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My alliance are on an AW winning streak - 12 in a row :woman_shrugging:. We expected to lose the last three wars, based on their levels and make-up of their defense teams. Great team work, communication and favourable BOARDS have definitely helped.


The last war in particular, came down to the very last flag. It was the best war yet :smile:. I expect the next war will be brutal - we’ve been preparing for defeat for a while. I am still wondering how much of a factor previous wins /losses have on war matching as the top 30 heroes in each roster, number of players etc, can be more easily measured.

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Well, this is not an anecdotal evidence. But I sometimes observed that the war score increases or decreases by about 2000 points (should be around 12000, since it is divided by 6). The only way to confirm this would be if anyone checks the war score just before and after the war timer runs out.

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Thank you, and will do - cheers :smile:.

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Sometimes you can have strange wars :

How to lower the war score to have easier wins after. Don’t know if it’s works really but it’s a little boring…

Question – I see in the notes and some of these posts which are VERY numerous that the matching making is based on the top 30 heroes in each roster + number of players in the alliance. SO, when it says roster does that mean the top 30 players for each person marked as participating in the war … or … just the top 30 within the alliance?

And just to confirm, if someone opts out of the war before matchmaking starts I believe the rules and other posts I saw said they can’t opt in to the war once an alliance is selected to fight. I mean that would be an obvious way to screw over matchmaking if this was allowed … strong players opt out, war target picked, they jump back in and have a weaker alliance to pick on. So the lock on changing your mind to opt in begin once a war target is picked.

Firstly, welcome to the forum.

War match making uses the top 30 heros and the highest troops of every player participating in war. Every player has until the end of match making to opt out of war. FYI.

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Thanks for the reply. Do mean it uses the top 30 of each person (6 teams of 5 of course)? So if the alliance had six people who will participate in the war it would use the top 30 of each of those six?

Also I think you confirmed you can opt out of war up until the Match making triggers (so that means your troops are not considered in the process). And once the alliance you are going to pick are selected by MM, then you cannot opt in until the next war (so no trying to game the system).

Yes that is what he meant

Our latest war matchup was our alliance with a level 59, 27 and 21 against our opponent with a level 53, 48 and 31. Kind of obvious who won this one! The biggest problem that I see with these stupid war matchups is that the game developers are not taking into consideration that they are limiting each player to six war flags. True, our level 59 is tougher than all of them. But our level 59 can only hit 6 times, so that limits the points available to us since our 2 lower level players can’t even scratch anyone from the opponents team. If they are going to make such ridiculous mismatches, why not even the playing field by letting the alliances share the attack flags as a whole? If we had been allowed to do that, we would have had a chance to win this war. Our level 59 could use the majority of the flags and even up the playing field. It is quite obvious that your algorithm is counting all of her heroes to give us such a ridiculous matchup, so let her use her heroes to make it more fair!

There is nothing obvious in there. Player level doesn’t mean deeper heroes roster or ability to build better lineups. It just means that a player was longer in a game.

Do you want to say that level 31 outweighs level 27 dramatically? I’d say they are very close in potentially.

Also, AW is a team effort, not a One-to-one raid. Weaker players can score more doing clean up work if stronger players didn’t kill the whole opponent’s team. Or there are other options as well.


That wouldn’t be a bad idea, it’s actually been suggested before here:

Matchmaking isn’t perfect, as you’ve pointed out – only the top 30 heroes of all players are accounted for. This is usually good enough for alliances with lots of players. But that means small alliances (such as yours) gets more bad matchups from time to time – there’s also less alliances to be matched up with, which makes the matchmaking problem even more complicated.

Unfortunately, I doubt more work on wars is going to come anytime soon. I think the developers consider the matchmaking to be good enough, and they’re clearly working on other stuff to deliver for next year (based on announcements we’ve been getting).


I’ve been playing in my own alliance (two members) for 4 months participating in all AW twice a week. I was actually surprised how accurate war match up was. My alliance teammate sometimes opt out from war and it was correctly taken into account every time.


Our last alliance war match making was definitely one-sided in the opposition’s favour. Its a fact! The only thing we had in common was the same number of combatants - 19.

Their Average TP4334 - we had three people above this.
Our Average TP4247 - they had three teams below this :rofl:.

Thing is, up until then, we had a win streak of 13:0. Our opponents got progressively harder and there a few wars we thought, yeah we don’t stand a chance yet pulled out a victory.

We are not crying foul, but boy we were soundly beaten, and we scored over 6k. We were all one-shot kill practise. Humbling!

Only thing left to say, bring on the next one :wink:.

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I dont Think we had a fair war again this time.
Our opponents were Way too strong for us . We have many new players who still have 3* heroes in their team some dont even have 6 team. We were against a team which score was 11000 more than us.
You look only at war score thats not fair. They lost some games and we won some thats why we had the same war score but thats not fair.
Hope you Will do something about it

How many alliance members do you have?

And can you show the war scores of the 2 teams?


Titan score has nothing to do with how prepared an alliance is for war. Same with trophy score. For those two reasons, total alliance score is irrelevant. Only the war score has anything to do with war preparation.


Originally matchups were based on alliance scores including cups and titans and that was even more unfair.


War score? Alliance score? Titan score? (I don’t want to assume here…)


This isnt a fair fight only our war score are in the same range look at the rest

It is the only one it matters…


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