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Not really, it smacks of a bug. I will say this:

The war score doesn’t always update instantly, so someone could have been on, opted out and the timing was such that the score updated after the left. But if nobody had been on for hours, that isn’t the answer.

Also 4k, while not a huge percent of a top 200 war score (maybe 6-8% I would guess) it is more impact than one person should have. So again, that wouldn’t see to support a 1 person opting in and out theory.


Thanks. That was my read too. It looked inexplicable but I know you’ve tracked it a lot more carefully than I.


@LisaD, I’d recommend you submit a support ticket and give them the details you gave us (including times and timezone if you can).

Here’s how to submit a ticket:


I have a support case open but I’ll be sure to include all the details.

I really appreciate the replies.

Thank you!


I’ll ping SG and let them know that we can’t explain what we are seeing.

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Actually the emblem system allows my max 4* heroes to be more powerful than my 3/70 5* because the 5* can’t use emblems until they hit 80. It’s a little frustrating when my opponents are all 5* 4/80 with over 4k TP, but with decent boards, I can still take out most 4k+ teams with 2 war flags… even 1 war flag if I get an exceptionally good board.

And another close one lol:


Nice win :smiley:

I’ve had a few nailbiters like that. Though none at such a high score level. Looks like both teams reset more than once there. Good fighting on both sides, congrats. :+1:

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Both sides playing with 28, we ran blue tanks they ran purple.
We hit their lowest 12 3 times then reset twice and took out as many as we could.
They hit us hard early and reset us 3x.

What a joke.

Our opponents have 20 teams above 3800, most above 4K.

We have 7 teams above 3800.

What are the war scores?


Pretty darn close. How many of your alliance members participate in wars? If not all, maybe not all the 4000+ of your opponents do either. They may also be hero top-heavy. Really strong top 5 but weak bench.

Only one is opted out for vacation. War Score does not help fight. 2/3 of their teams are higher defense than all but 7 of us. Very unfair.

If they are top-heavy (as indicated by the war score) then they should have difficulty flipping you too once first flags used.

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I personally think the system is broken. We lost to opponents who has was way more unused flags. Once time we had flipped the opponents board to put us in a better position as well as using more flags than the opponent. In the end we still lost. This made me lead to believe either their matchmaking is terrible or their scoring flawed.

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I’ve faced many teams with super high defense teams, wondering how my team got matched up against theirs. Usually at the conclusion of the war, the reason is clear. 1 or 2 of their members didn’t use any flags at all. The ones who did use flags had 2, maybe 3 good teams, then dropped down to single digit scores in the second wave. Defensive power only tells half the story.

Funny, I used to complain about our opponents all having strong defense teams. As I watch my smaller teammates grow and progress, I realize that our own team probably looks pretty terrifying to some of our opponents now :smile:

Yes, well every member but 7 of their alliance was above 3800 power, most above 4k, and only 7 of our members were above 3800. It was a total mismatch and yes, we lost.

All that matters is you participated and had fun. The bigger they are the harder they fall… makes the victory sweeter and your alliance closer fighting tougher opponents. You just can’t buy that type of lesson and here SG is providing it twice a week for you!

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I’ve been in the same boat. Team of super high levels with 4k-ish TP defense teams, beats us by 500-1000 points or more. Sometimes twice in a row. Then, third war comes around, opponent team is mostly high levels again, and we think, “oh ****, we’re gonna lose again”. Except that we don’t. We actually beat the higher level team.

Every time you lose a war, your score goes down; every time you win, it goes up. You don’t know if the team you’re fighting was matched against you because they lost their last battle against a really strong team, or because they won their last battle against a weaker team. Maybe one of their members was on vacation in the last battle and that’s why they lost, and now that member is back and they’re now matched up against you, in which case you’re going to be a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe it’s the opposite.

Weekend wars tend to have higher participation rates, and are therefore more difficult. Your opponent might have lost their midweek war because their members were busy, and now they have free time and can easily beat yours. There are so many factors to take into consideration in every war. Player levels, defense TP, flag usage, war history, activity levels, time zone differences, how long have their members been in the alliance, are they long established co-leaders who are devoted to using all of their flags or fly-by-night members who just joined 2 days ago and might leave in the middle of the war? It’s all unpredictable, and my alliance has beat several teams with higher TPs than our own. Some of the teams who gave us the toughest fights were teams who didn’t even have the strongest defense teams, but they used their attacks effectively.

The reality is that you’re not going to win every single war. The more you win, the harder your next fight is going to be, until you eventually lose. And if you use good strategies, you can actually take down 4k+ teams with smaller teams. I’ve had the great privilege of watching as several of my smaller alliance members teamed up like a pack of vultures to pick away at a level 50-ish 4k team. Sure they used several flags in the process, but in the end, they took him down. I don’t even remember if we won that war or not (I don’t think we did). But I do remember the tenacity and teamwork, and the joy we all felt when they finally took him down.

It was worth the flags. It was worth the loss. We celebrated anyway.

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