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It’s always easier when you have choice. My 3* are 7x Bane, Ulmer Isstak Prisca GanJu Belith Greymane Gunnar and 2x Balthazar. If the board is not helping… it will be suicide mission even 3-2 or 5-0 :wink:

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That is excellent… I’m limiting myself at 1 maxed hero for each unique hero so I only have 1 Bane and 1 Balthazar even though having more than 1 Bane/Balthazar should have been better.

Wish I will get anything else but Bane… Bane… Bane… I got tired of leveling Bane to Bane. Lol

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I find when I feed a completely ascended 3*, I almost never get them again from the training camps. I did that with one of the maxed Banes I had and never saw another one.

Hi guy’s I just don’t understand how the matching work like because we are 6 on my alliance and they are as well but we are around level 39 and 32 and 30 and they are level 50 or above 40 so we are loosing because at that level they have big banch of hero’s and we have some but at this level they are going to kik us like a flee. We can’t compare with them. I’m just very disappointed

We already have thread to discuss that matter

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Second straight match by SG where we take the part of the Christians versus the Lions in the Coliseum in ancient Rome.
Our average level47.07. Theirs is 55.62 to 58.23, depending on which players fight against our 26 active players.
Our score:205064. Theirs: 213738.

If they are sloppy, have horrible boards, get drunk and forget to attack, we probably have a 1.3% chance for victory. Just like dropping a HOTM.

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Nice one mate,bad stuff. In my opinion war should be matched by the same level of the players not about the points of I don’t know what Titan pr war or something. Unfortunately we going to loose because I’m level 39 and really I can’t fight with a man who is on level 52,not even close

does anyone know how exactly they take into account previous win-loss record? is every win or loss counted as an addition or subtraction from your war score? or how exactly?
anyway, I think it is bull :poop: that were are punished for doing well in wars. we should be matched only based on out potential - hero and troop roster and rewarded based on our general war participation and strategy, and individual rading skills, not punished for it.

One of my alliance mates routinely finishes top for AW scoring and is often top in our alliance for cups. He is level 44. There are seven alliance mates with higher level than him, three well over 50. Level really doesn’t measure the performance of a player at all.


You wrong my friend because at that level you must have a deep bench of hero’s and you can beat someone at level 40 with no worries and no stress. Player’s level says he’s playing the game from longer,have experience,have deep bench of hero’s and you or me at level 40 i cant touch him to much in war otherwise I’m not afraid because in Raid’s you can choose doesn’t matter wich hero you like but in war you have restrictions so in that case you loose in front of him because simply he has more upgrade hero’s and he can choose from his bench alot and me…not really

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We must agree to disagree then.

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It’s been covered before, but there has been some question on if it has changed. I’m still collecting data, but I am getting pretty much the same results I did previously. When I have enough data I’ll post an update.



You would think that a higher level (50+) player who has been playing for 18+ months would have a great bench depth and know what they’re doing. Many of them do (most of the regulars on this forum seem to be professionals in the top leaderboards). But you would be surprised to learn how many of these so-called “high level players” are still clueless and incompetent. My alliance usually fights alliances with several members over level 40 and 50. We only have 2 members over level 30 (my girlfriend at 35, and me at level 34), and we win more wars than we lose.

You would think that a level 50+ player would have 6 strong war teams, and wouldn’t have to use 3 flags to take out a level 25’s war defense. Yet I have seen it happen so many times, it’s not even funny.

Well truthfully, since that level 25 is one of my alliance members and the level 50s are our opponents, I actually find it quite funny. :grin: Making it to level 50 just means that you’ve grinded a ton of provinces. It doesn’t guarantee that you have a clue on how to be good at the game.


And as always those who spend can build better teams faster than those who don’t. So a spender at a lower level can easily have a better team than a f2p player. You’d be better off matching by $ spent not level.
Also, alt accounts throw off a level matching system. My main is 54 and my alt 41. My alt was such a better player at level 30 or 35 or 40 than my main was. My hero levelling in my alt has been better and more consistent based on what I know; it’s quite likely my level 41 alt can outplay a level 50+ single account player.
Last as TGW references how you level matters… Auto-farm 8-7 day and night might help you level… But grinding through Atlantis on hard gets you more mats and better experience.
Too many variables for levels to improve matchmaking.


The majority of my province farming is on auto, and I’m usually grinding for recruits and backpacks to pump out more heroes to level up my bench. I don’t have much need for higher level farmable mats as I’ve already accumulated more than I’ll be using anytime soon (as opposed to non-farmable mats, which I never seem to have enough of, but seeing as how there is no way to farm for them, I just cross my fingers and hope for good chest loot).

When I just need recruits and to fill my monster chest, I farm 8-7. When I need backpacks and need to fill my monster chest, I farm 5-4. When I just need backpacks, I farm 5-8. When I have loot tickets, I use them on Atlantis to finish my Atlantis missions (kill X number of Y enemy, complete X number of Y type special stages, etc.) - Atlantis missions usually give you better loot and more recruits, but they have the downside of requiring 6+ world energy flags, so I tend to skip them if I’m trying to be efficient (number of war flags used vs. loot / recruits gained per war flag).

By hanging around in the lower provinces, I level my heroes up faster than my actual player level, which suits me fine. It means that by the time I reach level 50, I’ll have a much more robust bench than most of my similarly leveled peers. Of course as you mentioned, people who spend more money will still probably have better heroes than me (they usually do), but you can have all the great pulls in the world and still not have nearly enough resources to level them up, which kinda defeats the purpose of having those fancy heroes in the first place.


Always nice to see a critique who doesent understand what he is complaining about. :smile:

Find out how pairings for AW work.

Search the forum or think before you use arguments which have been refutet some time ago.

Always wait how the war turns out before you start complaining. There are so many “soft” factors you never no what can happen.

Try to avoid this "we will loose anyway* attitude.
Ever heard of self fullfilling phrophecies ? :wink:

Good luck for your next war.


My team knows how to make war effectively. The previous war before this was good example when we faced similar team in power. But we outsmarted the opponent. Defeating only weaker players at the start and making 2 resets of the board at the end (the opponent made the reset at the start). But back to the last war. When your opponent have almost only strong def teams (4k and the rest 3,6-3,9), how can you make this strategy… I remember that the opponent had much higher war score than my team, sry I dont remeber that numbers. I have already wrote this to SSG support, they told me to write about it here.

I never tell my alliance, “we will lose anyway”. We’ve won so many wars against higher level opponents because they used poor strategy, they had weak bench depth, or didn’t use all flags, etc. I tell them “we might lose this one, but we’re going to try our best anyway”. Even when we do lose, we don’t lose by a lot, and we show the opponent that we are a worthy adversary in spite of the power disparity.

I never understood why some of our opponents reset the board in the beginning of the war. When you defeat a defense team once, they have a 6 hour cooldown before respawning. Second time, 8 hour; third time, 10 hours (which knocks them out of the 24 hour war cycle entirely, unless you reset the board after). Resetting in the beginning does not decrease the cooldown cycle for respawns, so common sense dictates that you shouldn’t reset until the second half.

But then, I probably shouldn’t share that tip with my future war opponents. I prefer it when they make mistakes. :grinning:

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