Alliance wars - matching manipulation



Players keep complaining about this “strategy”. Is it a real issue, in so far as manipulating the war matchups?

I think we need a definitive answer so we can put this issue to bed!

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I cannot see how this can be used to their advantage.
You want to fill the war chest to be able getting the better loot.
What you get from winning a single battle does not compare to what you can get from the chest.


nope. only best 5 rosters from 5 members.

last war we had 2x3.5k def teams. their lowest was 3.7k.


Sorry boolz but top 30 heros are being used.

See here as well


top 30 heroes from each opted in member. Additional weight added to the top 5 heroes from each opted in members.

  • top 5 troops (unique colors)

So none of that changes if they switch alliances. What does change is the past war performance gets zeroed out potentially. So if you have 5 wins in your old alliance and you switched to an alliance that had 5 losses, you would essentially be shifting that part of the score by 10 places. For an alliance of 30 people that still isn’t a huge impact, but the fewer the people in the alliance I believe you will see a bigger impact (the ration of the past war performance on war score becomes a greater ratio when compared to hero score for example)


There’s a way to indeed exploit the war system, but sorry, that’s not it :grin:


@Bozoid, what you’re bringing up sounds the same as this thread below, is that right?

If so, this advice from @Rook is sound:


War is war… just fight it already! Why would you complain about your enemy? It’s war, what the hell! Your enemy will use every available mean to defeat you, including making sure they get a weaker opponent, if it’s within their power…can you blame them? Wouldn’t you do the same if you could? They are not breaking any rules by jumping alliance, just being smart… do it yourself if you think it gives you an advantage!


It’s up to SG to determine if “exploiting” the system in this way is a cheat.

So far they have not made that determination.


That isn’t exactly what she said. She said they haven’t commented on if it is an exploit or not.

But I agree, if it bugs you and you think its an advantage, then do it yourself. For where I am, I don’t think this “exploit” would help anyone. But I can see it is a possible help for some other situations.


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you are right:

Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes the best troop of each element into account.

Further matchmaking improvements, matchmaking is now based on:

The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
Player count of the Alliance


SG announced that everything you fight a war outside your alliance you lose war participation in the chest… So, what’s the point of winning wars and don’t receive 100% participation?


Mods are not SG employee’s. All she was doing is saying that they haven’t made a call yet. If they make a call, then we will know. Until then, do what you have to.


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@General_Confusion had it exactly.


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Just a note: debating moderation decisions is against the forum rules. We should probably focus on the topic of this thread: war strategies which some find questionable.


By definition, choosing to make use of an exploit would be a strategy. So I don’t see that as an either/or. I’m guessing this strategy is not consistent with developer’s intent. I could be wrong though.

I personally think the win/loss part of war score should attach to the individuals, not alliances–just like the roster part of war score. So I’m not particularly in favor of people being able to use this strategy.


I feel like it is an exploit. Creating a new alliance for the Express purpose of a clean slate, 0-0 war record, winning 5 for chest and then starting a new alliance or one with a tanked war score. A deliberate attempt to circumvent the intended war match system. How could this not be an exploit.


Wiki: an exploit is the use of or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the games designer.