Alliance wars - matching manipulation



In addition to mats, I think you can get the most (if lucky) emblems from war chest, 50 of a type.

This type of match up only happened to our alliance once.


They didnt prevent them just made them less rewarding, which is fine.

And even if “war dropping” or whatever you wanna call it is made less rewarding it would be progress and reduce the frequency

This particular loophole is one i expect devs will stop altogether though


The stable alliances will make up for that with the emblems gained from rare titans

Which I’m positive SG just made pretty much impossible to get from mercing outside of war chests. If i understood correctly, bonus mat drops and emblems wont be available to those that join an alliance after a rare appears. @Petri @Sara did i understand this correctly?

And titans 5* and lower dont have rare titans. Emblems cant be gained from regular titans. So if it’s emblems you’re concerned about, they are actually doing themselves more harm than good

Missing out on about 3 or more rare titans per month just to fill 1 war chest…yea really smart tactic lol


Never happened to us either, but like I said in a 30 person active alliance it is the difference in a few weeks of leveling…hardly a major advantage and not worth the effort imo.


What’s unsportsmanlike about this? I don’t get it…seems legit to me if they want to go through the effort.


@Winters, if you don’t feel comfortable here, I’ve got line.


How about “Sandbaggers”?

This exploit is like cup dropping on an alliance scale. We need @Brobb to come up with a suitably derogatory description for them.


It would seem that they are subverting the intent of the mechanics. Sort of like an Athlete doping with some substance that hasn’t been specifically banned, but that still gives an advantage.


I see it as a bigger reason to join an established alliance over making a new one. If players just joined already succesful alliances, then the players using this tactic would just end up going against each other and win/win for all


But how? Isn’t the matchmaking looking at all participating players heroes and matching up teams of similar talent? Where is the advantage?


The turning a win of 5 wars to a loss of 5 wars (or more) in the calculation.


War score takes into account wins and losses as well

So players think other players are taking advantage of that small part of the war algorithm by starting at 0 wins 0 losses after each war chest


Oh, I see…that’s possible. But still, seems like a lot of effort for such a small advantage.


Or even negative loss if they join an alliance that has been losing.


Small advantage, but how many close wars have you won or lost by a few hundred points


The smaller the alliance the bigger the advantage, as win/loss becomes a greater part of the score.


It tracks the past 10 wars, surely no alliance loses 10 in a row

Believe they would gain more of a matchup advantage by starting at 0/0 but i could be wrong


A lot lately…won today by about 70 points!


There is a theory that these alliances are populated by alts and that they throw the wars. I think we are getting ever more into the realm of speculation here, but that is what has been said.


But if players then join with their mains, it increases the war score by a lot more than wins/losses does. Which i guess would still give them an easier matchup than staying at their current main alliance war level