Alliance Wars: loss is 1 point and a draw is ZERO points?!

That’s just crazy talk.

A draw should be worth at least 2 or 3 points @Petri, probably 3 points


Wawww… non mi è ma successo, comunque vero, dovrebbe valere 2 3 punti x entrambi

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They probably didn’t think it would happen and didn’t allow for that outcome, lol.

Unlucky man, I feel ya and agree it should be worth at least 3 points.


Wow, epic fail on not considering ties and the number of points they give. lol


We’ve got the same issue as well. Today on the war we had draw too and no point? Even the loss is 1 point!

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This looks like an oversight of the dev team. I agree that 3 points seems like the right reward—amazing effort to even the score.

@mhalttu please flag this.


Lol, it is so hard to occur that for me is worth 10 points both.


Good idea – actually if the two teams draw, the war chest should be immediately filled and opened!! :rofl:

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Three points is appropriate. Each war is worth 6 points - 5 for a win and 1 for a loss. Split than and it’s 3 a piece.

Math is amazing!


Same thing happens to us weeks ago got a draw and no points. I agree u should get 3 points as u get 1 for a loss and 5 for a win so 3 is fair

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Or award 5 points to the team that reaches the total end point first.

In that case, the Russians will always win as 3/4 of my team will be asleep when they attack :rofl:

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lol. what where the odds? :))

from my pov the 6 points that should have been given (5+1) should be split between alliances.

better raise a ticket. i believe they will fix it quite quickly. a moderator/developer should report this as urgent o_0

2,5 points to each team.

It’s supposed to be fixed in ver. 16 - included in release notes.
It will give 3 points each for a draw.


I agree. Thank you for the report, and apologies for the problem. We’ll try to get this issue still fixed in version 16.


Thanks @mhalttu

If it isn’t too much trouble, would you be able to kindly give my alliance boats and hoses 3 points for the war chest right now? Would be most appreciated.

I actually looked into that before I answered. Unfortunately it is very difficult. It would be possible to manually give the three points to the alliance, but we should also given them to every member who participated or they would not get a full chest at the end. :frowning_face:



On one hand, thanks for trying @mhalttu.

On the other hand, you can probably understand why some players here are frustrated when their requests or bugs go unrectified.

I’m not saying you should aim to please everyone (you obviously can’t) but gamers will get annoyed if they get the impression that the developers don’t care. Even a small token as an apology will make a difference. Not doing anything will probably make it worse.

I’ll probably still continue to play but I’m just telling you what I’m seeing.


Last war ended as draw but we got no points. But if we lost we would have 1 point. I c it unfair must change war rules and points.

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