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Not as familiar with smartphone code as I would like.

The smartphone navigation issue may be an unintended consequence of a quality of life improvement:

Not sure which is the “topic list” or how tap targets interact on the smartphone GUI.

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Hoping we don’t lose by 2k points difference. Seriously this war matchmaking is so broken. We won 3 in row but BARELY, with 50-100 points difference, so… lets give them team 2x stronger.

I have a huge complaint on Alliance Wars. Teams that play the system with putting in weak defensive lineups and lowering their cups to get favorable matchups. I do not understand how these matchups work.

We have played several teams whom have done this the most recent is so crazy it is incredible how bad the matching of wars is: Viet Nam. Gamer

This is such bad sportsmanship, cowardice and is ruining the game.

I think this is a merge thread @zephyr1

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Merged :heart_decoration:

This is a common question, you’re not alone in wondering. :slight_smile:

Weak defensive lineups and lowered cups actually have no effect at all on War matches.

That’s because neither cups nor alliance score (which is largely based on cups) are used for War matches.

What’s actually used is the War Score, which doesn’t consider cups at all.

Here’s what it does include:


We been going over 100days, most members have been here tht time, had we have had too replace members for not being active, even when we whr 10k higher in most areas, with more 3k members and having 20 of us im war,we always got the short end of the stick with them having double to treble the 3k defence teams

I’ve even watched alliance in global during match making g, asking high lvl members and mercs too join them jst for the war

We havnt won many, preps 3 or 4 out of last 15. We have these matches every war

The score dnt look bad, till u see tht we have used nearly all hits, and they still have over 50 hits left, and all members are active tht they have on the feild

You’re assuming all the other teams unused flags, had viable hero’s to place in match.

Energy is just a mechanism of play, it does not equal a set amount of points. Or a guarantee of any. I understand the gripe and saw it the same way at one point.

Yet I pay careful attention to my teams use of flags. Having some lower players greatly affects the play or non play of 25 flags across very few players in my alliance. Yet the score impact is very minimal.

“Many of them must build feeders to use all flags”

This will be seen by many, mid level 30’s players, and below.

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The Boldtusk worked like a charm. They had an 1800 point lead, when we attacked.
Quickly doubled them…
They then realized they needed to flip us… As we flipped them 2x
of 23 teams, we had 10 Boldtusk. The last 5 targets on their flip surge were all bold. They made it to the final one, and could not break his spirit. Then the spawn started to flow back in on them… Forced to feed on that trickle for 6 hours… They lost by 1000 points.


Congratulations! I’m really happy for you :smile: I know the matchups have been super frustrating for you and your alliance, so it’s really good to hear that this tactic worked so well. That sounds like an impressive win, and you deserve to be proud of it.

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They stacked lots of purple head pins… I told the teams… That every yellow hero must be used to attack a head pin purple…

The all bold worked 2x in a row… the previous war… They did the normal bottom up attack after the flip.
They too got stuck on our lowest 2 Boldtusk offerings…

You could tell they were attacking lowest power vs best stack match. They used up 15 flags on the 2 and did not get the kill… Then they too started to wait out the spawn… They came close within 300, but could not pull it out…

They should have easily beat us…
getting to the second flip, really adds a bit of extra fruit for us in the mismatch’s. If we can stop the bottom up attacks.

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Perfect strategy on your part. 2 flags per hard target, with 1 tank kill plus 1 cleanup, makes for a 2 to 3 flip war. Nice work! And if you can get some 1-shots in there, it gives you a lot of breathing room.

Out alliance managed 3 resets this war against a meaningfully tougher opponent, and we won by 300 pts. The other side just couldn’t complete the 3rd reset on us, despite stronger heroes (that we could see) and better troops.

We averaged just under 1.8 flags per kill, which I felt pretty good about.

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I have 13 players in the mid to lower 30’s so they don’t have great depth…

They are finally grasping how to be vultures and steal a cleanup… Now I get .0004 seconds, and a lower team is on it.
Them having that confidence and knowledge that I want that to happen helps a bunch too…

It forces my better players to take on a harder match. Also we use up a lot more of the lower teams wannabe hero’s.

They were hesitant… Those days are gone… I’m actually shocked at how fast the server updates… That’s how fast they swoop in… It’s hilarious…

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That’s a good win 300 against a tougher team… The extra flip, is all you get to make up the ground… Essentially from the bottom up… So you really don’t add a ton of score. But it does even up the lower fruit count a bit…
It’s never going to get past the advantage # most likely… But when you mix that with better strategy, you can squeeze out a win…

That’s actually the wars I like…
us at a slight disadvantage. If we play bad, we should lose… But you can see what caused it.

We play most of our flags in a tight timeframe, except on a few low targets… It lets us/me identify where/if things went wrong…
only takes one or two players going too low, and it cost you the flip.

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Thanks! I was proud of the job everyone did. It was a real team effort.

Me too. I want something that pushes us to do our best. It’s fun to just flat-out outplay an opponent who should crush you.

If you’re interested, I have a Google sheets spreadsheet where, if you enter the attacks in war, it will track all the team statistics for you, including things like flags per kill and failed cleanups. You’re welcome to a copy if you’d like.

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So after a loss, our war score went up 7k… why? And I mean right after… no one came or left.

There have been a lot of reports of this happening over the last few months. Do you have pics? Because this probably needs a separate bug report opened.

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