Alliance wars - matching manipulation



And if members of war alliance are actually second/third accounts of swingers, they can control their progress, and they can mantain their weakness.


I belive that MakaroniGR confirm that alliance members lvl20-25 with 3rd-6th attack add 2,5-3,0k to war score. So 11 players of that kind give about 33k.
So if my alliance of 168k war score is matched with alliance consisting of 14 very weak players adding about 42k to alliance war score, a simple calculation shows that 7 swingers make 126k of total war score, the averege is 18k war score for swinger.
I don’t know how to check during preparation to war how many points of warscore I create for my alliance, but I don’t think that is above 10k (39 lvl, my best heroes give for team 3,5k, 3,3k, 2,9k, 2,5k, 2,4k, 2,4k). As I said it is regular alliance with about a year history, I don’t think that our 7 strongest players makes more that 70-85k of our total war score.
The difference of potential of 7 leaders in my alliance and swingers alliance is huge. We can’t beat their leaders and killing „newbies” don’t give us much points. In addition I now think that newbies in swingers war alliance are in fact their second or third accounts, so they can keep them weak for a long time.


Just to be clear about the numbers in war scores, I don’t have any hard evidences on the exact war score algorithm, we have done some progress through observation and experimentation, but we are still experimenting to find some more clues and details about it… Even if someone have found the exact algorithm, I think such things shouldn’t be revealed because many would try to manipulate and exploit it… :confused:
So the above numbers are more to point out the situation and to avoid using algebra and unknowns x,z,etc but yes this is the general picture as described…
What I believe is that many alliances use this strategy to shape their alliances trying to have as “light” small/ new players as they can,only investing in one strong Defense Team, in order to be able to maximize their stronger bigger players, and it works best against alliances that have small/middle players with over-weighted war scores, when the rosters of the members reach 30 4-5star leveled-up heroes can’t work, because the warscore isn’t heavier than the actual damage they can do…

Now the think is if all those alliances have tones of alternative accounts with 1-3 physical players each… I believe less than 0,1% of the total players globally would spent so much time and effort to gain a couple of chests, especially when by using this strategy smaller players of an alliance would win the war chest… except if players massively use some kind of automated process, I can’t see how such many players could have 4-5 accounts each… and I don’t believe something like that exists…


We just beat a team that deployed this strategy that you speak of that was supposedly fairly matched 6500 something to 5100 something.


If your teams are 3,5k, 3,3k, 2,9k, 2,5k, 2,4k, 2,4k, then you should definitely be able to do a lot of damage to the top enemy teams.

The top players in your alliance will need to focus more on killing tanks than on 1-shotting enemies, but I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reset the board at least once (and probably twice with a bit of practice).


I will forever be confused why it is easier to believe there is a hidden cabal of players with multiple accounts jumping between alliances (and missing Titan loot) just to beat up on mid-tier alliances for a war chest than it is to believe a few higher level players are hanging with lower level players. I just can’t make the jump.
Especially when, as near as we can tell, the hero roster is so heavily weighted in matching. It is highly unlikely to me that anyone is going to invest time to create sub-accounts simply for the reasons mentioned above. Let alone so many that people are noticing it regularly.

I wish everyone, except my opponents, good luck in war this weekend!
Enjoy your day.


Mayby they loose from time to time, people win in lotteries sometimes also. I beat one swinger with my second team last time, but it was a pure luck. My first team made 4 point damage to leader, he has dream team of 5*heroes, he could cure every damage I made during the fight. If swingers are in group of 6 or 7 the chance to beat them is very low.


Are you running rainbow teams or color stacking? Rainbow teams are going to be hopeless against significantly stronger opponents.


I don’t have so much options, so rather rainbow.
BTW I think that lately war chest loot is much better that titan loot. And you can invite your second account as a friend, so I think many players use it now.


Sorry to bust in like this, I had not the patience to read the entire thread, but wouldn’t jumping alliances reset your war chest? What is the point of winning wars if not to fill the war chest? War rewards are not that good… War chests on the other hand… I opened my fair share of them so far and was never disappointed!


Alliance War improvements and changes:

  • War Chest participation no longer resets when leaving the Alliance. It now resets when participating in a war for another alliance.

You can leave and go hit titans, as long as you are in during matchmaking phase is all good…


Thanks for the answer, it confirms my hypotesis! Jumping alliances for war purposes would reset your war chest! So what would be the point of winning wars with different alliances?


Did you check how long they have joined the alliance to determine whether they jump between alliances?


Yes, we are talking about war alliance not fighting titans and all leaders are in alliance for a day or two.


My only comment is with Assention materials so rare, and duplicates so prevelant - to but a small floor on the heros (like level 10) that are counted.

My alliance is growing, which means they have a lot of hero’s, but many can’t field 30 even if they have them.

I was lucky to pull multiple Onatel and Kunchens, wish they weren’t counted against me - because only one of each is active and I don’t have a deep bench yet.

If there was a floor, it’s my choice to level them past the threshold that counts.


You only jump the alliance or start a new alliance (with no win/loss record) after filling your war chest.

Counting cards in poker doesnt give you a super high increase in winning, but over time adds up. Never losing a war equals about 1 extra war chests a month, for guaranteed ascension mats and emblems


war chest doesn’t have guaranteed non-farmables


I’m thinking if this is being done it must be by a very few alliances, and the chances of it being repeatedly encountered to your alliance, would be even smaller.


Yes it is rare, but it happened two times during about two months. Last time when I started this thread. I had the name of this last alliance, but I was said „no names”, so I deleted it and now I don’t remember it properly, and I don’t know how to use cyrillic on my phone (on my PC it is quite simple.
Everybody loose sometimes but when you are in winning alliance and you are smashed like a hopless child, you are starting to think what is going on.
And warchest doesn’t reset now if you jump between the alliances as long you don’t fight in wars in your titan alliance.


Swingers as I call them don’t fight wars in both alliances they have war alliance prepared for war only and main alliance only for titans.
It is my main assumption.