Alliance wars - matching manipulation



I don’t know… seems to me like a lot of trouble and coordinated efforts to go through in order to win wars against some lower level alliances… and no matter what alliance they jump to, the weak alt accounts will drag the titan level down. Besides that, fighting wars against weak opponents is no fun at all. It’s like cup dropping, turns war into farming… and that must be extremely dull…


Ian: I couldn’t read everything here, but I think I see how this works (and apologies if someone posted this already). And no I don’t feel comfortable in doing it, but the devs could stop it.

Playing pretend for a minute:

I’m in my home alliance. With my home alliance allies, I form a bunch of secondary accounts, put them in a new alliance (henceforth known as scrub alliance) and we all level them just past the point where they can be in a war. We leave them there and play our normal teams in the home alliance.

The warning for when match-making begins appears. We monitor it. A few minutes before matchmaking happens, we take our regular teams from the home alliance and dump them into the scrub alliance. Assuming the algorithm couldn’t adjust to that kind of increase in power that quickly, you’d wind up with a huge mismatch assuming the scrubs were matched with a squad similar to them before the new teams joined.

Destroy opposition in war, collect war winnings, build war chest, leave scrub alliance for home alliance en masse (lowering the score again the process), and go fight titans for Titan chest and rewards.

Come back in three days and repeat.

Doing this, assuming it worked, would allow for higher Titans to be fought while getting to the war chest more quickly (the war chest probably being the best chest in the game beyond the rare: wanted ones). Yes, maybe one Titan gets away every few days doing this, but that’s a small price to pay for getting the war chest opened.

From everything I’ve seen, it just matters that you can open the war chest; the quality of the opposition doesn’t matter, so whether you get there beating a bunch of scrubs or a bunch of high level teams is immaterial (unlike base Titan rewards).

This is only viable because the war chest won’t reset in the scrub alliance if you leave for the home alliance for a few days as long as you don’t fight a war in the home alliance. That’s why this would be done. Close that loop, and the problem ends.


I think the flaw in that is that the algorithm will work as intended. Once the matchmaking countdown ends, AW participants are locked in. It doesn’t matter who was in the alliance two seconds earlier. It then takes SG’s algorithm a few hours to set up matches.

Not saying the algorithm can’t be manipulated by member composition, but I would be surprised if it could be manipulated by timing.


War is 24h, preparation time is near 24h also, titan chest cooldown is 12 when you enter or reenter a alliance, this 2 times a week is 5 days/week
Absolutely zero chance for high titans loot :wink:
All this is pure imagination and fantasy :smiley:


After the matchmaking timer runs down it only takes 10 - 15 minutes before the match making is completed. Not sure if it makes any difference but that’s how long it actually takes.


How would you know if they are alts?


I would be VERY surprised if it worked that way, it would be sloppy coding in the extreme. You take a snapshot of everyone opted in, do the warscore calc and then match. That is the very logical and straight forward way to do it.


We’ve set up a seperate discord channel so we can take screenshots of our oppinent’s roster and war score. We’ll watch it before/during/after the war to see if there are any irregularities. Hopefully we won’t find any!


To me, killing a Titan and getting loot that way is worth far more than the Titan chest itself on average. I would sacrifice the 5 day chest easily if I knew I could still kill high star Titans regularly based on tracking rewards for kills and both war and Titan chests.

Put another way, I regularly get more from the freebie video than the Titan chest itself. So to me, the delay on the Titan chest is no big loss, but I get why people chase it.

That said, the war chest is worth more than either. It would depend on what your loot priorities are. Mine are usually for farming for rare: wanted chest, but that’s a different deal all together (but possibly the best ROI in the game).


I agree with you, titan loot is much more interesting than titan chest but you miss the point, if you are in a weak alliance 5/7 days because of wars, you can’t fight high titans.


Ok. I see what you are getting at. I was focused on the time frames you mentioned and thought you were referring to chest cool down for alliance hopping, so my bad.

I’m holding that there’s some credence here to something going on with alliance switching for war, though. I say that because my alliance this past war ran into a group that had 3 TP 3000 join one day before and two of them were co-leads after 1 day. Seems odd, and there seems to be some anecdotal evidence in the thread to suggest it just isn’t us noticing this and that this may have started with the chest reset restriction lifted (assuming it is happening). This was just my best guess at how/why the mechanics might work. There must be some benefit if it is going on, so maybe they value war over Titans (and you could still probably hit three Titans a week depending on timing).

In any case, if it is a thing and does become a bigger issue, the devs will probably handle it.


This is much more interesting war alliance than our opponents, cause this alliance is fighting titans also, so it version 2.0 upgraded😉. I checked them twice today, every time they have different numer of members and different leader, and some members joined today. It is russian alliance also, but their name is not in cyrillic so they are easy to find. I think screenshots should be removed from this public site, but should be pass to SG to analyze, maybe using in game option —> support.


Many of you are talking about the rewards. Not everyone plays in that way. AW is fun, and winning it is fun, it might not be about mats. Afterall most p2w players reach a point where we are short of nothing, gems, mats or heroes. Personally i hate titans and would opt out if it were an option, they bore me.

Interestingly our next war is another russian alliance where about 5 members joined in the hour before matchmaking (i checked and took screenshots). War score is once again 50k above ours. It seems as if rejoining an alliance at exactly the right time ducks players under the matchmaking radar.


You can always remove all your heroes from all members teams and current war score will be 0:0 score (3 points), I think. I belive that you should delete the screens from this site and sent them to developer.


They use heroes in your roster, not heroes in your teams. There’s nothing that a player can do to alter his or her contribution to the war score other than leveling up heroes and troops, or feeding away heroes and troops.


You really have no way to know what the matchmaking war score was. SG doesn’t freeze the displayed number at the start of matchmaking, so what you’re looking at is the current war score, not the war score considering opt-ins/opt-outs for the current war.

What you’re doing is like looking at someone’s defense team and speculating about what team power of heroes they used on offense to beat you.


Why wouldn’t the algorithm be able to adjust power increase instantly? We are talking computers here… the same kind that sent spacecraft into the outskirts of the solar system… I don’t think a few players jumping in an alliance could take the servers more than a split second to adapt…


If a group wants to only get together for wars, surely there is no rule against this, only rules in place for war matching, or for prizes at the end:

If we are not being repeatedly matched by war score, this is wrong and I would be putting in a ticket to SG.

You say folks should be forced to stay in the same alliance for two weeks? Why? If I join another alliance prewar, I toss my war chest. That choice is mine.


I agree. I have no problem with alliances trying different strategies and working “within the system”.

My one and ONLY concern is if somehow the war score can be manipulated thereby giving uneven matches. If that’s not happening, then I’m fine with how the matches have been made since the addition of the war score.

I do believe though that alliances who have been showing a difference of 10k, 20k and even up to 50k have every right to complain and ask that it be investigated.

Close match ups are fun … skewered match ups are not!


You are right. We have uneven opponent twice in about two months, so it is not a big problem for us, but Merritt alliance has it two times in a row. I checked alliance from screens two times today every time the have different leader and different number of members, only two of them are in alliance constntly, rest are swingers. There must be something wrong with the algorithm, new members are not count properly. If I have the screens like Merritt I would send them to developer.