Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

If the opponent leaves, we win, yes, when we win, we shine like the sun until the next war :joy:

It happens to us all. All the way to the top.

You might have missed the drama from the 50th ranked alliance getting the 8th ranked alliance. It was a massacre and left a lot of feel bass.

My alliance had it recently in the first rush war and we got a Top 100 alliance that had suffered a couple of loses. We’d been on a good run.

It was 6 Alfrikes vs 16. We lost pretty badly. Such is life.


I definitely agree that there is a lot of effort in winning and losing. Our only problem is that the match is determined only on the score, I wish you and your friends good luck. :blush::tropical_drink::trophy:

Our opposition has one more player on battlefield. It is a close war but they had 6 more flags than us. This unfair. Please help.

Our Alliance name is: “<>”

Happens often; plenty of topics about this. Inevitably it has to happen, as there may be an odd number of teams with X players.

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+1 to this. You can face what looks like a team of monsters and by the third flag they can really start to struggle; sometimes this doesn’t work out and a bloodbath ensues. More often they really are sadly lacking in bench depth.

Someone has to lose in war and sometimes it doesn’t seem fair (it’s a game, never lose sight of that). Get together a working strategy and even the apparent beasts are beatable.

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Heh. 4519 posts.

Please bear with me. Just wanted to verify the current state of matchmaking.

  1. Was a Player’s war score ever implemented in addition to an Alliance’s war score in matchmaking. Dev discussed in Aug 2020 post.

  2. An Alliance’s Trophies and Titan score have zero effect on matchmaking.

  3. An Alliance strength is based on their Players strength of their top 30 most frequently used heroes in war.

  4. War matchmaking is determined by the Alliances war score and Alliances strength.

#2 is a big one for me. I am seeing teams with serious exaggerations of trophies and team strength. Current war has a lv 73 leader leader who has a whopping 1173 trophies. Thought it was a stupid question to ask, but then …why?

Trophies and titan score never factored into it, as far as I’m aware. Or if they were it was in very early iterations of war.

You seem to grasp the understanding of how it works. I would add that war score is actually predicated on ‘strength’ and modified by wins/losses.

  1. Alliance’s war score is the sum of all the individual Players’ war score. The war history no longer resides with the alliance, but with the player.
  2. Exactly 0.
  3. Based on the strength of the top 30 heroes on the Player’s roster, not heroes used in the war.
  4. Alliance war score only. Don’t know what you mean by Alliance strength.

Because the leader cup drops to make it easier to fill his raid chest. Has no effect on war matchmaking.


Good catch; I misread that part.

We have started a war…enemy have an extra player. And the points that player worth are almoust simular… Becouse they have an extra player,they have six more flags??? Please explain??

It happens from time to time. We’ve had it twice against us and once for us.

We won all 3 so whilst it’s an annoying thing the match isn’t over yet. Heads down and give it your best shot.

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Yep, it’s just bad luck. The matching process can’t pair everyone equally if the numbers don’t allow it. Whilst it makes it harder, it’s still possible to win

Part of the war matchmaking algorithm is based on war score. As some have mentioned on the forums, matchmaking prioritises war score over the same number of participants (which at last check still allows a difference of up to three).

As the others mention, it is still possible to win. Only had it happen once to the alliance I’m in, but it is possible to win.

I went through a lengthy break down of the variables when it happened to us if that’s of any interest.


War score, yes. But of the individual players.

I think there’s one piece still missing to make these matchups fairer. If they don’t use the Alliance Strength (as used for Alliance Rankings) or use a Players Strength (same), then somehow another variable could be used to penalize a Players War Score.

Players can still “tank” (lose) to lower their War Score. A team of such players could do just that. I believe we just ran into just such a team. Team and Player strengths unbelievably high. Should have been a wipe, but somehow they managed to win only by a comfortable margin. What I noticed is that some of their players, who should have done much better, performed only weak and losing attacks, hence lowering their war score.

Simple solution, if not in already in place, would be to penalize a Players War Score based their team’s wins vs. losses. High win ratio of the team increases an individual’s war score regardless of their personal performance.

Equally matched teams, which the current algorithm is presumably meant to produce, should give teams a roughly 50/50 chance to win. I’d be interested to know if all teams are close to that overall goal.

Not sure, currently, how someone could deliberately lower their war score except for losing war on purpose. Or stripping their top 5 of all emblems to lower their roster strength which forms the basis of an individual’s base war score. Still unsure whether a war score can go lower than the base value of the individual’s roster.

I don’t think any ‘solution’ will satisfy all players. I’ve seen a ton of proposed solutions but all have their flaws.

That’s how it works. Not sure what else it could do. War score doesn’t track with individual performance in a war. It tracks the win/loss of participated war regardless of performance as far as my tracking goes.


I suspect we are just matched with an alliance who manipulates their war score by losing some wars on purpose.
We are warring 9 against 9. Their war score was 31300 and ours 31306. These numbers were valid before start of the war. Their war score went up by 3k right after them using first 9 flags, our score remains unchanged after using first 4 flags. The 3k war score gain shall reflect current war performance. I don’t think it has something together with emblems or leveling heroes as they are barely online and 3k is just a huge gain. They are an old alliance and every of their members is within this alliance from 360 to 1380 days.
I read this as players of opposing team who used first 9 flags had terrible to zero performance in previous war. Is this correct or am I missing something?

How many people are in the alliance? You say that 9 are participating in the war. It is possible that those who aren’t participating are opting back in, so the alliance war score will go back up; however, it doesn’t change the field. As for losing wars on purpose to lower their war score, I doubt it, it’s pretty counter productive to purposely lose wars so that you can win, when matchups over time will do that for you. If they had a losing war record, it’s possible they just lost them.

As far as I know, individual war performance has no bearing on matchups. The alliance war score is the sum of all the members’ individual war score. The war score is based on top 30 heroes and top 5 troops, plus the war win-loss record (not battle win-loss record).


They are 12 and yes, this could explain this huge gain. They have 9 on the field and 3 remaining. Out of that 2 of them were not online for a day and 1 was online 3 hours ago. This means the one who was online could opt-in for the next war. Ok, this could be it.