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That’s exactly where we’re at. A lot of us have two or three teams of four stars maxed, but some of us don’t have a full 30 maxed yet. We’re working on it. Several people also have 5s in progress and it was hurting the matchmaking.

We have 1 or 2 members who have really deep pockets so they’ve started levelling their 5s. We’re getting matched with slightly stronger teams now. Previous war, we went all out till the very last minute after trailing for most of the day, and won by 200+ points. Had 15 unused flags as we have a few low levels who just started and haven’t got the depth. I’m getting them to focus on their 3s as I want them to enjoy and experience the challenge events as much as AW.

Opposition had 62 unused flags, much to our joy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand… not sure if the issue is recent war results, or perhaps still any remaining match making shortcomings. But I wish you better war matches in the future, like we all deserve!

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So actually the power redistribution of particularly 4* and 5* heroes that happened with the 15.1 release should’ve largely addressed this issue. You should see your maxed 3* heroes with higher power now than your unleveled 5*, where previously they would be pretty close, while the maxed 3* where superior in most metrics of course.

Curious, did you have more wins than losses before the 15.1 release? If yes, perhaps this is why you’re getting more difficult matches now. If not, then perhaps there is still some problem with the match making that is negatively affecting your alliance.

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You dear sir are quite a number.

You conclude that the system is bad because you lost 3 times in a row.

Maybe the system was bad when you had winning streak because the matchmaking prefered your alliance ?

Of course you never lost a thought about the alliances you beat I suppose. :slight_smile:
Welcome in their shoes now.

Unchecking your war box after 3 losses shows how strong of will you are, how much interested you are in improving your skills, ( wars are “free” training lessons ) and how much you care about your alliance.

You seem to be able to see into the future and gained the knowledge that the war sitiuation of your alliance will never change ( what a suprise if they are all like you ) and convieniently overlook the fact that the war chest is another place where you can get ascencion mats ( see the thread war chest tracking ) to improve your capabilities.

I wish you the best of luck with other aspects of the game.

Have a nice day.



Losing 3 times in a row isn’t particularly fun, I get that.

But please do realize when you say “we have been winning almost every war until this new update” that there have been alliances who conversely have been losing every war, or almost every war, prior to the 15.1 update, because they kept getting matched with alliances considerably stronger than theirs. Imagine how they feel losing a lot more than 3 wars in a row.

So I think your record of wins prior to the 15.1 release probably has a lot to do with the stronger enemies you’ve faced since then, as a results of the war history being factored into the match making now. And while I completely respect your decision to opt out of the war, I would actually encourage you to hang in there a little longer, because I think that you will see the tide turn in your favor as your war history balances with a some losses that unfortunately you have to suffer through mostly as the result of your long winning streak before 15.1.

I think over time even if you don’t win every war, you will be better off getting the loot from the wars, particularly the new war chest which is reportedly giving out loot similar to an elemental chest, with many people getting 3* ascensions materials and some 4* also (see the war chest tracking thread). If you don’t take part in wars then of course you will have no chance of getting that extra loot at all.

And if in fact when the war history balances out, you are still getting bad matches, then I think that is something to bring to the attention of SG so that this can be looked into and possibly more tweaks can be made to the matching algorithm then.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion and advise, like I said I respect the decision you and your alliance make for yourselves.


You are a much better person than I am. Your post is very constructive and much more of use for the dear Sir than my writing.
Hat’s of to your patience and tolerance.

Best regards


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This is what I wrote to the Finns.
We had about 10 victories in a row, and now only defeats. Because your system gives opponents much stronger than us.
For some stupid rule, she considers an alliance with
4 teams above 4000 and 12 teams below 3800
equal to alliance with
17 teams above 4000 and 3 teams below 3800.

Do you think that 17 is about the same as 4, and 12 is the same as 3 !?
And it’s not necessary to explain that the selection takes three hours, about its advantages …
Schoolboy 3 class for a second will see the differences

I do not want to fight and fill the chest of war for three months because I have been attacked by opponents with whom I will obviously lose.
Set your alliance against mine and as long as your defense team

  1. consist of the strongest heroes
  2. The average strength of teams is 200 points lower than mine.

I will easily win you. How easy it is to win me, because it is much stronger.

I am now in a different alliance. In today’s war, they have given an adversary who has an average command strength 150 higher than ours. In particular, he has 13 teams with a power above 3600, and we have 2. A stupid and dishonest selection system continues to work …

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At the expense of experience, skill, organization, you can beat opponents of a team whose average is 50-70 stronger. But when the difference is 150-250 points, it is unreal. And your ••• system of selection of opponents can not understand this. More precisely not the system, but those who developed it.

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How comes I have beaten an alliance which had 9000 Team strength to my 6000 and whos top ( only) team was 300 points stronger than my strongest team ?

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we were winning before the new update it seems as though the matchups became fairer for some and unfair for others, why would so many people be complaining in here if each alliances matchups became fair? a topic would never have been created, and there wouldnt be 1771 messeges in here, arent i correct?

I think I just flagged your post by accident. My apologies if I did.

not to respond to an old post but losing by 200 is basically 1.1 point per flag difference (assuming 180 flags used). that’s not a huge loss or mismatch.

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How do you expect to get match making correct when you give a team such a strong advantage as healing aid it only benefits the team with the strongest healer’s the other two aids aren’t bad but field aid I don’t know who thought that was a great idea but it was far from it so you get a miss match to start then you said hey let’s make it an even bigger mismatch

AW still isn’t fun. And based on the loot thread, it’s still not worth it.

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The satisfaction of winning against another alliance makes him worth the “effort” to me.

This thread began when they changed the matchmaking to match hero powers without adjusting the hero powers. There have been one hundred posts or so since the new update. Half of those new posts either love the update or are trying to explain it.


So - as long as you win, everything is fine? Doesn’t matter what the matches for others look like?
Well, before the recent change, my alliance was losing most wars, due to uneven (note that I do not say unfair) matchmaking. It is better now. Will probably even still improve. So please don’t contradict me - this is MY reality.


I believe @SirDestroyer is a part of a very vocal minority as I have only seen about a half dozen people post this problem, a few of those in the same alliance and all that have this problem miss the fact they won nearly every war until the new change. I feel his pain, but if the changes are good for everyone as a whole which it seems they are then those that are facing other former faceroll victory alliances it’s time for them to face the music.

It perplexes me, the most common problem I see is just not understanding how the game works. Every day I raid diamond players that have a red tank and blue flank or green tank with red flank and it makes me wonder why on Earth would they set that defense. People replace max 4 stars with 3 50 5 stars because the power rating is higher. People set war defenses with no healers. Any of those actions contribute to losing wars and raids.

A much better strategy would be to ask some people for advice through line, discord or either to possibly visit their alliance for a while to help with strategy, team placement and timing. Being an effective team is about working together and teamwork.

And of course there are endless threads with immensely valuable information here written by such great players as NPKY, members of 7dd and members of crystal palace. War strategy and raid defense are easy to learn once you understand all the mechanics behind them and there are plenty of people willing to use their valuable time to help others improve their performance in this game.


Gosh sometimes reading through this is brutal. I am happy with the direction they are going and also happy they have seen the mismatch issues and are continuing to refine and improve it.

Those who won most in 10 to 15 wars before update, don’t use the 3 war sample size since to say it’s broken!! Give it some time and realize the last update hardly revamped the system, slight team power adjustments and of course adding the alliance record as a new variable.

I know it was said after the first war that it may be dialed down a bit. @mhalttu can you tell us how far back the War record metric looked when the update happened. Also wondered if it is say 10 wars if that is revolving such as each new war result knocks off the earliest? Hope that made sense. Thank you for all your continued efforts

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