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That a boy! Sounds like a cool group! We have a lot of fun with it as well. Honest truth is we all typically fill a chest a month it’s not the end of the world losing.


Definitely not the end of the world. I actually worry when we win too many, wondering what kind of team we’re going to get matched up against next :open_mouth:

It’s okay though. We’ll do our best no matter what we’re up against. I used to be afraid of taking on higher level teams, but sometimes you get lucky and actually beat them. Losing to a higher level team is a lot less embarrassing than losing to a weaker opponent.

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It’s how you learn to beat any team and get good. I was told that by a good player when I started. I never rerolled when raiding and it forces you to figure out how to approach a Guin GM Alby or whoever. Then you work on the guys that’ll make that happen. I know it’s a hard sell to some of your guildies but it’s the honest truth. There is plenty of very knowledgeable people on here that give great advice on characters, mechanics and set ups to help as well… never fear anyone’s team power.

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For the second war in a row we are getting matched waaaaaaaaaay above our power level. The matchmaking system sucks.

They have 23 teams above 3800. Most of those are abive 4k.

We have 8 above 3800.

We are all set up to lose again.

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I think something is going wrong at last wars. I am the only one who participate at wars from my alliance. At last 4 wars I have matched with alliances with 2 members participating at war. They are getting scores from 7000 to 9500 when for me the maximum can be 4500. At the first time I thought I was unlucky. At second time I issued a ticket and the reply was to read this at forum. Now it’s the third time and I don’t know what else to do.

Maybe a shortage of one player war teams. You need a wing man.

I can imagine to happen once. Not 3 times

Well, 2 v 1 in war will always be unbalanced. If that’s what’s available that’s what you end up with though. At least with the max allowable 3 player difference you haven’t faced 4 v 1.

For the thurd war in a row we are getting matched waaaaaaaaaay above our power level.

They have 21 teams above 3800. That’s down from 23 last war

We have 9 above 3800 (up 1 from last war.)

I never played a game with worse matchmaking.

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What is the difference in war score?
Did you lose both your last two wars?
How many of the 23 participated in the last one?
How many in your alliance participate and how many are there in the opposition alliance?

Yep, lost both wars. Everyine participated except 1 who was on vacation.

Well, the war scores are almost identical. Either they have no bench strength or there’s something weird going on in the war score calculation.

Nah, they will have plenty attack strength just like the previous 2 mega defense foes we faced. It’s hard to swallow 3 huge mismatches in a row with no chance to win.

If you look at the levels of their players that show in the screenshot you will know they have deeper benches that we do as they are all high level players

Don’t read too much into the actual numbers. Our last war opponent had 11 warring members, level 30 to I think 54? Average player level around 40. My team is 11 members, level 24 to 36, average player level around 27.

They had 8/11 defense teams above 3500 TP, we had 3/11 above 3500. Their top defense team was somewhere around 4100, our top was around 3650. Their lowest defense team (2880 I think?) was higher than our 2 lowest teams.

Yeah, they beat us. By just over 100 points (something like 2935 to 2831, give or take a couple points, I don’t recall the exact numbers).

My team was outmatched for sure, and we knew we probably weren’t going to win against such an overpowered team. But here’s the thing… we only lost by about 100 points. And we won the last 4 wars before that one, and they all had teams that were higher level than ours too.

If my tiny little alliance of level 20s and 30s can beat alliances with multiple level 40s and 50s, there is no reason why anyone else can’t do the same. Even though we lost our last war, some of our level 40-50+ opponents had to use 2-3 flags to take out our level 20-ish players’ defense teams. :laughing: So much for deep benches, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait till you get matched with alliances where almost everyone in their alliance has a much higher defense than almost everyone in your alliance. I could care less about levels, it’s all about team power. I only mentioned level to refute the idea if “oh they must have a much weaker bench then.”

Been there, done that. Won and lost.

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I’m not disputing your premise, they very well might have deeper benches. At higher levels, they probably should. But sometimes you go up against a stronger team, and they only use half of their flags, and you end up winning a war that you thought you were going to lose. I’m certainly not saying the matchmaking system is perfect, because it’s not, I’m just telling you that you shouldn’t get too discouraged when the odds are stacked against you, because it might still be possible to win.

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But it doesn’t. The way that war score is calculated says they should.

This is the 3rd war in a row where we have faced massively high defenses and the previous 2 alliances did not have weaker offenses.

Well, unless they’ve lost several wars in a row, then the loss record could offset the overall bench strength.

But in that case, if they’ve lost that many in a row, it means they aren’t using their full bench in every war, meaning that it’s still entirely possible for a weaker team to beat them.

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