Alliance wars - matching manipulation



Probably you face them often because those swinging alliances have their war score around the same level of your alliance war score, and identical participating member during matchmaking (note that the number of member in battlefield might be lower than the number during matchmaking as not filling war defense will result in ther base not being shown in battlefield)


No, it does not, but I was never disappointed by It’s contents so far…


What’s the advantage of that and how does this work. Do all members jump between alliances before the war starts or only a few of them? And if only a few are jumping back and forth, why would the ones left behind stand for this kind of practice?


The point is that only 6-7 strongest jump. But war alliance they jump is very weak (before they jump), permanent members don’t add much value to war score. If permanent members of war alliance are second and third accounts of swingers as I belive, they can keep them weak forever, they just don’t fight titans, don’t acquire exp and don’t get new heroes- once you made them they don’t brother you in future. If in war alliance 14 weaker members give about 42k to war score (about 3,0 k for member), the group of 7 swingers probably give 126 k of war score for alliance of 168k war score. My alliance is also 168k, but is regular I don’t think our 7 leaders give more than 50% of war score. The difference in potential of leaders is huge, swingers are too strong for us. Having vivica and dream team of 5* heroes they can cure damage made by us during the fight and permanent members don’t give many points. Of course matching algorithm is probably more complex but I think that this is more or less this proportion.


Ok, this makes sense, but how about the other 20 or more members of the titan alliance? Why would they stand for this practice. The alliance’s strongest are not taking part in their wars… One alliance is not fighting titans, the other is not doing wars… seems to me that the swingers get to win and the others get to loose… why would they stand for that? Swingers still need strong allies to hunt titans…


My alliance just got totally destroyed by an alliance using swingers. Not sure how the mechanics they exploit work, but here’s how things went:

Match is announced. Enemy alliance has fewer members and a MUCH lower war score than we do. War begins, now enemy has as many members as us and a MUCH higher war score. Notice that over a third of their members joined 2 days or less ago. They totally destroy us, no contest at all, won by over 2k points. They win, war ends, over a third of their members have left within minutes of war ending.

This is the result of some sort of exploit. Maybe the war score for matchmaking is not properly updated if new members join just before the matches are made. This would explain why the enemy alliance appeared to have fewer members and a lower war score until the war actually started.

Simple solution: new members cannot participate in the first full war after they join. By FULL war I mean if they join during the 48 hour war window between match being announced and war ending, they miss the next war. So max of sitting out 2 wars. No need for absurd 2 week restrictions. It would eliminate whatever exploit is being used with minimum impact on people legitimately switching alliances.


I don’t understand the mechanics either but I do know that when we were first matched we each had a war score of 405. I always check that score once we’re matched to see if it’s a fair match up. I checked the score during the war and they had a war score of 418, while ours didn’t change. I took screenshots and showed them to the co-leaders.

I’ve never seen an increase in the war score during a war. I’ve seen a decrease if they’ve lost a member but this was odd enough that I noticed it and took screenshots.

After the war they “lost” two members.

EDIT: one if our members had noted that several of their members had joined two days previously. My apologies to the OP and any other players who said this was an issue and I dismissed their concerns.

Something shady is definitely going on and it’s not in the best interest of good gamemanship.

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How many members were in the alliance after the score increased? How many members participated in the war?

What I am thinking is that the member joined, after the matching, and therefore was not allowed to participate in the war. Well it would increase the war score, it would not decrease your chances of winning.


Frankly I’m so confused by the whole issue that I’m not even sure what to track.

They had 30 members in their roster, as did we. One of our members opted out and they also had 29 on the field.

The war score for both of us immediately after the matchup was 405. I only compared our teams in a cursory manner noting that they were much stronger, which wasn’t that surprising as we were coming off a victory.

They did the typical “playbook” of holding all their flags until the final hours. They easily cleared our board twice. At some point I noticed that their war score was now 418k to our 405k war score. It just seemed odd and I couldn’t understand why.

One of our members had commented during the war that several of their members had joined just two days previously. They beat us, but we weren’t surprised knowing their strength.

After the war they “lost” two members.

Honestly, I don’t really know what conclusions to draw from this. I’m just laying out the facts and hope brighter minds than mine can figure out if there is some exploitation going on or not.

EDIT: perhaps some of our confusion stems from trying to figure out what, if any, “rewards” they get from doing this, aside from helping some alliances win more wars?


Firstly let me say that when i first read about this, i thought it was a team whining about losing. Then it happened to us.

A russian team had players join within 17 hrs of the war starting who participated in the war. I have screenshots. We were annihilated and we have a strong war record, we’re active and communicate to get optimum resets. Of course we lose sometimes but never like this.

They have amazing teams, all 5* class 2s and they nearly doubled our score. There alliance war score was also 40k+ higher than ours.

I’m not sure how the match was manipulated. I know that people joining before matching will be counted and joining after s should be spectators. But thats not what happened with us. I have screenshots of nearly everything.

Surely SG have a way of looking back at how a war was matched? This is a serious problem. Our alliance play for the wars, and we love battling win or lose. But this time i had members saying they won’t fight/ will opt out if we’re gunna be matched with teams who are using loopholes/problems with the matching.



It is said that the matchmaking algorithm with fewer members(10-15 members) like yours isn’t so fair resulting unbalanced pairs, I think because the algorithm tries to find similar warscores with the same or almost same members participating… So could it be that they where the next alliance in terms of war score?
In past wars what was your usual difference? Have you seen similar result with such big difference?

As for the war result itself with the warscore 40k+ higher than yours it could be reasonable, but with the almost double score is a bit shady… I saw they used same tank color and they all had great defense teams, so they also have to have deep benches, but I’m guessing so do you…

Anyway I think your case is a different one, than the “huge among weak players alliance” it is better to make an official report and let SG stuff take a look, and let us know what they have to say… matchmaking didn’t looked so fair to me…


Since the addition of the war score our matches have been very fair. We win, we lose, we always have fun.

My concern is that if that war score is somehow being manipulated, which will lead to mis-matches, I would really like to see it addressed.

We love the wars and it would be heartbreaking to go back to where we were before they became fair!


Ok, thanks for the info. I’ll tske your advice and forward it to SG.

We’ve only had 3 wars since we split our alliance but the first 2 were wins of no more than a thousand difference. We have same colour tanks and decent defences but only 2 or 3 of us can field 6 “sniping” teams. They had about 10 players who hit 6 for 6.


One remark, a sure way for increase a little war score during the war is waiting for matchmaking done to upgrade heroes or upgrade talents. There is often a talent quest during war, I don’t wait specially for… but if I can upgrade during war, I do
And a question, how long do you look at the other alliance ? Are the players who quit right after war come back some hours after or not at all ? Last war, for example, I quit my alliance immediatly after war ends for another alliance only for chatting with friends and return before new titan arrival… Can it be same thing ?


They are alt accounts. You have the same people in both alliances.

All the questions you had so far would have been answered if you had read the thread. :slight_smile:


Yes, war chest loot is usually much better than titan loot, but not guaranteed good, and much rarer also… Supposing you win all wars, a war chest opens every 2.5 weeks. So you have one chest and the additional loot of 5 wars which is no better then average titan loot… meanwhile you have 17 titans and 3 titan chest opportunities… Beside that, a strong titan hunting alliance 8* and higher gets pretty good loot … So I’m not quite sure giving up the chance of killing bigger titans is justified by winning one or two more wars…


Thread is long and boring and based on pretty much anything… Ok, there might be some way to cheat the war matching system, which in the first place is arguable at best anyway, giving up some other advantages in the process… So? what of it? All is fair in love and war! They win wars! Good for them! They hunt lower level titans than they could… Bad for them… as @hookR2 said… this war system will never work against a strong alliance, one that has 30 members of higher levels… it works only against at best medium level alliances, which are unable to take out high level targets… this might just be an E&P legend after all…


Why do you think they give that much up in titan hunting ?

The “weak” alliance consisting of alts has one strong defense team plus Wu Kong and maybe another good maxed 4* hero of every color and no other heroes.

Now one third if the strong alliance swings to the weak alliance for 5 wars and titan hunting.

After 5 wars they swing to a second weak alliance rinse and repeat.

Every weak alliance by itself kills maybe 4-5* titans, together with the swingers they work up to 9-10* and keep cycling like that.

I dont know if it is worth it without testing it and for that my rooster is not good enough and I would not do it anyway. But it seem like a realistic possibility.


I am still undecided and a little confused if this is anything that would actually benefit these alliances to any great extent.

The war scores do not count towards your alliance ranking score, so it isn’t doing anything to help them on the leaderboards. War chest loot is as random as any other in my experience, so I don’t see that as a huge reason to do it.

Titans however, do count, along with trophy count…so if you are switching back and forth your titan chests go on cooldowns and you almost certainly get lower titans and thus a lower alliance score.