top 30 so I might just have to bite the bullet and feed them away. 5* hero power is too inflated lol

Well I personally think that none of us can complain until the war is run.
Yes it looks really bad at the minute but until the war starts I for one will hold my opinion in check.
It does seem very unbalanced for us but who knows they might only have one strong team which is what the match up is based on
But as I have said before there will be happy and unhappy people with any matching system and in all fairness it won’t affect the top alliances either way.
What needs to be done is to pick a system of matching and stick to it 5at way we as players can adjust to it and learn the best way to match our teams to the War mechanics


As Imentioned elsewhere, the more established alliances will have to wait for the wars itself to know if the matching worked, but can say riht now it does not work for newbies alliances. My alt is in one where there is 1 3000+ member, 3 2000+ memberw, and 24 varying between 1000 and 1700. Most barely have 12 heroes, alfies included. Their oponent has 1 3000+, 17 2000+ and the rest in decreasing order, the lowest being 1500.

I don’t think that is a problem at all. I think you have some 3* maxed behind this 5* unlevelled heroes. So basically your score doesn’t change at all if you eat them. Level 1 5*=level 50 3* in most of the cases,depends in special skill level. If you have only 30 heroes and you have to fight with the unlevelled 5* in war than is a problem, but I think is not the case for you.

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This new alliance wars is a joke. The first team it out me against is twice as good as our team. Our top 5 aren’t as good as there top 20 ! What the heck did you guys do! You really screwed the pooch on this one


I just hate Petri doesnt need to use 20 characters.


I never noticed, you are right! So unfair, lol

Picture is worth a 1000 characters?


If a player does not have 30 heroes, are the empty slots factored in as zero values?

At a first glance, this really sucks! We’ll be slaughtered. We have 4 persons that can match their 6-10 then all others are waaaay beyond our other members…

Well I am a little disheartened. For the second time since this new update I might add. My alliance has a score of about 20,000. Our opponent has a score of 48000. That’s almost 2.5 times more than us. Most of my players are barely level 12 and this is going to be very discouraging for them… Much more than it has to be. Is Empire and Puzzles trying to push people towards other games… There are so many out there.


Guys, you need to stop comparing alliance scores. They’re not using that anymore, and continuing to post that “ours is so much lower than theirs” is confusing the issue.

That said, I am a bit concerned. Clearly some lower level alliances with deep benches have been matched up with some higher level alliances that have focused on building up a strong top 5.

The question for me is does the added depth allow the lower team to break through the high level defenses, or will they be simply outclassed.

We’ll have to see how this round of wars plays out.


i’m not comparing alliance score, i’m looking at tjeir lineup…and tje matching sucks

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It would be interesting to know a little more about the process of matchmaking. Are all 30 heroes weighted equally? Or are the top 5 (as a proxy for the defence team which isn’t set until after MM and therefore can’t be used) weighted more heavily?

The latter approach would seem to make more sense as the defense team is the one that stays on the field and is disproportionately important.


With these changes, will the power-score of unleveled 5* heroes be looked at? It does seem like it’s likely to cause issues.

Freshly-baked Thoth:
Attack: 355
Defense: 337
Health 661

Equal to Dawa at lvl 8 special (3 power points more than Thoth):
Attack: 488
Defense: 391
Health: 679

Dawa Special (3 targets): 1024 damage
Thoth Special (3 targets): 639 damage (+ minion of 132 HP, 53 attack)


The same here. Our enemy is much stronger. I already see we have no chance. The new concept is a big joke :frowning:


You know, my alts alliance has that same “perception” happen three times - where the other team looks much stronger, like “how could we possibly win” based on defense teams, and two times we won and the third time we lost by some small margin, 100 points or so.