Alliance wars - matching manipulation



No, for two reasons. I’ve been gaming/in an alliance with a core group for about a year. And I feel this is cheating the system (intended by developers) so wouldn’t do it anyway.


Just to be a brat here … what is the data for win vs loss against one of these alliances? We need to come up with a catchy name for them … zombie alliances is already taken and really doesn’t fit anyway.


Delusory chiselers

20 dictionaries


Swingers is catchy but too cute for their use. I think it needs something more derogatory to discourage it’s use by an alliance :grin:


Well, it does make me giggle like a 5-year-old every time it gets used in this context. But I think the usage is unambiguously fine.


I see OP suggested Unsportsmanlike Cretin Alliance.


Seems like this is a penny wise and pound foolish strategy tbh. Yes, it seems you can manipulate war matchups for easier wins but given aw loot is largely dreadful it doesn’t gain them.

At the same time, by resetting the chest participation that diminishes returns on something that actually does yield something of value. So they lose out on something far better.

If they stick around long enough to earn a chest won’t the matchups have normalized after the first fight or two and eliminate the advantage? If so seems a lot of annoying work for a battle or two with favourable matchups.

Or am I not understanding how wars work (entirely possible).


I am waiting for the first time our alliance gets attacked by these cozeners so I can track them. I need to see it first hand. I am very intrigued by this conceptualization of skirting the match making mechanics.


It is semantic, but until we have a definitive read from SG, it seems fairer to use the super-category of strategy (which it definitely is) instead of the sub-category exploit as a label.

The Patriots videoing defensive signals of opposing teams was a strategy. It was just a sleazy strategy that was clearly against the rules :slight_smile:


A mix. Top in the 41xx realm, bottom around 28xx. Mean 36xx.


Perhaps they have few alliances. They go to war with an alliance with losing streak to give them better odds at matchmaking as past performance is used in war score calculation.

After few wins, their war score increaae so they left for another alliance which have losing streak, leaving the former alliance to lose few wars to decrease the war score so in the future they can use it for war again.

But it give them worse war chest and titan loot. :thinking: Maybe they left after war chest is full (each 5 win), in that case they still have 100% participation when they open their chest.


My records show 4 3* nonfarmables from all Wars, and 5 3* and 1 4* from war chests.

That math doesn’t work if I give up war chests for more war wins?

What am I missing?


How about “Point Shavers?” That’s pretty unsavory.


I haven’t seen it yet, either.

Also doesn’t make sense sacrificing the War chest. But to each their own.


I can honestly say I have not checked their join dates. We look at point per flag efficiency and roll from there.


Super sleazy, but legal. The game provides a mechanism to prevent new people from joining an alliance. I’d recommend using that mechanism once pairing is complete.

So if you’re willing to risk recruiting an alt, you can. If not… Invitation Only.


Developers will fix it.

They always fix exploits at some point

Cup dropping, rare titans, mercing, etc etc

If it’s an advantage gained through using the system in a way unintended by devs, then it will be fixed


Then we can identify who likes doing this, by those complaining they got screwed by devs again.


Yes, we monitor hits. But, just because someone can one shot a 4000TP repeatedly doesn’t mean they aren’t stacked with a great bench. Now if said person was a level 20 sure, that would garner some scrutiny. I would really love to see some of your notes so I can begin to properly monitor this.


I vote for Swingers and yes, it makes me giggle.

What would be the advantage to miss out on the war chest since that’s the chance for better loot?

Personally, as someone that has switched alliances the suggested 2 week period for war would really suck. Possibly a single mandatory war opt out, but don’t go beyond that. Learning and participating with titans and aw has been one of best parts to feel like I’m contributing to the benefit of my whole alliance. Sure…maybe the loot mainly comprises of 3-5 gems lol, but on that chance that someone gains a desperately needed ascension mat AND to know you helped in the win (even if it was only a little) is the best.