Alliance Wars - Matchmaking cut-off day

Does anyone know when the matchmaking occurs for AWs ? i.e. the day before defense set-up ?
My alliance has a few members that are intermittently active. We’re considering temporarily removing them from the alliance so as to prevent them from getting counted as active members and skewing our numbers, but I’m not sure what the cut-off days are…

I think the matchmaking occurs just before the message “Alliance War starts in 1 day. Prepare your defenses” is posted in chat (at the start of the preparation phase).

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Thanks, I would think so right…

I thought matchmaking is only titan score now? Removing members temporarily doesn’t make a difference then. If anything, having their defense teams set, spreads out the points, so is more beneficial to leave them in.

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Yes, @Konijntje is right.

Ugh, what a pain…They seriously need to adjust this logic as many participate in titan attacks but may not in wars which leaves the rest of the alliance scrambling…I realize the issue is far beyond the matchmaking logic, i.e. alliance issues, etc… Thanks !

@Konijntje @kahree