Alliance wars - matching manipulation

Please do something with alliances allied “just for wars”. In fact, strong players have two alliances between which they will switch, and their “war alliance” has no titan history which undermines their war score. There are also situations that a group of strong players joins just before the war to weak alliances (fighting with weak titans). In both cases there is no chance of winning.
This can be reduced very simply, in wars should be able to participate players only after 2 weeks of joining the alliance. You can also count the war score in two ways including titan score and without it and if the alliance has more than 3 new players in the last two weeks choose opponents only with this second option.


Titan score hasn’t been used in a long time. It’s 30 strongest heroes of each participant, with xtra weight to the top 5 + top troops and win/loss ratio is factored in too.


Titan score isn’t a component of War score, so what you’re describing would have no impact on match-making for War.

The War score and matching is comprised of:

@Rook also shared a nice screenshot version of this that’s easy for sharing on Line or Discord chats (click through to the post to see the image):

And despite Titan score not being a component of War matches, you’re certainly not alone in lamenting your War matches, as this large thread shows:

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I’m sure “swingers” have a lot of fun reading your answers. OK, the source of the problem apparently is not about the titans, but there is a problem. In the structure of our latest opponent, a group of very strong members is connected to the very weak just before the war starting. The average alliance has no chance with this kind of alliance, because the strongest group is out of reach, and the weakest do not give points. Again, limiting the possibility of swinging would limit cheating, because I rather do not find a more appropriate word for this practice.


Many alliances have a mix of player levels, so I’m not sure the timing of them joining particularly matters. Stronger players also sometimes hop into and out of their home alliance to merc on titans or visit friends or other alliances in a family. So their join date being right before War doesn’t mean that isn’t their normal home alliance anyway.

I think what you’re lamenting is just that they have an uneven mix of strong players that are difficult to kill, and weak players that are easier for you to kill, but not worth as many points.

It’s worth considering that on the flip side, their weaker players probably have a bit more trouble killing your teams, and their stronger players probably have an easier time, but if you don’t have strong teams for them to hit because your alliance is fairly even in team power, then they can’t rack up a ton of points that way anyway.

All in all, it may be a poor matchup, but I don’t think it’s fair to call it cheating.


Not a cheat, but an evil trick.

Leaving the aliance to match a weaker opponent and rejoin before the war starts is an annoying thing we also had to deal with about 3 or 4 times now. Always aliances from eastern Europe or Russia :disappointed:

Could easily be fixed by automatic war opting out for 2 weeks after joining.


@Olmor There’s a thread based on that same premise: War matchmaking manipulation

But it concludes that if you leave the alliance before matchmaking, you can’t participate in the War:


Okay, that’s nice.

Maybe after all they actually cheated somehow.

Or it’s just a difficult match. Losing to a stronger team doesn’t mean they cheated. :slight_smile:


I always have a look at the other aliance right after matching and swear they were weaker than when the war started.

Loss isn’t the problem here :wink:


If you’re looking at their Regular Defense teams, they may be weaker than their War Defense teams since a lot of people cup drop. But that doesn’t affect War matching, since trophies aren’t used in the matchmaking criteria.


The situation during war is: a group of very strong people (five or six of 3,5-3,8k+, usually Russian) join a group of very week people (usually Russian), just before the war. They don’t fight during the war in their Alliance of origins of course, cause then they will be fighting with other 3,5-3,8k+ opponents, and its hard. It is better to fight against an Alliance with 2,5k average of course, with 3-4 players 3k+. As I said swingers are to strong to fight, and other members of Alliance gave to little point to achieve. So the loss is not an option for this fraud Alliance.


There’s no conceivable advantage for doing this. Alliance war score changes instantly when you add or lose players, based on the top 30 heroes/top 5 troops that just entered or exited.

On the other hand, the piece of an alliance’s war score connected to wins/losses doesn’t change even if players leave. So if you hop into an alliance, win, then hop out, that alliance’s war score still reflects the win.

So the strategy you describe will have no effects on the war matches that an alliance gets. It’s a lot of work for no gain.


Maybe it does not matter to you, but it’s more and more popular because it’s effective. Maybe if you find an opponent of this type, you will understand that you can not win because your Alliance can not defeat the “swingers” group because they are too powerful for your best members and the rest of the opponents give you some small points, and in effect you get a record spanking.


Perhaps it should best be characterized as a mismatch? “My alliance of 2500-2000k players could not defeat their alliance of 3500-3000k players.” Simple mismatch.

Or, if the spread is wider, “they had fourteen 4000 players and we had six”.

If it keeps happening to you, make note of the differences and post them (black out the name of the other alliance; we don’t name and shame here)…then you have proof that either other players can look at and help you with or the Devs can take notice of.


It’s not a question of whether it “matters” to me. I fight in wars just like you do, so anything that makes matches less fair hurts me just as much as it hurts you.

What I’m telling you is that war score doesn’t work the way you seem to think it does. So people can “swing,” as you put it, every war without changing the matchups they get at all.


Rook, I deleted Alliance name.


Just to add some information. I’m not sure if it is happening here, but Alliances with strong players often see some of those players leave right after a war to help other alliances with Titans(Mercs). Those same players will return home just b4 match making starts so the can be part of the wars. It’s not uncommon, and it doesn’t impact the match up.


If there is a single “swinger” player maybe, but imagine there is a group of 6-7 players let’s say 3,7k+, and they join an alliance with average of 2k, the average of this group is then about 2,5k. My alliance is also 2,5k. Swingers are too strong for our best players, we can’t even scratch them, and yes we can kill every other week opponent, but in vain, cause war is lost before it is started.

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But the war score adjusts down when they leave, and up again when they rejoin. Can you explain why you think leaving and then rejoining would make for an easier match?