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The alliances I looked at (and I think I had the right two) showed both had 30 eligible players? New recruits or players sat out?

We’ve had a couple of new players join in the past day. Perhaps they have as well. But you are correct that both teams now have 30 members.

I still think 4k difference is too much. With as many alliances there are. I think they could get # of elig. play. equal and get within 2k difference. You’re probably right about depth but your larger amount of below 3ks hurt too. They are almost useless no matter their depth against strong defense and the BS defense perks.

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We won by 551 points even though they had 24 more attacks. Still not fair on the matchmaking.


Matchup worked this time. We won 4789 - 4692. It was a fun back and forth with some big swings. I was wrong and they didn’t have ninja 4k teams hiding. I mean they may have, but hey didn’t field them in their defense teams.

I do feel my feedback is still valid though - once in eight wars isn’t quite enough :slight_smile:

As always - thanks for all you do. This can be a thankless job at times, I am sure!


Time for another status update.

We’ve continued the work to improve Alliance Wars matchmaking. We’ve made a lot of progress, but not as much as I would have hoped. We will have fewer people at the office over July, so we’ll still make a couple of adjustment based on the learnings so far, but will most likely not be performing many more tests until August.

We think Alliance Wars is an exciting feature, and hope that most alliances want to participate. However, some of you have asked for the ability to opt-out from the Alliance Wars completely. This feature has now been enabled. It allows the Alliance Leaders to opt-out their whole alliance from the wars.

I know that some of you would have preferred an option to opt-out individually instead of this all-or-nothing decision. We are currently planning to add that support in version 1.14. However, for now it was a question of waiting until 1.14 or releasing the feature in it’s current form - and I hope we made the right choice.

Please note that even though we are testing the opt-out feature, we still reserve the right to remove it based on our own metrics or the feedback received from the community.



Amen! And thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! :hugs:

I myself got lucky. I left my formerly beloved alliance - they loved the wars, I do not - and I found a wonderful new home which suits me a lot better.

But I think that for many players who do not enjoy the wars, these changes will be a godsent.

THANK YOU!!! :hugs::kissing_heart:


Question above the opt-out; will this have to be selected before war prep? I love AW but would hate for our opponent to opt out after being matched with us.


Checking back in…

It looks like a lot of teams are still having problems and SG is still solidly in the testing phase. I wanted to report that our last 4 wars have been very close (<200 pts difference)—but we still lost 3 of them. Of course I’d rather win, but a close loss means that we were still fairly evenly matched. Every competition has to have at least one loser.

We also did win our last one. Also close. The other team was overall slightly better than us but we beat them as all underdogs do—with heart and collaboration.

I think the fun is being restored. I continue to really like the idea of wars and I think they add a lot of value. I’m hopeful that you continue to optimize and that you find a solution that is satisfactory for those who can be satisfied.

Enjoy your holiday


The Wars are a great ideal in theory but there are to many variables that allow people/Alliances to cheat. I think that this is a great feature for now to allow the leader to opt out, with that being said how about making a feature that once Wars have started players/team members can not be removed. This happened in our last war, 30 verses 30 then all of a sudden members were kicked or removed. We still won but who has time to sit and think of ways to cheat in Alliance Wars. Again great ideal for now but we’ll see what happens in the future.

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This are great news! Thank you for doing it and trying to please us players. I hope those who want to take a break from wars or don’t want to participate in them at all are happy now :slight_smile:

I also hope you’ll manage to implement per player option as well, so team can continue playing without you if you have to be absent for some time…


You’ve already got enought examples of gross mismatching so I won’t post screenshots. Heavily weighting the top 5, or even top 10, players doesn’t work. Our top 8 players are over 3K tp but the bottom 3rd of our alliance are significantly lower than that and we keep getting matched with alliances who have all members with over 3K team power. It’s a slaughter. If you can’t fix the matching then please make wars challenge/accept so that alliances can find their own fair matches. Also, dump all of the defense specials; revenge attacks, boosts etc.


Its matched by top 30 heroes with more weight on top 5 heroes of each player in the ally. Not by the strongest members of an alliance.


top 30 heroes in the entire alliance? i have 7 maxed out 5*. a few others in the alliance have two or 3. between all 30 of us maybe there are 25 maxed out. most of the alliance doesn’t even own a 5*. so it sounds like a few of us are causing our alliance to be pushed into an area where we could (and have been) matched with alliances that totally outgun us. the AW that just started, 28/29 of the opponents have a defense of 3500+. we have 10/30 with 3500+ and 10 with <3000. we have a total score of 98k. theirs is 115k.

we are about to get slaughtered again (last war we were also slaughtered)


Current matchup is 30k vs. 43k, though maybe they’ll just play possum?

Oh, and did anyone else laugh at the war pack in the shop after today’s staff update above?

Don’t worry people, you can “Defeat the Enemy!”, for just 1400 gems :joy:


Good evening, the reason why I find your decision sensible is because I believe that freedom of choice is a life , as in game, priority. Therefore my congratulations to your choice. Regards


It’s the same way for us and our alliance, before they started trying to improve the lines Wars we would win 1 lose one. The last couple of months that they have been trying this new systems out we have yet to win one just as this war that is about to come up they have us matched against the team that’s 99 K we are at 83 k. There’s no way that are lower-ranked guys can do any damage to their defensive teams.


No not top 30 heroes of alliance. Top 30 of each player. You are allowed to use 30 heroes in war thats why they average power of top 30 heroes for EACH player with a weird formula. I think in the end every player has a ceartain powerlevel computet. They‘re all added and then alliances are matched by close scores and some other variables

Maybe if the rewards were actually worth the effort, then more ppl would be willing to participate and focus on growing their teams. My alliance has won most of our wars and 95% of the time none of us receive anything even close to worth the effort. Better, easier and less disappointment to just farm the items from lvls


I am the leader of my alliance and although I just updated the game, I do not see that option.

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