Alliance wars - matching manipulation



yes, agreed. But would still take a +5 to a -10, and if there are say 10-12 players in the alliance that could make a difference.


Again, that’s a crazy amount of effort for such a small advantage. If they have the time in their lives to burn for this I say let them have at it.


What devs could do to stop this or make it less appealing, is increase the odds for 4* mats and more emblems with every chest you open within the same alliance. Up to a certain percentage of course, because we all know they ain’t handing that stuff out for free!:joy:


This was the layout i originally figured people would use to mess with the war matchups. Little different now since mercing is back in full swing but most of it would still apply


Lol true

I really think it’s a problem blown out of proportion. I’m sure it occurs once in awhile but think it’s another thing to point a finger at over a war loss. Even if this problem gets eliminated, another one will pop up. Players can not lose due to lack of participation, boards, or depth, it has to be due to a broken system


That’s my favourite … noun and verb!




Not really in reality.
I had my closest war on second match and win my fifth by over 3000 points.

The win/lose factor in matchmatching is usually overwhelmed by hero composition.

I repeat myself: there’s a way to exploit the war system, but thats not it.
Nothing comes for free, and if you gain something you have to lose something at the same time.


Alright, Im looking at a possible second occurrence of this, although cant be sure.

Info: Pretty sure I am able to identify the main team and the team they swap with after they finish filling the war chest.

  1. Most importantly: Team has over half its members joining 10 days ago (17/29) on one alliance and over half its members 11 days on the other(9/17)… assuming swapping with alts/sandbaggers on the other.

  2. Their war score is below ours (caveat being we do win a decent amount and maybe they just aren’t good at wars) in conjunction with the below

  3. They appear to have overall much better TP def on general view than ours… with a much higher titan score 76k to our 72k(doesnt matter in war pairing but unusual for more established teams to be so far off… I think)



Don’t think many are overly concerned about “war cheating”. You get the odd mismatch but overtime they have done pretty well in making it half decent. Generally if you win half your wars you get a chest/ month. If people want to go to great extents to “speed up” for a chest or two a year… knock yourself out.


Aren’t war chest loot already bad enough? For the past few war loot chest, I get 1 3* mat each chest, few tokens here and there and few emblems. That’s it and considering 100% participation rate and the top player.
I am seriously considering doing the “merc” thing and screw up the war matching just for the benefit of my alliance, and I could heck care about the 3* mat in chest.


I’m sorry your luck is bad with the loot of a war chest but I’ve gotten a few 4* mats from my war chests. Enough to make me happy with them but not enough to want to exploit any loopholes or be accused if cheating to open them faster though.


That’s not true.

It was based on Top 30 Heroes, but then it has been changed to Top 5 heroes ONLY now.

And because the war performance gets zeroed out as you suggest, they will be matched with inexperienced alliance in the war match-ups. So this really is an issue.

@Ian487 New players can’t afford to give it a try, or even become aware of this until much later, or when they come to forum and find this issue out. These unsportsmanlike behavior is certainly not against any rules, YET, and we are suggesting improvements to solve this issue.

Lack of alliance control, like deciding which members to participate in wars or not, also attributes to this problem.


This is inaccurate. It’s based on top 30, with extra weight on the top 5.

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member



I must have misunderstood that part, but if that is the mechanism, then something is definitely not right as we have always been mismatched. In the last 3 wars including the one our alliance is having, we have been pitted against stronger alliances, and the opponent we have now have a total of 5027 power over us.

I did the math for only the strongest heroes, not accounting for deep bench, but I know my teammates and only 4 of them have 3/4 ascended teams.


Only solution is a simple matchmaking fix. I’m going edit it but something like this would mean a floater team would still be matched vs an equal opponent.


Technically, this is only an exploit once SGG declares it to be so.

It looks like these players are manipulating the system to erase their alliance war history every war, so they can evade the part of matchmaking that presents them a tougher opponent after a few wins.

In a way this is akin to sandbagging, or cup dropping. Which also involves the manipulation of the matchmaking in order for better loot in one game system at the cost of loot in another.

Let’s call them slate wipers. Because they clean their slate after every war.

So why would slate wipers be less acceptable than cup droppers? Simple: they reduce the amount of warchests that regular alliances may hope to win. At least with cup droppers they hand out easy cups in return, and are easily skipped by lowbies once dropped.

So yeah, I hope SGG reads this thread and puts an end to slate wipers.


Idk if this was mentioned but the alliance we are at war with changed several members and coleaders after a few hours into the war.

Maybe not a big deal but we did post their initial field positions in our war chat so it could have thrown off our strategy if we didn’t update it.


You do understand that alliances merge right?


I’m still not convinced that there is some grand strategy going on, I believe it’s just players moving around, finding new homes or even just mercing.

So many alliances have now have multiple “family alliances”, that it may look odd to we regular players, but just a normal day to them.

Since I dont believe they can influence the matchmaking in that short window, it doesn’t really bother me. We fight what we’re given and if we get an odd mis-match we’ll just do the best we can.

Luckily, since the war score update we’ve had well matched wars. Fingers crossed nothing happens to change that!