Alliance Wars: loss is 1 point and a draw is ZERO points?!



@FrenziedEye We’ll make sure to review this case here.


Thanks Petri, some of my alliance members say thanks. Appreciated.


This is not the only problem regarding draws… It’s frustrating! Can someone in their right mind explain how is this a defeat?! All enemies were dead! Alasie died from DOT, or riposte, or old age, I don’t care! They were all dead. There was no one left to claim victory! This should be a draw, nobody should get the cups. It happened to me three times in the last month. I finally got mad enough to take a screenshot.


You are talking about cups so the post is confusing. If this is a raid, of course it’s a loss. You are raiding to take their ham and iron (and now recruits). Who’s to take the stuff back if you’re all dead? If this is war, it says defeat but it’s not. Look at the points you get - you get all the available points (I did this earlier today killing someone with riposte as I died).

The OP is about wars. If this is wars, go look at the points and I think you’ll be happy. If this is about raids, you are mistaken and this is clearly a defeat.


It’s a raid. Maybe this is why I fail to so things your way…

I never raid for ham, iron or 3 or 4 recruits… Never even crossed my mind to raid for ham and iron… I raid for the battle itself, for the hero chest and for the cups in order to get into a better arena, where I get stronger opponents and better rewards. This must be why I find it absurd to think about who will carry the ham back home. I find it amusing picturing Zeline, Vivica or Athena carrying loads of ham on their way back from a good raid :grin:
Oh! And another thing! I keep my watch lower low level and empty all the time. No ham or iron there for the enemy to pillage… despite that I still get raided as hell, so all those raiders also don’t raid for ham and iron.


Yeah, littleKAF forgot to mention the cups: If your heroes are dead, you cannot take them.

But you get the battle, and you fill the hero chest, even in defeat. :slight_smile:


That logic doesn’t add up… Their heroes were also dead and they had no problem taking the cups…


You raided them. They were just on defense. Their village just came outside to clean up your mess.