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The specials’ percentages increase with special level, up to their maximum at 8/8. This is why 5* healers and debuffer are so useful even at 3/70. They generally have a full strength special long before their stats mature.

The damage output of specials scales via the damage equation, through the attack stat. But the card power reflects this scaling increase. In general, the damage output goes up pretty slowly as a 5* hero levels. They get much better as they go through their last level.

Card power is only a so-so measure of capability of heroes not at max ascension, and even at max ascension, there are some weaknesses. Way up thread here, you’ll find some ideas for ways to improve this.

I’m not saying it is a direct + -… Yet the post you pointed to, is exactly what I’m saying happens, in that, it’s the direct # damage is tossed against…

Clearly the equation shows it to be higher damage than a straight + -, so it’s actually higher, that what you originally thought I was saying. As you see the 1.3 multiplier…
Which is actually the post I would have directed you to as well. So you could see the advantage at work.

Yes true but the advantage is also seen early on the 5* across the board, as the offense set sees a higher start health pool. See as that heal is delivered by % of total… They too see an early maturation in most situations, at the 3-70.

The attributes climb rate is also heath point heavy.

I’m not sure how to reconcile this statement with this one:

What is “damage above shields?” Why is only “damage above shields” seen as actual damage to the hero?

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Hi! At the last wars, we had stronger opponents than we, we defeated some of them, some not. But now the disproportion is huge, although the score is equal - 272k. We are 26 (Legiunea-IX), they are 29 (Gunners Norway). The strongest team we have is below 3700. They have 8 teams over 3700, 6 of which are over 3900. We have 2 players with a level over 40, they have 11 players with a level over 40. In general, a player with level over 40 has at least 3 teams with 3000+ power. What strategy can we have, than to pray for them to have a bad puzzel !!! :joy::joy::joy:

I know it’s frustrating when you have a problem you’re trying to get help for, but posting the same issue to multiple threads isn’t the right way to go about getting help.

@Rook, @Kerridoc, @Coppersky, this is a duplicate of this thread

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War maching stop work Screenshot_20190205-100445_Empires

The match was jammed. 2 hours we are in the process of matching. What are we supposed to do ?

@rock can you help us ?

I think you want @Rook, but there’s nothing that the moderators are going to be able to do, since they’re just players like we are.

If you haven’t done so yet, I’d recommend you submit a support ticket through the online support ticket system. That’s almost assuredly the fastest way to get help.

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Thank You bery much :slight_smile:

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Merged. :slight_smile:

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War back . We don’t need help any more . Thank you :))

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A couple tips:
Go through your alliance’s defense teams. There are a lot of bad set ups that could be improved upon.

For example T.A.
His current tank in Elena has the lowest defense and lowest hitpoints of anyone in his defense squad. I wouldn’t recommend this long term, but for the time being, given his squad, he should have either Rigard or Athena in the tank spot. And if he goes Athena, then have him put Rigard in the left corner and Lianna in the right corner.

Go through the others to optimize, too.

Make sure you’re leaving targets for your lower players. If your big fish are eating eating up all the “good” targets, your weaker members are going to struggle - more than they already would, and you’re left with no one to take on their big players.

If people are getting 0 - 3 points and keep hitting the same target with the same result, tell them to stop. 1 good attack can be better than 6 bad attacks. Reasses the target, and look into someone else to bust the tank or cleaning up.

I hope some of this can help. A paper mismatch doesn’t automatically mean you can’t win. Good luck!


It’s reconciled here where he is telling you the damage below shields is compressed. Actual damage is seen above only that point… AKA below that it does not see actual yet reduced…

Yet to highlight that, it not only sees “actual” above, it is also put to a multiplayer. From my take on the discussion, to no cap. He calls it “fly away”…

More to the point was the point I was making about defense, and the advantage, seen, carried, and modified. From the start match of war, being a compounding issue because of this known.

As long as the attack is inferior to the defense, the damage is ‘compressed’ between 1 and 33 for the tiles and 1 and 100 for the special skills and attacks of the defenders.
:point_right: On the other hand, once the attack is superior to the defense, the damage can fly away with no known maximum.
(This also explains the impression of ‘levels’ felt on the map and against the titans. Once our heroes have evolved so that their attack is superior to the opposing defense, everything becomes easier!)

Thanks for the tips! There are a few things to improve. But we can hardly cope with such an opponent, and I think everyone is aware of that. Even with the first teams we do not have too many options. Let’s talk about the other teams, much weaker, with whom we have to attack very strong opponents. I have managed in the past to win over 3000 with teams under 2500, but it also depends on the puzzle. The most important thing in the war is the defensive team, which remains the same, while attack teams can only be used once. This is advantageous for alliances with older players with a level over 40, who have had time to create a strong defensive team, and are often impossible to defeat without a lot of attacks.
Perhaps it would be more fair to account for a higher percentage of the top 10 heroes. Usually they form the defensive team. Perhaps developers should also include a defense parameter, that is to calculate the score of the war depending on the defensive team used by each player in the last wars.

You are a genius… This is the same thing I’ve been saying forever, in this thread… I can also point to the addition of maxed 4&5* hero’s to your defense team, as the main factor in how many trophies you “retain in raids”

4, 5* hero’s allows you to retain about or above the 2400 trophy mark, and will not be maintained through the gap in play below that roster.


I’m not an expert, I just play one in the forums, but don’t count yourself out of Wars before they start. Something as simple as adjusting defense lineups with the heroes you’re already using can make a big difference.

Imagine points average at 55 per person in your alliance.
Your opponent has 156 attacks (based on 26 members).
If half of their attacks are one-shots, and the other half are two-shots, they’ll come out with 6,045 points. If your lineups can turn just 13 of those one-shot attacks into two-shots, they’re now at 5,622 points. That’s a 423 point swing based on one extra attack on 13 people. We’re not talking about a big overhaul. That’s 13 of 156 attacks, or 8%.

Now imagine if it starts taking a third shot or fourth.

So you’re cutting the difference and the damage they’re doing. Next step is to make sure your alliance is properly coordinating on offense and you cut the difference there, too.

I’m still seeing a lot of room for improvement in your alliance. To name a couple:

THANATOS has a 1/21 Kashhrek in his lineup. Is that really the best green he has?

Tell Jasma2018 to get Mother North on the left edge. Putting her on the right doesn’t optimize her special.

100% BERE has Grimm as his tank. Grimm has the lowest defense of anyone in his lineup, and near lowest hitpoints.

This isn’t intended to shame anyone. But these things can potentially swing some points back in your direction.

You wouldn’t be matched if a win weren’t attainable. Some you just have to work a little harder for.

Good luck.


We have had good close matchups since vs 18 this is our last one.

And i had a poor showing i should be over 300 and kick too but thats the way boards can go

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The real answer is until everyone on your alliance has a true bench of 30 matured hero’s, the match will be open to this sort of mismatch.

The more undeveloped benches you have, the wider the gap can become.

It’s just inherent in the way the system is designed to select a match.

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