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Quite simply because we have added new players and are growing slower.
It’s easy to go or kick them out. Is that the solution to the problem?

There are enough alliances with different levels and experiences.
It’s not our goal to become a top alliance, it’s all about the fun of the game.

Until the update to V21, these problems were not synonymous.
Just won, sometimes lost. But not 6000 vs 3500 or 5000 vs 3000.

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One of our members has almost only 3 * heroes.
Even with 30 you can do almost nothing against such opponents.
He is very active, but it does not spend much money, which is completely ok.
TC20 gives him only 3 * heroes … so dismiss … no way.

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I have to disagree with this as I had 34 maxed 3*.

The sheer number of choices allow me to build versatile clean up team (5th and 6th team).

3* hero won’t be able to put a significat dent against 3500+ team, but they can make a great clean up following others failed attack.

3* mana cut is important to prevent stronger heroes to execute their skill. Healers are also important so the team do not get killed by their slash attack. Always use 3-2 strategy. My favorite clean up team is Rudolph-Hawkmoon-Azar-Bane-Gan Ju.

Another use for them is to kill the tank with mono team, allowing other members to kill the remaining 4 heroes with ease. Remember, in war, individual points doesn’t matter, alliance points is.

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Same here. Lost 5 wars consecutively since latest update

I think it’s pretty obvious the only solution is to force weak players to spend money to get “maybe” one 5* per 100$ or … Enjoy the game by losing as much as possible :laughing:

I have to disagree as well. Not everyone gets Rudolph Azar GanJu… or any other fast 3*

There are lots of slow/ average 3* as well such as Gunnar Kailani Ulmer Isstak etc… which is not always easy to use as clean-up if the board are often crap.

P.s. Has anybody realised the board has been really bad since few weeks?

That’s not a solution. That’s rude.
We also have players between level 15 and 52. And I prefer kicking inactive players over small players who try.

Last war they had only one player under 3k: 2500. We had some more, our smallest has about 1600. We lost, but there will be better times again. We are matched in 8 out of 10 wars against stronger opponents (team power of defense, doesn’t speak for “uhh the war matchmaking is perfectly balanced”), but we win about 50%, I think, that’s okay.

I think the reason is the depth of the bench, but a deep bench of our higher players can not compensate our lower players, if our opponents have much stronger defenses.

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Before you disagree, you had better read the context:
I was replying to someone who say about the feasibility of 30 maxed 3* heroes in war.

Of course not everyone have Rudolph, but with 30 maxed 3*, there will be many fast heroes and high probability of Azar and Gan Ju in there.

When you maxed 3* heroes for war purpose, you will pick the one that is good for war (fast heroes and healers).


I understand you answered to his respond “Even with 30 you can do almost nothing against such opponents.”

Before you disagree, you should better ask which 3* heroes. They could be Ulmer Kailani Gunnar Belith Oberon Jahangir… Which is definitely can’t do much as clean-up even for an opponent of 2800TP.

There’s no guarantee of getting fast heroes/ healer… Plenty of Gunnar Kailani Bane Ulmer Karil given from TC11/13/20.

Ulmer is good for its high tile damage, he is my 4th blue choice. I sometimes use him in 3-2 combo for clean-up…

By the way, Karil is my 3rd blue choice…

Belith is a must for green clean-up team, she is a healer…

Bane is fast sniper… my second choice for yellow in clean-up…

Before you mention them, yes I also use Isshtak/Dawa/Renfeld for clean-up :sweat_smile:… As a matter of fact, all the heroes you mentioned (Oberon included), I have experience in using them for clean-up. Only Arman has never been in clean-up team because I just got him and Squire Wabbit/Vlad because I don’t have them.

I have 34 unique maxed 3*… Nowadays, I usually only use 10 for my 5th and 6th team which role is clean-up… but at my earlier days, I use them heavily.

FYI, most of my alliance opponents don’t even have a member whose defense team is below 3000…

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It’s always easier when you have choice. My 3* are 7x Bane, Ulmer Isstak Prisca GanJu Belith Greymane Gunnar and 2x Balthazar. If the board is not helping… it will be suicide mission even 3-2 or 5-0 :wink:

I edited the post above:

That is excellent… I’m limiting myself at 1 maxed hero for each unique hero so I only have 1 Bane and 1 Balthazar even though having more than 1 Bane/Balthazar should have been better.

Wish I will get anything else but Bane… Bane… Bane… I got tired of leveling Bane to Bane. Lol

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I find when I feed a completely ascended 3*, I almost never get them again from the training camps. I did that with one of the maxed Banes I had and never saw another one.

Hi guy’s I just don’t understand how the matching work like because we are 6 on my alliance and they are as well but we are around level 39 and 32 and 30 and they are level 50 or above 40 so we are loosing because at that level they have big banch of hero’s and we have some but at this level they are going to kik us like a flee. We can’t compare with them. I’m just very disappointed

We already have thread to discuss that matter

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Second straight match by SG where we take the part of the Christians versus the Lions in the Coliseum in ancient Rome.
Our average level47.07. Theirs is 55.62 to 58.23, depending on which players fight against our 26 active players.
Our score:205064. Theirs: 213738.

If they are sloppy, have horrible boards, get drunk and forget to attack, we probably have a 1.3% chance for victory. Just like dropping a HOTM.

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Nice one mate,bad stuff. In my opinion war should be matched by the same level of the players not about the points of I don’t know what Titan pr war or something. Unfortunately we going to loose because I’m level 39 and really I can’t fight with a man who is on level 52,not even close

does anyone know how exactly they take into account previous win-loss record? is every win or loss counted as an addition or subtraction from your war score? or how exactly?
anyway, I think it is bull :poop: that were are punished for doing well in wars. we should be matched only based on out potential - hero and troop roster and rewarded based on our general war participation and strategy, and individual rading skills, not punished for it.

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